Accessing the Appalachian Trail: A List of Shuttles and Taxi Services

Originally published on 6/23/2016, updated on 11/23/2020 by Sarah Wolfson.

Do a quick Google search of, “How do I get to on the AT?” and you won’t get very far. A few posts may have been made 5 or so years ago on if you’re searching for one of the big trail towns (Damascus, Monson, Duncannon), but search for easy access to any of the smaller towns (Waynesboro, VA; Kent, CT; Dalton, MA; for example) and you’re pretty much SOL.

But fear not! I have done your research for you! Admittedly, accessing lots of these trail towns will still be an adventure (calling trail angels, hitching rides, finding the bus depot…), but at least most of that information is now in one place. This list is primarily for those of you trying to get from a town to an airport, or vice versa. Hikers going from the trail to a town just need to jump on the ol’ thumb train – it’s a trail tradition.

I’ve split the trail up into sections and pulled information from Awol’s A.T. Guide and the Thru-Hikers’ Companion. I also used, but more detailed searches are also a good idea. Information found in AWOL’s guide is labeled with (AWOL), info from the Thru-Hikers’ Companion is labeled with (Companion), and from will have (WhiteBlaze).
Listings have been updated as shuttle services reach out.

To Springer Mountain

Some of the following can pick you up from downtown Atlanta or the airport to the trailhead. Otherwise, from Atlanta, take the MARTA local rail system to North Springs Station. From there, one of the following can shuttle you to springer mountain:


A.T. Survivor Dave’s Trail Shuttle (AWOL)

Phone: 678-469-0978 (calls only, no texts)


Range: Atlanta Airport, North Springs MARTA station, Amicalola Falls, Springer Mountain, and trailheads up to Fontana Dam

Dogs allowed

Appalachian Adventure Company (AWOL)

Phone: 706-265-9454, or 865-456-7677

Email: [email protected]


Range: Atlanta, AVL, and TYS airports, bus, or Amtrak

Dogs allowed

REI Shuttles (AWOL)

Phone: 470-289-8081

Email: [email protected]

Range: From Atlanta Perimeter store

Ron Brown (AWOL)

Phone: 706-669-0919
Email: [email protected]

Range: Appalachian Trail and trail towns up to Fontana, including Amicalola Falls, Atlanta Airport, and Gainesville, GA

Dogs allowed

Subman Shuttles (AWOL)

Phone: 706-889-7044

Range: Atlanta to start of trail

Dogs allowed 

Zen Shuttles (AWOL)

Phone: 828-332-0228

Range: ATL to Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia

Dogs allowed

Richard Anderson

Phone: 404-408-2524
Email: [email protected]



Between Springer Mountain and Fontana Dam

Bret Eady AT Hiker Shuttle (AWOL)

Phone: 404-569-8776

Email: [email protected]

Range: Atlanta/Gainesville to Fontana and trailheads and towns in between

Dogs allowed

Jeff Moons Shuttle Service (AWOL)

Phone: 706-994-2307 (text first)

Email: [email protected]

Range: Atlanta Airport to Fontana Dam

Dogs allowed

Suches Hiker Shuttle (AWOL)

Phone: 678-967-9510

Shuttle: ATL airport to Fontana Dam

Dogs allowed

The Further Shuttle (AWOL)

Phone: 772-321-0905

Range: Atlanta airport to Fontana Village

Dogs allowed

Timothy Patton (AWOL)

Phone: 678-570-5128

Range: Unicoi Gap to Helen, Cleveland, Hiawassee, Dahlonega, and Gainesville

Dogs allowed

Affordable Taxi (AWOL)

Phone: 706-970-0794

Range: Hiawassee to Dicks Creek Gap and Unicoi Gap

Macon County Transit (AWOL)

Phone: 828-349-2222

Chuck Allen (AWOL)

Phone: 828-371-6460
Email: [email protected]

Range: Springer Mountain to Fontana

City Taxi (AWOL)

Phone: 828-369-5042

Dogs allowed

Jim Granato (AWOL)

