Meet the Class of 2014: 215 Appalachian Trail Thru-Hiker Summit Photos

For the last six months, as part of a weekly series, Appalachian Trials has been proudly showing off the summit photos of this year’s Appalachian Trail thru-hikers.  We figured it was about time to celebrate the entire class of 2014 in one grand post!

We dare you to look through these photos and NOT feel an overwhelming vicarious sense of pride and glory.  Triple dog dare you.

Congratulations to each and everyone of the 2014 thru-hikers!  You are all badasses.

Did we miss your summit photo?  Send it here.  And if you haven’t already, be sure to sign up for the Thru-Hiker Registry to connect with fellow thru-hikers.

braveheart 9.7

Trail Names: Braveheart
Summit Date: 9.7

gilligan 9.28.2014

Trail Names: Gilligan
Summit Date: 9.28

Too Long 9.19

Trail Names: Too Long
Summit Date: 9.19

Jack Attack 10.6

Trail Names: Jack Attack
Summit Date: 10.6

Dad!, Tortoise, Moses and Slayer

Trail Names: Dad!, Tortoise, Moses, and Slayer
Summit Date: ?

Big Spoon and Toast 8.20

Trail Name: Big Spoon and Toast
Summit Date: 8.20

bubba 8.16

Trail Name: Bubba
Summit Date: 8.16

Breakfast, Chuckles, Captain, Bones, Giggles

Trail Name: Breakfast, Chuckles, Captain, Bones, Giggles
Summit Date: 8.15

Double R 9.17

Trail Name: Double R
Summit Date: 9.17

Lighthouse 7.9

Trail Name: Lighthouse
Summit Date: 7.9

Trippy and Cowboy 9.15

Trail Names: Trippy and Cowboy
Summit Date: 9.15

JellyBean 7.13d

Trail Name: JellyBean
Summit Date: 7.13

Vegemite, Owl, Scrambles

Trail Name: Vegemite, Owl, Scrambles
Summit Date: ?

Goliath, Moaglee, Trillium, Noodles, and Napoleon thru-hikers

Trail Name: Goliath, Moaglee, Trillium, Noodles, and Napoleon
Summit Date: 8.8


Trail Name: RAMBLER
Summit Date: 10.1

Chozen One (with the wrestling belt) Wolf Kisses (in the suit) Hufflepuff Shrimpette Dandelion Barticus BoPo (In the white fur coat) Papa Shrimp (in the wizard hat)

Trail Names: Chozen One (with the wrestling belt) Wolf Kisses (in the suit) Hufflepuff Shrimpette Dandelion Barticus BoPo (In the white fur coat) Papa Shrimp (in the wizard hat)
Summit Date: 10.13

Soul Money, Wild Child, Pocket Fire 10.25

Trail Names: Soul Money, Wild Child, Pocket Fire
Summit Date: 10.25

Ibex thru-hiker

Trail Name: Ibex
Summit Date: 7/31

Pneumo 7.14

Trail Name: Pneumo
Summit Date: 7/14

Midnight Sparkle 8.12

Trail Name: Midnight Sparkle
Summit Date: 8/12

Bikini Line, Tatter, Gumby, Hawkeye, Fern, and Buchannan

Trail Name: Bikini Line, Tatter, Gumby, Hawkeye, Fern, and Buchannan
Summit Date: ???

