99 Problems but a Stove Ain’t One

Going “no-cook” isn’t groundbreaking. I’m not the first and I won’t be the last. But going stoveless isn’t for everyone. Some people need that warm meal at the end of the day as a morale boost. Or maybe that hot cup of coffee in the morning reminds you of home. For me though, this is an obvious choice for 3 reasons:

A) I’ve learned that I dread cooking when I get to camp
B) I won’t have to keep buying fuel
C) I can use the time that I would have spent cooking to read or write

“But what will you eat?!”

There are so many options that don’t require a stove. Things like oatmeal, ramen, instant potatoes, and couscous can be easily rehydrated without heat.

My “cook set” will only consist of a long handled titanium spoon and a lidded plastic container (probably a 1 pint Talenti jar because it gives me an excuse to buy Talenti pre-trail!) to rehydrate my dinners in if they need it and also to act as a bowl.

I made some lists of things that sound good to me. I’m sure my tastes will change once I get out there but the fun part is figuring it out as you go and coming up with new creations!

A random selection of a couple favorites


Bagels and peanut butter
Dried milk powder, freeze-dried fruit, granola
Peanut butter Captain Crunch (!!)
Poptarts (strawberry or brown sugar cinnamon <3 )
Instant oatmeal packets
Breakfast bars, etc…


More bagels (I love bagels)
Tortilla with peanut butter and M&Ms (um, YUM)
Tuna on Ritz
Summer sausage and cheese on Ritz
Croutons soaked in a little olive oil with tuna or chicken (I promise it’s good haha)


Good ole’ Ramen!
Instant potatoes (add bacon bits or sausage) wrapped in a tortilla
Couscous with dried cranberries/packaged chicken


Peanut butter crackers
Fruit snacks/fruit roll ups/fruit leather
Clif bars, protein bar, etc…
Chips (pita, tortilla, potato, veggie)
Nuts/dried fruit
Candy bars (of course!)


Any other hikers out there going stoveless this year? What kind of food are you planning on eating? I’d love to know! Comment below or message me on instagram, let’s share ideas!

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Comments 3

  • Buddy : Feb 14th

    I’m with you on the bagels, etc., and I truly hate the mess of cleanup on the trail. But how do you eat ramen and couscous without cooking it?

    • Kylie Torrence : Feb 28th

      You can just rehydrate them! 🙂 Carry an empty jar (like a peanut butter jar) and put the couscous in there with whatever amount of water seems right, which will probably take some trial and error, and let it sit for about 15-20 minutes. Ramen’s much quicker. Usually if I have something that takes longer to rehydrate, I’ll put the food/water mix in my jar before I get to camp (maybe during my last break of the day) and let it sit and rehydrate itself as I walk so I’ll have food ready for me once I get to camp. You’d be surprised how many things don’t actually need to be cooked! Sure, they’ll be cold but it’s still food, haha! I think it’s worth the trade off 🙂 Thanks for the question!

  • Ronnie : Mar 14th

    Hi,Kylie. I was at Overmountain shelter that Friday and Saturday and met you and Neemor. ( I offered ya’ll a drink.) Gossamer Gear sells a pouch called a Crotch Pocket to help with hydration. Maybe this will help with ideas. Happy hiking and good luck with your AT hike! Regards,Ronnie.


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