42 Appalachian Trail Thru-Hiker Instagrams to Follow

I am an instagram fanatic! I love the ability to go on adventures with strangers and let the strangers come on adventures with me. Having spent the last two years as a weary weekend warrior, following along from the confines of a cubicle, I know how sweet the jealousy of watching thru-hikers achieve milestone after milestone via social media can be. It hurts so good. I also know that as a thru-hiker, I’m going to really enjoy following along with my comrades, and putting #AppalachianTrials on everything I post. I can only imagine the nostalgia of former thru hikers following the new class of baby thru hikers.

Regardless of your status as in 2016, be you thru-hiker, section hiker, day hiker, or trail admirer, you’re going to want to check out these Class of 2016 Appalachian Trials blogger Instagrams!

My personal recommendation? Follow them ALL!

1) Kira Thornley – @redwroots

Thinking about summer in the Sierras. Those memories smell good.

A photo posted by Kira Thornley (@redwroots) on


2) Dylan Niknot – @dt655321

3) Jared Townley – @jaredctownley

4) Victoria Ketteringham – @2200miles

5) Kenna Bee – @hikeyours

Only in Pennsylvania 🙂

A photo posted by @hikeyours on

6) Kevin Arsenijevic – @karsenijevic

Hiking #WestPalmBeach almost requires #chacos. Thanks guys!

A video posted by Kevin Arsenijevic (@karsenijevic) on

7) Becca Hatch – @buckah

8) Cat Kimsey – @catkimsey

9) Patrick Murray – @patrickmurr

Snow won’t change our routine

A photo posted by Patrick! (@patrickkmurr) on

10) Kimmy Morris – @kimmywashere

#Maildrop day is a very dangerous day. ?

A photo posted by Kimmy (@kimmywashere) on

11) Zoë Symon – @zoesymon

Anticipation, day 3.

A photo posted by Zoë Symon (@zoesymon) on

12) Josh Stone – @jstone92

Went hiking today with a full pack. It was nice. ——- #thruhike #at2016 #thebigMarch #granitegear

A photo posted by Josh (@jstone92) on

13) Tiffany Korrigan – @tiffanykorrigan

My first developed B&W photo. I had a bad autofocus camera with a flash so it made a shadow I don’t care for.

A photo posted by Tiffany Korrigan (@tiffanykorrigan) on

14) Kayte Brown – @katyebrown

15) Colleen Goldhorn – @Colleengoldy

16) James Scott – @madmonkonthetrail

17) Ashley Schellhase – @ashschellhase

A year ago today. In this very spot. I looked out to the Appalachian Trail (the mountains behind me) and thought to myself, “hmm that would be cool to hike in its entirety one day.” I didn’t even know it was called a thru hike. I had no fancy gear. I didn’t even know the trail was 2,190 miles long. I had hiked sections of it before, but I never knew the wonder that it held. Little did I know, the AT would completely steal my heart. Little did I know, a year and a half from then, I would start that thru hike. Always chase your dreams- no matter how daunting they may seem. June cannot come soon enough. || #AT2016 #appalachiantrail #appalachiantrials #neverstopexploring #rei1440project #optoutside #exploregeorgia #atlantatrails

A photo posted by A S H ? (@ashschellhase) on

18) Jennifer “LionHeart” Smart – @pctlionheart

#tbt to #daysofwater on the #continentaldividetrail #gilariver #newmexico #cdt15 #hikecdt

A photo posted by lion heart ~ jennifer smart (@pctlionheart) on

19) Amy Bee – @_amy_bee

Heading up to Shale Butte in Oregon #pct #pct2015 #PCTig

A photo posted by Amy B. (@_amy_bee) on

20)  Tom Willard – @tomwillard

21) Jamison McLean – @onthetrailgamer

View from one of my training hikes this fall. White Mountains from the top of Douglas Mountain

A photo posted by Jamison McLean (@onthetrailgamer) on

22) Greg Ward – @academyward

Check out our new website, healthydisk.org

A photo posted by Greg Ward (@academyward) on

23) Sheena Speaks – @speak2sheena

Spartan chicks take the rugged route and blaze our own trails!

A photo posted by @speak2sheena on

24) Andria Schmitz – @andriaschmitz

25) Lisa Maher – @LisaMaherr

26) Kelly Souva – @itsksquared

Started the year off right on the #NorthCountryTrail! @shadoesoul76

A photo posted by Kelly Souva (@itsksquared) on

27) Isabelle Eastham – @isabelleeastham


A photo posted by Isabelle Eastham (@isabelleeastham) on

28) Emily Holzhauer – @emilyholzh

Less than 20 days. Take. Me. Back.