Tuesday and Whiffle 7.27

Trail Name: Tuesday and Whiffle
Summit Date: 7/27

crocs 8.25

Trail Name: Crocs
Summit Date: 8/25

stitch thru-hiker


Trail Name: Stitch
Summit Date: ???

bliss 10.1

Trail Name: Bliss
Summit Date: 10/1

Sisu thru-hiker

Trail Name: Sisu
Summit Date: 8/6

cadi shack + hobo nobo 9.30

Trail Names: Cadi Shack and Hobo NoBo
Summit Date: 9/30

indy thru-hiker 10.6

Trail Name: Indy
Summit Date: 10/6

yak thru-hiker 11.17

Trail Name: Yak
Summit Date: 11/17

giggles thru-hiker 11.17

Trail Name: Giggles
Summit Date: 11/17

count dooku thru-hiker 11.17

Trail Name: Count Dooku
Summit Date: 11/17

chickenfat thru-hiker 11.15

Trail Name: Chickenfat
Summit Date: 11/15

Voldemort, Green Giant, and Lemmy thru-hikers 10.9

Trail Name: Voldemort, Green Giant, and Lemmy
Summit Date: 10/9

'merica thru-hiker 10.25

Trail Name: ‘Merica
Summit Date: 10/25

Swayze thru hiker
Trail Name: Swayze
Summit Date: 10/19

Canyonman thru hiker 10.31
Trail Name: Canyonman (Flip-flopped ending at Harper’s Ferry)
Summit Date: 10/31

bones thru hiker 8.15
Trail Name: Bones
Summit Date: 8.15

Crinkle Root
Trail Name: Crinkle Root
Summit Date: 10.13

k-bar thru-hiker
Trail Name: K-Bar
Summit Date: 10.12

VoldeMeg thru-hiker

Trail Name: VoldeMeg
Summit Date: October 9th

LongLashes thru-hiker

Trail Name: LongLashes
Summit Date: August 1st

Chevy Chafe, Legs, Lt. Dan thru-hikers

Trail Names: Chevy Chafe, Legs, and Lt. Dan
Summit Date: September 26th

Good 'N Plenty Thru-hiker

Trail Name: Good ‘N Plenty
Summit Date: October 14th

Dragonborn and Baird thru-hikers

Trail Names: Dragonborn and Baird
Summit Date: October 25th

Toey thru-hiker

Trail Name: Toey
Summit Date: October 5th

Flashlight and Jolly thru-hikers

Trail Name: Flashlight and Jolly
Summit Date: July 31st

Doc Thru-Hiker

Trail Name: Doc
Summit Date: September 9th

Ginja Ninja thru hiker

Trail Name: Ginja Ninja
Summit Date: October 13th

Teton, Moose, Superman and Mex-B Thru Hikers

Trail Names: Teton, Moose, Superman and Mex-B
Summit Date: October 8th
Website: (Mex-B’s)