Phone: 828-342-1573

Range: Unicoi Gap to Stecoah Gap

Dogs allowed

Larry’s Taxi Service (AWOL)

Phone: 828-421-4987

Range: Georgia to Maine

Dogs allowed

Roadrunner Driving Services (AWOL)

Phone: 706-201-7719

Email: [email protected]

Range: Atlanta to Damascus-plus

Steve Claxton (AWOL)

Phone: 828-736-7501, 828-479-9608

Email: [email protected]

Range: Springer to Hot Springs and surrounding airports

Dogs allowed

Donald “Grateful “ Ballard (white blaze)

Phone: 772-321-0905; 706-400-9105; 706-745-3306


A Walk in the Woods (AWOL)

Phone: 865-436-8283

Email: [email protected]

Range: Springer to Damascus

Dogs allowed

Between Fontana Village and Hot Springs, NC

Fontana Shuttle (AWOL)

Phone: 828-498-2211

Range: A.T. crossing in Fontana Village,  Fontana Dam visitor center and A.T. “Hilton” Shelte

Cherokee Cabs (AWOL)

Phone: 828-269-8621


Range: Trailheads in Smokies and nearby cities

Cherokee Transit (AWOL)

Phone: 866-388-6071

Range: North Carolina and Qualla Boundary

Highlands Shuttle Service (AWOL)

Driver: Ron McGaha

Phone: 423-625-0739; 865-322-2752
Email: [email protected]

Range: Winding Stair Gap, NC to Damascus and stops in between


Between Hot Springs, NC and Damascus

Bootlegger Tea’s Shuttle Service (AWOL)

Phone: 828-707-2468

Range: Hot Springs to Damascus, airport and bus pick ups, Asheville, tri-cities, and Knoxville

Uncle Mike’s Shuttles (AWOL)

Phone: 423-383-2022

Email: [email protected]

Range: Hot Springs to Pearisburg, VA

Dogs allowed

Tom and Marie Bradford (AWOL)

Phone: 423-330-7416, 910-409-2509

Email: [email protected]


Range: Trailheads, bus stations, airports, outfitters from Fontana Dam to Pearisburg, VA

Hampton Trails Bicycle Shop (AWOL)

Phone: 423-725-5000

Email: [email protected]


Harry Siegel

Phone: 828-231-1053

Email: [email protected]


Shuttles by Sarge (AWOL)

Phone: 423-735-8278

Email: [email protected]


Range: anywhere

Uncle Johnny’s Nolichucky Hostel and Outfitters  (AWOL)

Phone: 423-735-0548


Range: Trail to Erwin, TN
Dogs allowed

Greasy Creek Friendly (AWOL)

Phone: 828-688-9948


Range: Hot Springs to Damascus

Dogs allowed

Mountain Harbour B&B/Hiker Hostel (AWOL)

Phone: 866-772-9494

Email: [email protected]


Dogs allowed

Roan Mountain B&B (AWOL)

Phone: 423-772-3207
Dogs allowed

Brown’s Grocery & Braemar Castle Hostel (AWOL)

Phone: 423-725-2411; 423-752-2262
Dogs allowed

Appalachian Trail Shuttle (AWOL)

Owner/Drive: Eric Pope

Phone: 508-209-4019

Range: Erwin to Pearisburg


Between Damascus and Pearisburg, VA

A.T. Shuttle Service (AWOL)

Phone: 276-475-5546, 276-206-1245

Dogs allowed

Barbara Clark (AWOL)

Phone: 276-274-0907

Range: Damascus area

Dogs allowed

Marion Transit (AWOL)

Phone: 276-782-9300

Range: loops through Marion, VA

Rambunny (AWOL)

Phone: 276-783-3754

Range: Atkins and Marion areas

Skip and Linda (AWOL)

Phone: 276-783-3604, 276-685-3329

Range: Damascus to Pearisburg

Dogs allowed

Bubba’s Shuttles (AWOL)

Phone: 276-730-5869 (text first)

Email: [email protected]