A photo posted by Emily Holzhauer (@emilyholzh) on

29)  Nichole Young – @nicholeyoung1

30) Gina De Naples – @frumpyjellyfish

31) Christopher Pagles – @seeingtheelephants

32) Molly Brown – @sarcasm101.jpg

33) Kendra Jackson – @codenamekendra

First snowshoe of the year with @tysonj_perkins ❄️ #maine #winter #snow #bradbury @yukoncharlies

A photo posted by Kendra Jackson (@codenamekendra) on

34) Stephanie Bush – klutzmagee

35) Linde Simpson – @obstakel

36) Maranda Stone – @marandastone

37) Claudia Carberry – @carberryc and Andrew Carberry – @acarberr


Found this quote up on the break room. My co workers are so supportive! #bearswillkillyou

A photo posted by Andrew Carberry (@acarberr) on

38) Heather Lightfoot – @jfdioverland

39) Dan Lightfoot – @lightfoot_tracks

40) Jaqui Reed – @ocr_wild_child

41) Victoria Rodgers Elliott – @hollywoodcoquito


A photo posted by Victoria Elliott (@hollywoodcoquito) on

42) Rachael Leahy – @RBHikesItAll

My bag is packed! 12 days to go. Appalachian Trail, here I come!

A photo posted by Rachael (@rbhikesitall) on

And of course, you should be following @AppalachianTrials, posting all the best #AppalachianTrials shots all year long!

Who else out there is a 2016 Appalachian/Pacific Crest/Continental Divide Trail Thru hiker? Leave your instagram account in the comments below, and don’t forget to #AppalachianTrials!


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Comments 17

  • George Turner : Feb 16th

    I’m jumpngeorge on Instagram. Hit the trail March 20th

    • sillysara : Feb 19th

      Happy Travels!!!

    • Vermont : Feb 1st

      Hey everybody!

      Sry, I’ve been slacking on the Instagram scene, but I do have one and it will kick off soon. Simply type my name Jordan Aichholz and click “follow” in the Instagram app. You can also find me on TheTrek as Jordan aka Vermont.

      Also! If you hate trail scum ( the type that likes to steal personal belongings like backpacks and raid supply drops ) be sure to follow my vlog on my YouTube channel! I have a few tricks up my sleeve for them hehehe.

      Happy trails… ☺️

  • Patti Yarbrough : Feb 16th

    Tripper and Slipper here! We started our AT 2016 thru hike on Feb. 14! Valentine’s Day. We are romancing the trail and loving every minute so far. Through ice storm, rain storm and sunshine. Follow us on instagram @tripperand. Putting our best foot forward.

  • John Stevens : Feb 16th

    Cool post!! follow me @johnvstevens I will be starting my thru hike March 29thish, many pictures to come!

  • Dana Sailor : Feb 16th

    @danasailor ! Female, solo, NOBO starting March 17th!

    • Mads : Mar 25th

      Woohooo!!!!!!! Go Dana!! So inspiring ! @danasailor. Xoxox love you!

  • Lexy : Feb 16th

    Headed north on April 1st. I’ll race you to the top. 😉

    IG: lexy_rey

  • David Shiling : Feb 16th

    Headed Southbound June 27th! Thru-hike syndicate ambassador! Follow the journey at david_shil_ing

  • Laurel Seus : Feb 16th

    @hikesbikesandbeta -NoBo solo female starting March 28th!

  • Katie Fleming : Feb 16th

    WanderingWoman8 PCT 2016/ AT 2015

  • Mamie : Feb 16th

    @blisters_before_misters! Taylor and I start our thru-hike April 1st!

  • Eric : Feb 17th

    @erockursox! Starting up on the AT April 10th!

    • Eric : Feb 17th

      but until then enjoy my skydiving photos!

  • Brett : Feb 17th

    @howibrettyourmother Starting 3/18!

  • dan waits : Feb 19th

    do you know any old farts like me (I’m 65) who are making a thru hike this year? I’d like to encourage them. Btw, I live 5 minutes down the hill from Neel’s Gap in GA

    • Ken trail name caretaker. : Mar 31st

      I am starting at. Standing Indian mountain. I got hurt there last year so am going to continue my threw hike from there. April 13th oh I am 61 will turn 62 on the trail. See you all then.


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