Spoons thru-hiker

Trail Name: Spoons
Summit Date: October 5th

Irish AKA Tadhg Thru hiker

Trail Name: Irish AKA Tadhg
Summit Date: Sept 28th

Sandals and Gnarly

Trail Name: Sandals and Gnarly
Summit Date: October 9th

sunshine spider sherlock thru-hikers

Trail Names: Sunshine, Spider, and Sherlock
Summit Date: October 9th

roll credits

Trail Name: DSOH
Summit Date: October 12th

SAYBAK thru-hiker

Trail Name: SAYBAK (See all you bitches at Katahdin)
Summit Date: September 24th

Left Turn thru-hiker

Trail Name: Left Turn
Summit Date: September 9th

Nora V thru-hiker

Trail Name: Nora V
Summit Date: September 29th

Toots and Navigator thru-hikers

Trail Name: Toots and Navigator (The Maine Sisters)
Summit Date: October 2nd

The Viking thru-hiker

Trail Name: The Viking
Summit Date: October 10th

Sunrise thru-hiker

Trail Name: Sunrise
Summit Date: August 2nd

catdog mayor

Trail Name: Catfox and The Mayor
Summit Date: October 10th

misty pony thru hiker

Trail Name: Misty Pony
Summit Date: September 27th

bad camel and popey thru-hikers

Trail Name: Bad Camel and Popeye
Summit Date: September 27th

Chip Thru-Hiker

Trail Name: Chip
Summit Date: Oct 2nd

train thru-hiker

Trail Name: Train
Summit Date: Sept 20th

Zig thru-hiker

Trail Name: Zig
Summit Date: Oct 4th

sherpa thru hiker

Trail Name: Sherpa
Summit Date: Oct 3rd

ladybug and bullseye thru-hikers

Trail Names: Ladybug and Bullseye
Summit Date: October 3rd

sweet tooth and rocky thru-hikers

Trail Names: Sweet Tooth and Rocky
Summit Date: September 30th

Mighty Blue Thru-hiker

Trail Name: Mighty Blue
Summit Date: September 29th

stylez thru-hiker

Trail Name: Stylez
Summit Date: September 24th

cheeky chi thru-hiker

Trail Name: Cheeky Chi
Summit Date: October 3rd

frankenstein thru-hikerfrankenstein thru-hiker

Trail Name: Frankenstein (Yes, this Frankenstein)
Summit Date: September 25th

redleg thru-hiker

Trail Name: Redleg
Summit Date: September 18th

Affirm thru-hiker

Trail Name: Affirm
Summit Date: September 23rd

stardust thru-hiker

Trail Name: Stardust (YAAAA AMY!!)
Summit Date: October 1st

wing it thru-hiker

Trail Name: Wing it
Summit Date: September 23rd

Ungerwhere thru-hiker

Trail Name: Ungerwhere
Summit Date: September 21st

Tree thru-hiker

Trail Name: Tree
Summit Date: August 10th

knots top nach thru-hikers

Trail Names: Knots & Top Nach
Summit Date: September 26th

rico and big-ups thru-hikers

Trail Names: Rico & Big Ups
Summit Date: September 5th

pilgrim thru-hiker

Trail Name: Pilgrim
Summit Date: September 30th

Hoops, Uphills, Rootz, Stormcrow thru-hikers

Trail Names: Hoops, Uphills, Rootz, and Stormcrow
Summit Date: September 8th

tricks and aquaman thru-hiker

Trail Names: Tricks and Aquaman
Summit Date: September 14th

Money Maker Thru-Hiker

Trail Name: Money Maker
Summit Date: September 17th

InfraRed thru-hiker

Trail Name: InfraRed
Summit Date: September 13th

True Story thru-hiker

Trail Name: True Story
Summit Date: September 15th

homestretch thru-hiker

Trail Name: Homestretch
Summit Date: September 17th

Oregon Little Bit thru-hiker

Trail Names: Oregon and Little Bit
Summit Date: September 21st

Bear Bait Thru Hiker

Trail Name: Bear Bait
Summit Date: July  23rd

starshine youngbeard thru-hiker

Trail Names: Starshine and YoungBeard
Summit Date: September 5th

tye dyed bandit thru hiker

Trail Name: Tye Dyed Bandit
Summit Date: August 30th

Bear Bag Thru-Hiker

Trail Name: Bear Bag
Summit Date: August 29th

lorax thru-hiker

Trail Name: The Lorax
Summit Date: September 5th

Timon Thru-Hiker

Trail Names: Timon, Slim, Lotus, ABear, Toto, and Ramblin Rose
Summit Date: August 28th