Range: Damascus to Pearisburg and Roanoke Airport

Dogs allowed

Larry Richardson (AWOL)

Phone: 540-921-4724

Range: Bland to Pearisburg

Dogs allowed

Don Raines (AWOL)

Phone: 540-921-7433

Email: [email protected]

Mt. Rogers Outfitters (AWOL)

Phone: 276-475-5416

Adventure Damascus (AWOL)

Phone: 888-595-2453; 276-475-6262

Range: Damascus area trailheads

Sundog Outfitter (AWOL)

Phone: 276-475-6252

Email: [email protected]
Range: Damascus area trailheads

Trent’s Grocery (AWOL)

Phone: 276-613-4431


Relax Inn (AWOL)

Phone: 276-783-5811, 276-783-1855

Dogs allowed


Between Pearisburg and Waynesboro, VA

Tom Hoffman (AWOL)

Phone: 540-921-1184

Email: [email protected]

Range: Pearisburg area

Outdoor Trails (AWOL)

Phone: 540-992-5850

Dogs allowed

Homer Witcher (AWOL)

Phone: 540-266-4849

Email: [email protected]

Range: Pearisburg to Waynesboro plus

Ken Wallace (AWOL)

Phone: 434-609-2704

Range: Buchanan to Waynesboro

Dogs allowed

Stanimal’s Shuttle Service (AWOL)

Phone: 540-290-4002, 540-480-8325

Email: [email protected]

Range: Virginia to Harpers Ferry and D.C.

Gary Serra (AWOL)

Phone: 757-681-2254

Email: [email protected]

Range: Glasgow and Buena Vista trail heads and Roanoke, Lynchburg, Charlottesville, and D.C.

E’s-y Rider Cab Company (AWOL)

Phone: 540-461-2467


Range: Virginia

Dogs allowed

Three Springs Shuttles (AWOL)

Phone: 434-922-7069 (calls only, no texts)

Email: [email protected]

Range: Daleville to Waynesboro

Earl Arnold (AWOL)

Phone: 540-377-6646

Email: [email protected]

Range: James River to Rockfish Gap

Dogs allowed

Rockbridge Taxi Service (Companion)

Phone: 540-261-7733


Between Waynesboro, VA and Harpers Ferry, WV

DuBose Egleston (AWOL)

Phone: 540-487-6388

Range: Roanoke to Harpers Ferry

Dogs allowed

Mobile Mike’s Shuttles (AWOL)

Phone: 540-539-0509

Range: Pen Mar to Rock Fish Gap

Sharon’s Shuttles (AWOL)

Phone: 703-615-5612

Range: Waynesboro, VA to Waynesboro, PA

Dogs allowed

Yellow Cab of the Shenandoah (AWOL)

Phone: 540-692-9200

Nina Murphy Shuttle Service (AWOL)

Phone: 703-946-9404

Emails: [email protected]

Range: Waynesboro, VA to Waynesboro, PA, Dulles, and Reagan National AP and SNP

Rhonda Adams (AWOL)

Phone: 304-596-1911 (prefers texts)

Range: SNP Big Meadows and Pen Mar to Pine Grove Furnace SP

Pam “Ping” Bennett

Phone: 540-447-6882

Between Harpers Ferry, WV and Waynesboro, PA (AWOL)

Phone: 304-885-9550

Range: Thorton Gap-Pen to Mar Park, D.C., Dulles, and Baltimore airports

Dogs allowed

Mark “Strings” Cusic (AWOL)

Phone: 304-433-0028

Email: [email protected]

Range: Rockfish Gap to Duncannon

Teahorse Hostel (AWOL)

Phone: 304-535-6848

Email: [email protected]


Chris “Trailboss” Brunton

Phone: 703-967-2226
Email: [email protected]
Dogs allowed

Dennis Sewell (AWOL)

Phone: 301-241-3176

Range: Harpers Ferry to Pine Grove Furnace SP and Baltimore Airports

Dogs allowed


Between Waynesboro and Pine Grove, PA

Burgundy Lane B&B (AWOL)

