126 Glorious 2017 AT Thru-Hiker Summit Photos

Each year, we invite Appalachian Trail thru-hikers to send us their finish photos, whether they’re lifting their pack over their head atop Katahdin, touching the sign at Springer, or giving a thumbs up at a road crossing in Virginia. You have completed the journey of a lifetime, and we are proud to share your accomplishments. Congrats to this year’s class of thru-hikers!

It’s not too late to get your photo added! Email [email protected] with your summit photo, trail name, and finish date and we’ll get you added. 

Trail Name: Nosebleed and Iron Lungs
Summit Date: August 20

Trail Name: Airhockey and Highlighter
Summit Date: June 12

Trail Name: Pop Tart
Summit Date: July 22

Trail Name: Squeaks
Summit Date: August 11

Trail Name: Burning Man and Peach
Summit Date: August 21

Sleeping Beauty
August 12, 2017

Trail Name: Piñata & Rash
Summit Date: August 3

Trail Name: Bubbles
Summit Date: August 10

Trail Name: Princess Bubblegum
Summit Date: August 24, Flip-Flop headed to Harper’s Ferry

Trail Name: Speedy Gonzales
Summit Date: May 23

Trail Name: Thumper
Summit Date: August 22

Trail Name: Trinity
Summit Date: August 24

Trail Name: Chiclet
Summit Date: August 9

Trail Name: MacGyver
Summit Date: August 24

Trail Name: Kickstarter
Summit Date: August 17


Trail Name: Remix, Squire, and Stretch
Summit Date: August 23

Remix (13), Squire, and Stretch (14). “Started our Thru-Hike on March 16 and summited on August 23. Back in school in Brussels, BE on August 28, tired but chin high and with a whole lot of stories to tell.” – Squire

Trail Name: Not Solo
Summit Date: August 27

Trail Name: Maneater
Summit Date: August 22nd

Trail Name: Snapchat
Summit Date: September 3rd

Trail Name: Tattoo
Summit Date: August 31st

Trail Name: Terminator
Summit Date: July 30

Trail Name: Gray Ghost
Summit Date: Augusts 11

Trail Name: Timex
Summit Date: August 17

Section Hiker from August 2013 – August 2017

Trail Name: Tin Cup
Summit Date: August 20

Trail Name: Lucky
Summit Date: August 29

Trail Name: Fresh
Summit Date: July 7

Trail Name: Lost
Summit Date: August 18 – (Flip Flopper headed to GA)

Trail Name: Tater
Summit Date: August 23

Trail Name: Mumbles
Summit Date: August 25

Trail Name: Hamilton
Summit Date: August 28

Trail Name: Blink
Summit Date: August 29

Trail Name: Moose
Summit Date: August 30

Trail Name: Rhys
Summit Date: August 30

Trail Name: Falls
Summit Date: August 31

Trail Name: Bamboozle
Summit Date: September 2

Trail Name: Spiderman
Summit Date: September 3

Trail Name: Hamilton
Summit Date: September 5

Trail Name: Two Speed
Summit Date: September 5

Trail Name: Scrambler
Summit Date: September 5

Trail Name: Ghost
Summit Date: September 5

Trail Name: Jetpack Jedi
Summit Date: September 7

Trail Name: Hickory
Summit Date: August 17

Trail Name: El Vago
Summit Date: August 24

Trail Name: Shop Teacher
Summit Date: August 24

Trail Name: Katie
Summit Date: August 31

Trail Name: Busdriver
Summit Date: September 8

Trail Name: Onion
Summit Date: September 11

Trail Name: Wombat and Autumn
Summit Date: September 13

Trail Name: Jaws
Summit Date: September 14

Trail Name: Sunsets and Chica
Summit Date: September 16

Trail Name: Zach G
Summit Date: August 29

Trail Name: OnthegO
Summit Date: September 11

Trail Name: Timeless
Summit Date: September 16

Trail Name: Hoopa
Summit Date: September 18

Trail Name: Hot Sauce and Ziploc
Summit Date: September 18

Trail Name: Stubbs and Frisbee
Summit Date: September 19

Trail Name: Bottles
Summit Date: September 24

Trail Name: Stinker
Summit Date: September 25

Trail Name: Freight Train
Summit Date: August 28


Trail Name: Handy Josh
Summit Date: September 10

Trail Name: PCP
Summit Date: September 19

Trail Name: Yogi
Summit Date: September 30

Trail Name: Indiana Jane
Summit Date: October 2

Trail Name: Spice and Luna
Summit Date: October 3

Spice and Luna Flip Flopped, Harpers Ferry to Maine, and then Harpers Ferry to Georgia

Trail Name: Gravity
Summit Date: October 4

Trail Name: Bluedeer
Summit Date: October 2

Bluedeer and his dog Aspen hiked the entire trail together, except for the final push up Katahdin. “She was a trooper and did awesome! What an amazing journey.”


Trail Name: Pearl
Summit Date: October 6

Trail Name: Moose
Summit Date: October 7

Trail Name: Baguette and Sherlock
Summit Date: October 7

Trail Name: Gas Monkey
Summit Date: October 11


Trail Name: Sponge and Chimes
Summit Date: September 10

Trail Name: 77
Summit Date: September 13

(Left) Completion of the AT in 2017. (Right) Completion of the PCT in 1977.

Trail Name: Pick of the Litter
Summit Date: September 25

Trail Name: Abstract
Summit Date: September 25

Trail Name: 50 Cent
Summit Date: September 25

Trail Name: Night Crawler
Summit Date: October 6

Trail Name: Creedence and Clearwater
Summit Date: October 7

Trail Name: Journeyman
Summit Date: October 7

Trail Name: Scrunchie
Summit Date: October 13 SOBO

Trail Name: Lost
Summit Date: October 18 SOBO
Trail Name: Honeystick
Summit Date: October 21 SOBO

Trail Name: Tinker Bell
Summit Date: October 31 SOBO



Trail Name: Baskets
Summit Date: June 27

Trail Name: Strider
Summit Date: July 27

Name: Cyrilia
Summit Date: July 2

Trail Name: Ace
Summit Date: July 27

Trail Name: Gator
Summit Date: July 14

Trail Name: Trippin
Summit Date: July 30

Trail Name: GrapeNut
Summit Date: August 9

Trail Name: Wild Thing
Summit Date: August 12

Trail Name: Blue Steele
Summit Date: August 12

Trail Name: Ravioli
Summit Date: August 18


Johannes “Sweetheart” Holzmair
August 18, 2017

Penny Machine
October 10,2017

September 8, 2017
October 15, 2017


August 20, 2017

TEN “like the number”
Summit date: September 28, 2017

Spetember 28, 2017

Trail Name: Sturdy Peasant
Summit Date: September 15



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  • Cubana : Feb 7th

    Congrats to everyone.
    Yesterday ( I am from Germany so there is a time difference) it said, you can still send pics in
    and there was an email. Can I still send one?

  • Thumper : Oct 29th

    I’m the 10th pic in! 2 years later and I’m still hiking this darn trail! Total miles… 3323.4 (“so far”). More to come and possibly another thru after the “real” retirement.


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