Adam Cramer, CEO of Outdoor Alliance, on the EXPLORE Act and Conservation Advocacy (BPR #261)

In today’s episode of Backpacker Radio presented by The Trek, brought to you by Helinox, we are joined by Adam Cramer, the founding Executive Director and CEO of Outdoor Alliance, a national coalition of outdoor recreation advocacy groups revitalizing the conservation movement with modern organizing and digital engagement. We learn all about this organization, the work they’ve done, the conservation movement at large, some interesting data from their recent wildfire report, and much more.

We wrap the show with news of a new feature from iOS 18 which could be a gamechanger for backpackers, the proper ratio of water to corpses, and the triple Crown of AT trail sections you’d take someone you hate.

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Interview with Adam Cramer

Time stamps & Questions

00:04:00 – Reminders: Apply for the Trek’s new full time position! Suggest a guest for us to interview at PCT Days and support us on Patreon.

00:07:35 – Introducing Adam

00:08:13 – What makes for a good skatepark?

00:09:20 – Tell us about whitewater rafting

00:12:44 – What is Outdoor Alliance and how is it funded?

00:14:00 – How do you pick where the primary attention goes?

00:15:22 – How did you get involved with Outdoor Alliance?

00:20:04 – What are the specific objectives of Outdoor Alliance for this year?

00:22:07 – What does the EXPLORE act include?

00:24:10 – How did the EXPLORE act get passed in the House and what’s the process for the Senate?

00:28:39 – Tell us about the funding

00:31:04 – Do you collaborate with any hunting and fishing organizations?

00:33:06 – Does any of the funding go towards trail maintenance?

00:35:35 – Does it get exhausting to argue the same thing year after year?

00:37:32 – What were some of the findings from the Outdoor Alliance wildfire report?

00:41:50 – Would some regions implement this before others?

00:47:07 – Are you looking to expand how many organizations you work with?

00:47:45 – Kumo Question: What’s the most beautiful place you’ve ever been to?


Trek Propaganda: No Signal, No Problem: Apple Introduces 2-Way Satellite Messaging for iPhones by James Townsend

Accidental Oopsies

QOTD: People will swim in the ocean, even though there are definitely many corpses in it. People will not swim in a pool with a corpse in it. Humans all have a corpse:water ratio that is acceptable for them to swim in. What is your ratio?

Triple Crown of AT trail sections you’d take someone you hate

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