14 Items Left Behind That Make Thru-Hiking Unique

Hopefully by now you’ve checked out my gear list – much of which probably makes sense. What may be less apparent is everything I’m leaving behind. Therefore, here is a list of 14 frequently used items I won’t be bringing on my journey, followed by their “replacements”.

1. Deodorant

Replacement: bug spray

   2. Underwear

Replacement: vaseline

 3. TV

Replacement: nature and friends acting the fool

  4. Chair

Replacement: logs and rocks

5. King size bed

Replacement: 1 inch thick foam pad

6. Pillow

Replacement: rolled up sweater

7. Cologne

Replacement: refer back to #1

8. Car

Replacement: feet

 9. Shower Towel

Replacement: bandana

 10. Washing Machine

Replacement: rivers

11. Drier

Replacement: fires, wind, and the sun

12. Bluetooth speaker

Replacement: the golden pipes

13. Gun

Replacement: hiking poles

14. Fitbit

Replacement: count each step the old fashioned way (joking). My luck is I’d get halfway through and lose track, having to start over. However, fun fact: the entire trail takes approximately 5 million steps to complete. Yet, it only takes 1 step to fall down a wet rock or upset a snake.

I’m looking forward to getting a different perspective by leaving these items behind. The following quote summarizes the idea well,

“We act as though comfort and luxury were the chief requirements of life. All that we need to make us happy is something to be enthusiastic about.”

-Charles Kingsley

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Comments 6

  • Mig Whitt Trail Name YIPPEE. : Jun 13th

    I hope you are not washing anything in the rivers, your item #10 Washing machine, please use no soap, just water only. Leave no trace. I am sure you are doing this, I hope.

    • Ray guimond : Jun 14th

      Are you nearing the end of the trail yet??

  • Bigglesworth : Jun 15th

    #10, not cool. If you haven’t left yet maybe a review Leave No Trace before you go.

    • Griffin Trotter : Jun 16th

      Maybe you should re read leave no trace because half of it is absolute BS.

  • Debbie Mueller : Jun 15th

    I sent my Fitbit home​ after 50 miles. By then I didn’t care how many steps I did each day. It just didn’t matter anymore!!

  • Farmer : Jun 16th

    Does Leave No Trace mean you can’t poop until you get home?


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