Long Time No See

It’s been a while since my last post and so many things have happened in that period of time, but the biggest thing is that I had to take a whole lot of time off the trail.  

Outside of the Partnership Shelter, after a huge lunch of Chicken Alfredo pizza, my ankle began to experience serious, sharp pain.  I walked eighteen more miles on it and by the time I made it to our campsite for the night, I was in so much pain I could barely put pressure on it.  To my horror, my ankle was blown up to three times the size it should have been.  I decided to assess it in the morning and go from there.

In the morning, the swelling had significantly decreased, and while it was still tender, I thought it would be alright to walk.  I reasoned with myself that yesterday had just been a weird fluke and that everything would be fine.

Long story short, it wasn’t…

 Not even ten miles into the next day, I was limping down the trail.  By the fifteenth mile I could barely put weight on it.  I was in so much pain that my tramily noticed and offered to take my pack from me.  I’m a tough cookie, so this was unusual for me.  I hated that they saw how hurt and weak I felt, and refused to let them help me (which irritated the both of them).

We stopped at a hostel for the night and when I took off my Altra, my ankle was even more swollen and totally purple.  I knew there was something wrong.  I took six days off the trail staying in hostels, before finally admitting to myself that it wasn’t getting any better.

Tramily Vacation!

Luckily, one of my tramily members had a house nearby, and he offered it as a place to stay.  The three of us took a trail vacation to Virginia Beach for four weeks.  Being away from the trail was hard, my life changed so dramatically.  Going from walking all day every day to being totally sedentary definitely took a toll, and while it was nice to play video games and get takeout all the time, I missed the trail deeply.

I was so excited to get back to it after the month off, but unfortunately, I only lasted two days and twenty miles before my ankle told me it couldn’t take the heat.  At that point, I knew it was time to give into the universe, get off trail, and actually go and see my orthopedist (something I didn’t do for the first month due to weird insurance restrictions). 

Some Thoughts About Karma.

 My orthopedist couldn’t find anything that was causing such extreme pain.  He thought that there may have been an instance of Tendonitis in the front, or perhaps a healed sprain, but other than a little swelling, the ankle looked okay.  He told me to take two more weeks off and then try the trail again.  I was thrilled, of course, to hear that I could get back on the AT (even though nobody else around me thought that that was a good idea), but the spontaneous pain really haunted me.   I couldn’t help but think back to my previous post, where many of my fans (read: haters), told me they hoped that the trail and Karma would punish me for what I did to Kaleb.  I wondered if Karma really was to blame for the pain that I was in.

I still haven’t decided, really.  I do believe in Karma, and I do know that I made a serious mistake and hurt somebody I loved.  But at the same time, I think maybe the universe understands what it’s like to be young and to make mistakes.  Maybe that’s why I only had to take six weeks off, maybe that’s why I am not broken and in need of surgery.  In any case, I am thankful that my ankle is healed and hope that it stays that way.  I hope that I can finish this journey at Katahdin as intended. Keep it together, ankle! 


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Comments 18

  • Julie : Jun 12th

    I’m glad you’re still at it! I’m a fan, not a hater. I was young once and had my share of relationship ups and downs. Life is a beautiful, crazy, heartbreaking, thrilling, sometimes boring, sometimes ugly, magnificent very long lesson. I’m impressed with your resilience and tenacity. Ignore haters. You’ve got this! I’m looking forward to following your progress!

    • Douglas coyne : Jun 13th

      Glad your back on the trail.. spreading trail magic…..but here back in the hood we call it booty !!!

  • pearwood : Jun 12th

    Ouch. Take it gently and listen to yourself. You matter.

  • A hater : Jun 12th

    Im a so called hater. You desecrated the trail with a horrible act of cheating with some random nasty trail ridden guy. And if karma is what kiked you off the trail then better karma for it. Stay off the trail before you ruin it with bad stories of poor choices and bad karma for the rest of us true AT hikers!