Phone: 717-762-8112

Range: Waynesboro, PA trailheads and town

Freeman’s Shuttle Service (AWOL)

Phone: 717-491-2460, 717-360-1481

Range: Front Royal to DWG, Pen Mar, Duncannon
Dogs allowed

Gary Grant Shuttles (AWOL)

Phone: 717-706-2578

Range: Caledonia SP to Duncannon

Mike’s Shuttle Service (AWOL)

Phone: 717-497-6022

Email: [email protected]

Riverfront Campgrounds (AWOL)

Phone: 717-834-5252


Trail Angel Mary (AWOL)

Phone: 717-834-4706

Carlin’s AT Shuttle Service (AWOL)

Phone: 570-345-0474; 570-516-3447

Range: Pennsylvania
Dogs allowed


Between Pine Grove and Palmerton, PA

Cabela’s (AWOL)

Phone: 610-929-7000

Range: Port Clinton area

Blue Mountain Summit B&B (AWOL)

Phone: 570-386-2003



Between Palmerton and Unionville, NY

Sunny Rest Resort (AWOL)

Phone: 610-377-2911

Email: [email protected]


Jason “SoulFlute” Benward

Phone: 484-341-3356 (text if call is missed)

Home of John “Mechanical Man” and Linda “Crayon Lady” Stempa (AWOL)

Phone: 610-381-4606

Email: [email protected]


Range: Lickdale/Swatara Gap to Delaware Water Gap
Dogs allowed

Knight Riders Taxi and Limo (AWOL)

Phone: 908-850-4450

Pocono Cab (AWOL)

Phone: 570-424-2800
Dogs allowed

WGM Taxi

Phone: 570-223-9289

Pocono Pony (AWOL)

Phone: 570-839-6862
Range: Loop through Stroudsburg

Edge of Woods Outfitters (AWOL)

Phone: 570-421-6681

Range: Little Gap to Bear Mountain

High Point Mountain Motel (AWOL)

Phone: 973-702-1860

Range: New Jersey trails
Dogs allowed


Between Unionville, NY and Kent, CT

Appalachian Motel (AWOL)

Phone: 973-764-6070

Dogs allowed

Meadow Lark Farm B&B (AWOL)

Phone: 845-651-4286

Dogs allowed

Greenwood Lake Taxi (AWOL)

Phone: 845-477-0314

Night Owl Taxi (AWOL)

Phone: 845-662-0359

Range: Greenwood Lake

Harriman Shuttle (AWOL)

Range: Tuxedo train station, Reeves Meadow, and park route

Martin and Donna (AWOL)

Phone: 845-505-1671; 845-546-1832

Range: RPH Shelter to Kent, CT


Between Kent, CT and Sheffield, MA

Cooper Creek B&B (AWOL)

Phone: 860-927-4334

Range: Kent area

Annie Bananie General Store (AWOL, Companion)

Phone: 860-927-3377

Range: Kent area

Hitching Post Motel (AWOL)

Phone: 860-672-6219
Dogs allowed

Cornwall Inn (AWOL)

Phone: 860-672-6884


Range: Kent and trailheads
Dogs allowed

Vanessa Breton (AWOL)

Phone: 860-435-9577, 860-733-9024

David McArthur (AWOL)

Phone: 860-318-1144

Email: [email protected]

Range: Lakeville/Limerock area and trail heads

All Points Driving Service (AWOL)

Phone: 908-403-3446

Email: [email protected]


Range: Salisbury to Dalton

BRTA Commuter Bus (AWOL)

Phone: 800-292-2782
Range: Connects Great Barrington, Dalton, Cheshire, North Adams, Adams, Williamstown, Pittsfield, Lee and Berkshire Mall


Between Sheffield, MA and Bennington, VA

Jess Treat (AWOL)

Phone: 860-248-5710
Email: [email protected]
Dogs allowed

Debbie Andrus (AWOL)

Phone: 413-841-4362

Email: [email protected]

Range: Western MA

Berkshire Bus Service- Berkshire Regional Transit Authority (companion)

