49 days left..

I told myself I’d wait until I had less than a month left to start counting days, but I’m just too excited!!

49 days….I can’t believe how quickly the past few months have gone by. Reading the trail updates from the other Appalachian Trials bloggers has helped the waiting, but it’s also made me insanely jealous. The weather has been gorgeous here in the ‘Sip, which hasn’t helped my impatience. I’m so ready to start!

I’ve gotten most of my gear together, although I am hoping to get a lighter/more comfortable pack and a lighter sleeping bag. However, those aren’t necessary, they’d just be nice. I just need small items now, things like environmentally friendly soap, bandanas, a water bladder(? still not sure whether to bring one or just a few water bottles…decisions decisions), etc. I may also look into upgrading my clothes, but I don’t know that I have the money or the desire to do a complete wardrobe change..hopefully what I have will be fine!

I’m currently speaking to companies about Solomon’s gear and food, and will be providing a fantastic update once things become more official! Also, I’m waiting to see whether or not I’m selected for the Live Your Kurgo Adventure sponsorship…fingers crossed! If you’re reading this and haven’t voted yet, go here and click on the green thumb at the bottom to vote for Solomon and I! Four winners receive $5000 and up to $250 in dog gear for their outdoor canine adventure! Think of all the yummy dog treats Solomon could get for himself! 🙂

On to the worries and fears. Supposedly, if you write down your worries and toss them before a stressful event (i.e an exam), you’ll do better than if you leave them bottled up. So, I’m going to try this for my thru-hike. Write down my biggest worries at the moment, and toss them into the wild wild inter-webs.

1. Money money!
I’m working 42+ hours at a restaurant as well as waitressing at a bar in the evenings. I am making as much money as I can, and saving everything that isn’t going towards bills and rent. I’m still TERRIFIED that it won’t be enough. It would be awful to have a lack of funds be the reason I have to get off the trail…

2. Physical preparedness.
I am training, but is it enough? Is there any way to truly train enough?

3. Solomon’s physical preparedness.I want to make the transition from pre-trail life to trail life as smooth as possible. He goes on all my training hikes/runs/workouts with me, but I’m still worried. I suppose I’ll always be worried though..

4. Mental preparedness.
I’m still trying to wrap my mind around what I’ll be starting soon. It’s hard to imagine what hiking for six months will be like. I’ll just have to keep on having a positive attitude!

5. Maine and New Hampshire!
I’m terrified and thrilled. The mountains look incredible in picture and video, and I can’t believe that I’ll be climbing them in less than two months.

6. Gear.
Do I have the right gear? Will it last long enough? What will I likely end up having to replace on the trail? Which leads me back to MONEY! Aghh.

Pre-trail jitters are obviously starting to kick in, but I’m trying to enjoy it as much as possible. Updates will be more consistent in the coming 49 days as I get all my trail junk together and ready. To those on the trail, happy hiking and keep being badass! To those who, like myself, are waiting for Katahdin to open to start our adventures, be patient, it’s almost our time to shine.

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  • zrdavis : Apr 8th

    The rain / blisters / budgeting might seem difficult, but really, the waiting is the hardest part 🙂

  • George Brenckle : Apr 15th

    I feel your pain. The wait is killing me. (39 days until Katahdin….) My son and I are starting about a week ahead of you. Best of luck and see you on the trail….


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