6 Days From Launch… Have We Panicked Yet?

We’re rapidly checking off items on our to-do list, but the list doesn’t get any shorter because we keep adding more tasks:

  • Set up camp every evening and pack it up every morning
  • Get dog meds from vet & pack
  • Treat clothes with permethrin
  • Clean hiking poles & wrap with duct tape
  • Gather items for first aid kit
  • Pack resupply boxes and create mailing labels
  • Learn how to use InReach Mini
  • Put all bills on autopay
  • Try to cram in a few more hikes with full packs
  • Deal with our heightened anxiety and try to be kind with each other!

Camp Practice

One of the best pieces of advice we gleaned from our reading was to completely set up our camp site every night and break it down in the morning. We’ve learned how to work together to get the tent up quickly and figured out the different storage pockets. Our pup, Bodhi, was really excited to see the tent and was confused when we set it up (indoors, even!) and then went upstairs to bed!

Breaking down camp and packing everything back up into our backpacks helps us edit our loads. Do we need two separate first aid kits? Who carries the dog’s sleeping bag? Will we want easy access to our sporks for lunch?

Resupply Boxes

Creating our resupply boxes has been a Tetris challenge — squeezing meals, dog food, and miscellaneous supplies into twenty-one separate boxes while ensuring we don’t end up with Thai curry meals 3 nights in a row. Do we have enough coffee? What about electrolyte powders? Chocolate??!!? Spread sheets and charts are helpful but sooner or later you just have to lay it all out on the floor.

Managing Anxiety

Confession: I’ve broken into tears more than once in the past few days. Thank heaven for my love, Chris, who pulls me into a hug and whispers “it will all be ok; it’s all going to be all right.”

In six short days, we’ll be at Amicalola, ready to set off on our epic journey. That is, if I survive all the preparations!

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Comments 8

  • Doug Orman_Host_www.thetrailheadlodge.com : Mar 2nd

    Leslie — you and Chris are going to achieve a new level of harmony and ministry! The pre-hike rituals you are committing to muscle memory will embolden your spirits and provide you (and others) calmness …Zero Day with Us, CU @ ATKO22

    • Leslie Woodward : Mar 2nd

      Thanks for the encouragement, Doug! Where does the Trail Head Lodge cross the AT?

      • Doug Orman_Host_www.trailheadlodge.com : Mar 4th

        We pick up and drop off at BIG BALD MOUNTAIN…mile 326.5 NOBO…shuttle to and from the trail included.

        Find us on FAROUT (formerly GUTHOOK)

        Come see us At Amicalola Falls SP, 04-05 March …ATKO 2022…

        “The Adventure Begins at the Trail Head Lodge”

  • Ellenor Barish : Mar 2nd

    You are amazing and inspiring. The dog has a sleeping bag. ❤️ Sporks. And chocolate. Thank you for sharing your AT adventure with us!

    • Leslie Woodward : Mar 2nd

      Yup, Bodhi has his own sleeping mat and sleeping bag. Both of which I carry because they don’t fit in his backpack! I’m loving the updates on your marathon training. Good luck! Leslie

  • Anne Woodward : Mar 2nd

    What an adventure for you kids! Sounds like you are very well prepared but there are always stores along the way. You will have great experiences and meet great people along the trail! ❤️

  • Beth Kauffman : Mar 2nd

    How awesome! There are so many wonderful things and people waiting for you out there! I look forward to hearing your adventures! I am in awe!

  • pearwood : Mar 4th

    Yay for Leslie and Chris!


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