Phone: 413-499-2782; 800-292-2782
Range: Pittsfield to neighboring towns

David Ackerson (AWOL and Companion)

Phone: 413-346-1033, 413-652-9573
Email: [email protected]
Range: New York to New Hampshire, to and from airports


Between Bennington and Killington, VT

Green Mountain Express (AWOL)

Phone: 802-447-0477

Website: greenmtncn.rg

Range: Bennington and Wilmington, to and from trail by call

Vermont Translines (AWOL)

Phone: 844-888-7267
Range: Albany, NY airport through Bennington, VT, Wallingford, VT, Rutland, VT, and Hanover, NH

Autumn Inn Motel (AWOL)

Phone: 802-447-7625
Range: between trailhead and Bennington

Dogs allowed

Catamount Motel (AWOL)

Phone: 802-442-5977


Range: between trailhead and Bennington

Dogs allowed

Leonards Taxi (AWOL)

Phone: 802-362-7039

Website: [email protected]

Range: Manchester, VT to surrounding areas

Northshire Taxi (AWOL)

Phone: 802-345-9333

Email: [email protected]

Range: Manchester, VT, major airports, and trailheads from Rutland to Dalton, MA

Dogs allowed

Marble Valley Regional Transit District (MVRTA; “The Bus”) (AWOL, Companion)

Phone: 802-773-3244 ext. 117

Range: Manchester to Rutland, flag down

Green Mountain Taxi (AWOL)

Phone: 802-282-8826

Email: [email protected]

Range: Danby, VT, Killington, VT, and Brandon, VT and to airports and Amtrak

Dogs allowed


Between Killington, VT and Hanover, NH

Rutland Taxi (AWOL, Companion)

Phone: 802-236-3133


Dogs allowed

Hikers Hostel at the Yellow Deli (AWOL)

Phone: 802-683-9378; 802-775-9800

Amtrak (AWOL)

Phone: 800-872-7245


Range: Rutland to Northeastern cities


Between Hanover and Lincoln, NH


Apex Shuttle Service – Steve “Stray Cat” Lake (AWOL)

Phone: 603-252-8295

Email: [email protected]


Range: Trail to and from Hanover Area

Big Yellow Taxi (AWOL)

Phone: 802-295-7878
Range: Woodstock, Norwich, Hanover, Lebanon, and White River Junction

Dogs allowed

Dartmouth Coach (AWOL)

Phone: 603-448-2800

Range: routes to Boston and New York

Advance Transit (AWOL, Companion)

Phone: 802-295-1824


Range: Hanover area towns

Hikers Welcome Hostel (AWOL)

Phone: 603-989-0040

Email: [email protected]


Range: Moosilauke and Glencliff area

Dogs allowed


Between Lincoln and Gorham, NH


AMC Hiker Shuttle (AWOL)

Phone: 603-466-2727

Email: [email protected]


Range: Lincoln, Franconia Notch, Pinkham Notch, and Gorham

The Notch Hostel (AWOL)

Phone: 603-348-1483

Email: [email protected]
Range: Lincoln and Kinsman Notch to trailheads

Dogs allowed

The Shuttle Connection (AWOL)

Phone: 603-745-3140; 603-348-7422
Range: Lincoln, Franconia Notch, Kinsman, and bus terminals and airports througbout New Hampshire

Dogs allowed

Mountain Courier Shuttle (AWOL)

Phone: 207-329-6433

Email: [email protected]

Range: New Hampshire and Maine

Mt. Washington Auto Road (AWOL)

Phone: 603-466-3988

Website: mtwashingtonautoroad.come/guided-tours/hiker-shuttle

Range: From top of Mt. Washington to Pinkham Notch, Great Gulf Trailhead, and Auto Road

Dogs Allowed



Between Gorham, NH and Andover, ME


Concord Coach (AWOL, Companion)

Phone: 800-639-3317
Range: Pinkham Notch area

Trail Angels Hiker Services (AWOL)

Phone: 603-326-6382

Email: [email protected]


Range: New Hampshire and Maine from Gorham, NH

Dogs allowed

Hikers Paradise (AWOL)

