3 Military Hacks to Mash More Miles

In honor of Armed Forces Day, today we’re going to barrage the backcountry barracks and learn how to take our rest breaks in places that uplift us. Using techniques that are designed and tested to increase strength, resiliency, and efficiency – these 3 Military Hacks to Mash More Miles are a hard combo to beat when training for, or just trying to maintain, peak performance. Let’s join the battle already in progress and see who’s got the upper hand…

3 Military Hacks to Mash More Miles - by Aria ZonerCelebrate your freedom of mobility by Mashing More Miles

2017 – Health Hacks with Aria Zoner


 3 Military Hacks to Mash More Miles

Military Hacks #1: Have Discipline

Discipline - by Aria Zoner

The easiest and most effective way to mash more miles is to BEAT THE SUN UP, literally. This advantage gives you all day to go bigger – plus time to stop and smell the flowers!

Military Hacks #2: Have Focus and Drive

Focus and Drive - by Aria Zoner

Tap into your own focus and drive by asking yourself questions that instigate a motivating reply. How bad do you want this summit? How bad do you want to soak in this hot spring? How bad do you want to swim in this glacial cirque lake? How bad do you want to reach the next resupply? How bad do you want to be the one with the FKT? How bad do you want to see how bad you can be?

And by bad I don’t mean Michael Jackson but wild burro!

To mash more miles with Focus and Drive, set a big goal…then deliver. BOOM!

Also, at least once a day, do a few moves that workout your Anti-T-Rex Devices: these are the muscles that prevent T-Rex Syndrome from sneak-attacking while you’re out on a long-distance backpacking trip.

Here are 3 moves that flex and build Anti-T-Rex Devices:

  • Push-ups
  • (Standard) Vertical Pull-ups
  • (Laid-back) Horizontal Pull-ups

With guns blazing and T-Rex at bay, you’ll be ready to climb your way using nothing but your arms if you have to, to make that extra mile.

Military Hacks #3: Have a Strategic Plan

Have A Strategy - by Aria Zoner

Nothing’s worse than showing up to the roadside produce stand and finding it empty. Or showing up to pick up a resupply box at the post office unknowingly on a Sunday. That kind of thing can shut down a hike real quick. But these small defeats can be prevented easily by looking out for what’s coming up ahead. What helps keep things moving smoothly when scat hits the fan, and can also keep you from experiencing roadblocks when gear breaks or stores aren’t open until tomorrow, is to have 1 or all of these 3 Mind States already in place:

  • I’m a Survivalist – I can make it thru this. (This Too Shall Pass)
  • I’m a Minimalist – As long as I have my health, I don’t need that. (Mind Over Matter)
  • I’m a Strategist – When scat hits the fan, I can figure out a plan. (Life Goes On)

In Summary:

Get up early and record your hiking time on a favorite local trail (then try to break your own best time on it). Stop somewhere along the way and do some push-ups. Pack plenty of snacks to use as carrots to enjoy for when you get to the next mile point, landmark, or feature.

3 Military Hacks to Mash More Miles

  1. Beat the sun up
  2. Watch out for T-Rex Syndrome
  3. Stop making excuses


Signing off on Armed Forces Day with trekking poles clapping and a slew of selfies snapping, this is Aria Zoner, your defender of wilderness, healthy hiking, and all things trail.

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