Vista Thru-Hiker

Trail Name: Vista
Summit Date: August 26th

Buzz Thru-Hiker

Trail Name: Buzz
Summit Date: August 20th

Dependable Pete Thru-Hiker

Trail Name: Dependable Pete
Summit Date: August 29th

Cape Thru-HIker

Trail Name: Cape
Summit Date: August 18th

Scuffy Thru-Hiker

Trail Name: Scuffy
Summit Date: August 29thLyons Thru-Hiker

Trail Name: Lyons
Summit Date: August 29th

Scout thru-hiker

Trail Name: Scout
Summit Date: August 27th

Sasquatch Thru-hiker

Trail Name: Sasquatch
Summit Date: August 26th

digger thru-hiker

Trail Name: Digger
Summit Date: August 29th

Frodo thru-hiker

Trail Name: Frodo
Summit Date: September 1st

Slim thru-hiker

Trail Name: Slim
Summit Date: August 28th

allie oops thru-hiker

Trail Name: Oops
Summit Date: August 29th

Kristo the Lion thru-hiker

Trail Name: Kristo the Lion
Summit Date: August 21st

Yo Teach! Thru-Hiker

Trail Name: Yo Teach!
Summit Date: July 21st

Lightfoot and Cathro Thru-Hiker

Trail Names: Cathro and Lightfoot
Summit Date: July 28th

Hesychast and Nepsis Thru-Hiker

Trail Names: Hesychast & Nepsis
Summit Date: July 21st

Dawg thru-hiker

Trail Name: Dawg
Summit Date: August 25th

sparky thru-hiker

Trail Name: Sparky (Appalachian Trials very own!!!)
Summit Date: August 15th

jukebox thru-hiker

Trail Name: Jukebox (Appalachian Trials very own!!!)
Summit Date: August 15th

monty thru-hiker

Trail Name: Monty (Appalachian Trials very own!!!)
Summit Date: August 15th

zachsquatch thru-hiker

Trail Name: Zachsquatch (Appalachian Trials very own!!!)
Summit Date: August 18th

sprout thru-hiker

Trail Name: Sprout
Summit Date: July 19th

lady moose thru-hiker

Trail Name: Lady Moose
Summit Date: August 9th

cornwall thru-hiker

Trail Name: Cornwall
Summit Date: August 15th

spice kit and coconuts thru-hiker

Trail Names: Spice Kit and Coconuts (+ Coconuts proposed to Spice Kit at the summit!!! Congratulations!)
Summit Date: August 15th

Gandalf thru-hiker

Trail Name: Gandalf
Summit Date: August 9th

Nemo Thru-Hiker

Trail Name: Nemo
Summit Date: August 19th

koko and seymour thru hiker

Trail Names: Koko and Seymour
Summit Date: July 31st

Rugby and BigTex Thru-Hiker

Trail Names: Rugby and BigTex (and read their amazing story in the comments here)
Summit Date: August 4th

Trademark thru-hiker

Trail Name: Trademark
Summit Date: August 5th

Moose, West, Gentle Spirit and Violet Thru-Hikers

Trail Names: Moose, West, Gentle Spirit and Violet
Summit Date: August 1st

Canary Thru-Hiker

Trail Name: Canary
Summit Date: August 1st

Funsize thru-hiker

Trail Name: FunSize
Summit Date: August 9th

flex thru-hiker

Trail Name: Flex
Summit Date: August 9th


Trail Name: Mariposa (Appalachian Trials very own!!!)
Summit Date: August 1st

Snowbunny Thru-Hiker

Trail Name: Snowbunny
Summit Date: August 1st

lojack thru-hiker

Trail Name: LoJack
Summit Date: July 21st

mumbles thru-hiker

Trail Name: Mumbles
Summit Date: July 27th

One Day Thru-hiker

Trail Name: One Day
Summit Date: July 30th


Trail Name: Texaco
Summit Date: July 26th

Joules Thru-Hiker

Trail Name: Joules
Summit Date: August 1st

mary poppins thru-hiker

Trail Name: Marry Poppins
Summit Date: August 6th

rocket girl thru-hiker

Trail Name: Rocket Girl
Summit Date: August 1st

moxie thru-hiker

Trail Name: Moxie
Summit Date: July 31st

Prefontaine thru-hike

Trail Name: Prefontaine
Summit Date: July 27

cool breeze thru-hike

Trail Name: Cool Breeze
Summit Date: July 27

RocDoc Thru-hike

Trail Name: RocDoc
Summit Date: July 25

Trail Name: Milky
Summit Date: July 17

mechanic thru-hiker appalachian trail
Trail Name: Mechanic
Summit Date: July 4

alpaca katahdin appalachian trail
Trail NameAchilles
Summit Date: July 3rd

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