Phone: 603-466-2732

Email: [email protected]
Range: From hostel to Route 2

Libby House B&B & The Barn Hikers Hostel (AWOL)

Phone: 603-466-2271; 603-723-6129
Range: From Pinkham Notch to Gorham and Walmart

Rodney Kneeland Shuttle Services (AWOL)

Phone: 207-357-3083

Email: [email protected]

Range: New Hampshire to Rangeley, ME

Rattle River Lodge and Hostel

Phone: 603-466-5049

Email: [email protected]

Range: New Hampshire and Maine locations


Between Andover and Monson, ME


Paul’s AT Cabin (AWOL)

Phone: 207-392-4161

Email: [email protected]


Range: Trailhead to Andover

Dogs allowed

The Hiker Hut (AWOL)

Phone: 207-670-8095
Email: [email protected]

Range: Rangeley, ME and longer available on request

Dogs allowed

Ecopelagicon (AWOL)

Phone: 207-864-2771
Email: [email protected]


Stratton Motel (AWOL, Companion)

Phone: 207-246-4171

Range: trailheads, Gorham to Monson, and Portland, Bangor, Farmington, Augusta, and Waterville

Mountain Village Farm B&B (AWOL)

Phone: 207-265-2030

Email: [email protected]

Range: roundtrips from trailheads

Dogs allowed

Cheryl Anderson

Phone: 207-672-3997

Email: [email protected]


Between Monson and Millinocket, ME


100 Mile Wilderness Adventures and Outfitters (Companion)

Phone: 207-991-7030

Email: [email protected]


Range: Bangor, Abol Bridge, Baxter State Park, Katahdin, and Oquossoc

Shaw’s Hiker Hostel (AWOL, Companion)

Phone: 207-997-3597

Email: [email protected]


Dogs allowed

Pamola Shuttle Service (AWOL)

Phone: 207-731-6663

Range: Katahdin region

Maine Quest Adventures (AWOL, Companion)

Phone: 207-447-5011


Range: Medway bus station to Katahdin Stream, Abol Bridg, Monson, 100-mile wilderness, or other points in ME

Millinocket Municipal Airport (AWOL)

Phone: 207-731-9906
Range: Car rentals from airport to Medway Rd.

Katahdin Air (AWOL)

Phone: 866-359-6246

Email: [email protected]


Range: shuttle from Abol Bridge

The Appalachian Trail Lodge (AWOL)

Phone: 207-723-4321

Range: Medway to 100-mile wilderness or Monson, ME

Cyr Bus Lines (AWOL, Companion)

Phone: 800-244-2335
Range: Bangor to Medway. Maine Quest Adventures can get you from Medway to Baxter State Park or Abol Bridge, see above.

Bull Moose Taxi

Phone: 207-447-8079
Range: Medway to Millinocket; other routes available over all of Maine

Charles Anderson

Phone: 207-965-5678; 207-997-7069

Range: statewide

All in all, accessing the AT isn’t the easiest task in the world. But that’s the point, right?

Check, various Appalachian Trail related groups on Facebook, and phone some of these contacts to see if anyone has any other leads on how to get to whichever town you’re interested in. The AT community is first and foremost helpful. Good luck with your travels and happy trails!

Updates and formatting courtesy of Sarah Wolfson!

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  • Michael Lacasse : Jun 23rd

    Bubba’s number in Bland, VA has changed new number is 276-730-5869

  • Cosmo Catalano : Jun 24th

    Dave Ackerson also covers Williamstown, MA. It’s only 5 miles from North Adams. I notice you didn’t reference ATC’s shuttle page at:

  • Silvia Cassano : Jun 25th

    White Blaze just updated their list recently which is a hybrid of the ATC list, which is updated regularly, probably more regularly than this listing. For instance, the ATC list has several more folks listed in the Rutland/Killington, VT area so it’s good to check all the lists. Kudos to trying to combine them.