    • Paul : Jun 12th

      Hahaha, yer really quite funny, misanthropic, yet still truly hilarious…
      ( for a Hater)

  • Paul : Jun 12th

    Hahaha, yer really quite funny, misanthropic, yet still truly hilarious…
    ( for a Hater)

  • Ellie : Jun 13th

    They shouldn’t even let you post. First a cheater now a quitter. Not a hater per se, just amusing to see a self absorbed twot get some comeuppance.

  • Suzanne : Jun 13th

    Ignore the haters. Keep going.

  • JeremyB : Jun 13th

    Not sure your ankle is going to spontaneously heal in 2 weeks after not getting better in 4. I’m thinking your Dr. missed the issue. You’ll find out soon though. Don’t get depressed if the issue is still there.

  • Jeff K. : Jun 13th

    Mixed feelings about this girl. Everyone wants to pile on and judge her for how she broke her relationship. Society wants to condemn her methods, but there are plenty of people that go against societal norms. Breakups are sucky no matter how it happens. This girl marches to her own beat and while I personally like to think I wouldn’t have chosen her method, who am I to say? I’m not in her shoes. I’m not her. She’s probably known for quite sometime that the relationship with her ex was not going to last. Sometimes people can’t see clearly while their in the midst of things and make decisions that are rash. So be it. We’ve all had those moments. We’ve all made decisions that go against societal norm.

    For those mentioning that she should not be on the trail or keep this blog up – who the eff are you? Hike your own effing hike and let this girl hike hers. You don’t like her or her blog – then keep your distance. It’s rather simple.

  • Karma : Jun 13th

    I happened to see this post, then read her previous posts: People do make mistakes. I have, she has, you have. It’s not that people make mistakes, it’s how they handle those mistakes that defines them.

    I’ve been cheated on, in one way or another, by most of my serious partners. Looking back on it, I did have a type: I tended to fall for selfish spoiled types. It manifested itself differently in each of them, so it wasn’t apparent at first. My current partner, while having a selfish streak, also has a strong sense of commitment and understands boundaries. Out of my past partners whom cheated, each has expressed their deep regret for their indiscretions and how they caused harm to others, except for one, whom will likely never express regret, as they are incapable of understanding their actions. This person is, by all accounts, on the spectrum. The way Avry handled and continued to handle her situation, was similar to how my partner handled things, including the public display of the indiscretions, for the world to see.

    This has nothing to do with who has a right to who’s body, it has to do with respect, compassion, and decency. I understand a mistake was made, but it certainly wasn’t handled with respect, compassion, or decency in the aftermath. She’s old enough to know better and self-discovery and personal growth, at her age, is not an excuse for lack of respect, compassion, or decency. I’d certainly not give my own kids (both young, drinking age, adults) a pass on this either.

    On another note, it’s clear Avry was under prepared to do a 2200-mile thru-hike, heck, she was under prepared for the Long Trail too.

    I guess you can say, she’s under prepared for life in general…

    • Lucy : Jul 1st

      Well put Karma. I went back and read the previous comments. I didn’t see a lot of hate for the act of cheating but more for the lack of compassion for her guy.

      I am not feeling particularly sympathetic for the injury but hope it kick starts some much needed personal growth. Probably not, but it’s not my circus.

  • Riley : Jun 13th

    Did you really learn *NOTHING*?

  • Hater : Jun 14th

    Ditto, Karma thats what i meant!

  • karma : Jun 14th

    I read your last post hoping you would grow and learn from this and it truly appears as though you haven’t.

    Yeah people make mistakes, but most people don’t cheat on their boyfriend, write a blog post playing the victim in the situation, use the ex’s real name while linking personal social media so it’s borderline doxxing this poor guy, and then say “oh I’m just young~”

    Take some accountability or your AT hike will be hollow and meaningless.

    Karma is a b and so are you.

  • If I were Kaleb, I would say : Jun 23rd

    “With loved ones like you, who needs haters?”

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  • Idris : Jul 6th

    You felt ankle pain so you thought it would be a great idea to walk 18 miles on it instead of checking on it? Then you were offered help but because of pride you decided to turn it down and still walk on that ankle? If there’s anything I’ve learned from this post it’s that you really aren’t that bright


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