  • Silvia Cassano : Jun 25th

    PS: There are actually lots of folks in the network between Kent and Dalton that you can access by calling someone on the ATC list… just saying. Not everyone wants to be on the lists, so sometimes it takes calling someone who knows someone… =) Be resourceful!

  • lora davis : Jun 27th

    Excellent! Thank you for sharing.

  • Foxfeet : Jun 28th

    Don’t forget The Farmhouse in Rangeley, Maine! Affiliated with the Stratton Motel in Stratton, Maine, they can shuttle basically anywhere, including all locations listed under the Stratton Motel. Also, they and the Stratton Motel can shuttle to any trailhead primarily between Andover and Caratunk, Maine, and so can slack pack hikers as well. I’ve been doing work for stay between The Farmhouse and Stratton Motel since last season, so if anyone has questions I’d be more than happy to help.

    • Hannah : Jun 17th

      Hi there! Do you think my friends and I could get a shuttle from Stratton to Farmington? We are trying to figure out how to get off trail to a rental car place in Farmington!
      Any advice is appreciated!

  • Craig & Jody @ Rock 'n Sole Hostel : Jun 28th

    Rock ‘b Sole Hostel & Shuttle is located less then 2 miles from AT crossing of route 183. Provides shuttles regularly from Duncannon, PA to Palmerton, PA. Also provides rides to and from all major airports in Philadelphia, Harrisburg, and Allentown, and various other mass transit sites. We are on, AWOLs updates on website (book next year), ATC list, and Facebook. Feel free to add us to your list!

  • William R Houlette : Jun 30th

    In the Hamburg, PA area: Rainbow Alpaca Shuttle Service 484.560.7813

    We offer slack packing, cheap shuttles ($5 per person into Hamburg), trail reports, hospital runs, pizza deliveries, brewery tours, wine tastings, and pretty much anything else hikers can think to do in the area. We operate between 501 and 309 regularly, but with enough notice, we can go pretty much wherever you need to go.

    • Darlene M : Dec 15th

      This is helpful! Adding you guys to my journal now.

  • Laurie Potteiger : Jul 7th

    Here’s a friendly link to the ATC Transportation page, which will always have a link to the latest shuttle listing:

    • Stephen M : Mar 1st

      I’m looking forward to updates.

      I love the ATC lists, but accessibility is great too.

  • Bubba from bubbashuttle : Aug 28th

    Please update my phone# it is 1-276-730-5869 thank you

  • maldives holiday packages : Sep 30th

    It’s awesome to go to see this web site and reading the views of all mates regarding
    thiss article, wile I am also eager of getting familiarity.

  • Soggy aka Chris Vores : Nov 20th

    I can shuttle in the Waynesboro, PA are from Harrisburg, PA to Virginia. I use Lyft, Uber or we can figure out a rate mutually. I am based in Waynesboro, PA. Text me and I will return your call asap. 717-331-8827

  • Debbie : Mar 9th

    Please add me too your list.
    I cover from the NY/Ct border to just inside Pennsylvania. Anything in a 2-3 hour radius from Harriman Park (I am in Suffern, NY).
    Deborah Taxi
    [email protected]
    Text is best or email.
    Let me know in advance so I put you on my calendar – no last minute calls.

    Thank you

  • John Stempa - The Mechanical Man : Mar 9th

    I live at Smith Gap Pa, NOT Delaware Water Gap, see your AT GUIDE for more information.

    my current listing,…..2018
    John “The Mechanical Man” Stempa
    Smith Gap Road Pa, 1 mile from the AT

    HOME 610-381-4606 (10 a.m.-11 p.m) CELL 610-428-1165 [email protected]

    See The AT GUIDE; section hikers welcome; Pets welcome, mail drops. Regular Shuttles from Delaware Water Gap to Swatara Gap Pa; slack packing; speed hiking; current local AT conditions; parking area and water source information, “use your vehicle” for cheaper shuttles on request, safe parking in my yard, fuel available on request when flying into LVIA airport.

  • Murice Miller : Mar 27th

    I am a A.T. shuttle driver, in SOUTH ATLANTA, offering LIMITED service From Atl airport 2 Amic. St Park. Please list me at 678 967 9510 …other pick up and returns possible

  • Murice Miller : Mar 27th

    Any details necessary for my name to be plaved on your SHUTTLE list… PLS 678 967 9510

  • Murice Miller : Mar 27th

    Pls spell my name MURRIS, thx

  • Scott McLellan : May 15th

    Scott McLellan
    [email protected]

    I cover all of Shenandoah National Park out to GWNF.

    Based 25 minutes from Swift Run Gap, and 15minutes from Madison Run Road/FurnaceMt Austin Mt. trailheads.

    • Scott McLellan : May 15th

      Front Royal, Harrisonburg, Luray, Staunton, Waynesboro, Tyro, Dayton

  • Scott & Marie Wheaton : Jun 11th

    If you’re still adding to the list, we shuttle in northern Virginia, especially between Front Royal and Harper’s Ferry, but also south into SNP and north into Maryland. We live closest to Snickers Gap/Rt 7 trail crossing and Bear’s Den Trail Center. 540 514 9385, best to call or text. Scott & Marie Wheaton / Red Wing & Hopeful

  • Colleen Goldhorn : Jun 27th

    If still adding to the list….

    Colleen “Spot” Goldhorn
    [email protected]
    Available to shuttle throughout all of PA

  • Timothy Patton : Jun 24th

    This is a great resource for AT hikers! I am an Uber driver and I also service from the start of the AT at Springer Mtn.(Amicalola Falls) all the way to Unicoi Gap. I even go to Hiawassee, Ga. sometimes. Please add me to the list of available drivers/taxi services from Springer to Unicoi or tell me how to do it. Thank you!!!!

  • Timothy Patton : Jun 24th

    My number is 678-570-5128. I would love to help you out or refer you to someone that can!

  • Silvia : Aug 20th

    This is still not really in the easiest format. A spreadsheet or something more searchable is better. I’ve been on the ATC list (may it RIP) and White Blaze for like 8 years and I’m not on this list. Just sayin’. Lists and calendars are hard to compile.

  • Gungho : Oct 2nd

    My wife roots and I started our own shuttle business this past April called GRoots RIDES. We provide rides to anywhere the hikers need to get to. We cover all of Damascus and surrounding areas and will help hikers anyway we can. Phone# 276-477-0555 and email is [email protected]

  • Scott Mclellan : Nov 11th

    I shuttle all of Shenandoah National Park : Nearest Swift Run Gap.
    Text works best: 757-817-3901

  • Garon Brown : Jul 3rd

    What are my options from Bangor Airport trying to get to Baxter ME?! Please help

  • Colleen Goldhorn : Jul 22nd

    Hi –
    Just wondering if this information is updated regularly. I see the list was originally posted in 2016, so am just wondering if I should be using this as up to date information (:


    • ren : Nov 24th

      No apparently not, The Top of Georgia has been closed since at least last year. A new vendor opened up this year but their name is different and so is contact number

  • Pete Buak (Smokestack) : Nov 24th

    topofgeorgiahikingcenter has been out of business for 2 ? years. Might want to check wit new operators under new name

  • Wolverine : Mar 3rd

    Judy’s Shuttles (located in Roanoke also in AWOL)


    Pearisburg, VA through the Shenandoah National park, VA

  • Michael's Shuttle Service; 717-497-6022 "You pay the fare, I'll take you anywhere!" Based in central Pennsylvania : Apr 22nd

    I’m based out of Boiling Springs, PA. Central Pennsylvania. I will go as far south or north that any hiker needs. I go to all the airports in the area; Baltimore, Dulles, D.C., Philly, Harrisburg, Lehigh, Newark, etc. I go to all train and bus depots.

    My motto is ” You pay the fare, I’ll take you anywhere!”

  • Jon : Apr 23rd

    I was in contact with Rhonda Adams last night (4/22) regarding a shuttle. She informed me that she had retired.

  • Kelly : Jun 26th

    You have Steve Claxton on this list. He passed away a couple years ago. Might want to remove him.


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