Anxious? Who Me?

Today’s Worries:

Last night I dreamed that my favorite merino wool base layer pants had gone through the dryer and shrunk to half their size.

Today I suddenly became concerned that my shoes would be too small if I wear toe sock liners under my regular socks.

Inflating our sleeping pads seemingly takes forever. Do we need a mini-pump?

Crap, my rain pants are too small. How did that happen?

OMG, how do I know what I’ll want to eat for breakfast in May? In August???

Time to try out yet another hiking bra…ugh.

Experienced hikers say I need leukotape in my first aid kit. What the hell is leukotape?

Yup, my anxiety is in overdrive.

We’re less than four weeks away from our Appalachian Trail launch and my mind is running at 200 miles/hour at four a.m.! It feels like there are hundreds of things still left to do. I long for the day when I just hoist my pack onto my back and walk. But until then, I make endless to-do lists and check those items off, one by one.

Today’s worries, resolved.

Nope, my base layer pants didn’t shrink in the wash because they never made it into the wash after last weekend’s hike. Ooops.

My shoes have enough miles on them to justify a new pair. I’m going to size up ½ size and see how they fit with socks plus liners.

Yes, I bought that rechargeable mini-pump (sheepish grin). Let’s hope the extra 2.82 ounces will be worth it!

Why are my rain pants too small? Three reasons: Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s, plus Chris’s birthday celebration. That bonus sale at REI is looking mighty good right now.

There is no answer to my breakfast query. I’ll just have to deal with it.

Have I finally found my hiking bra?? Thanks to advice from the women on the Appalachian Trail: Women’s Group, I ordered a sports bra from AllBirds.  Who knew AllBirds even made bras? This might be the one, friends!

Leukotape where have you been all my hiking life! This stuff feels like something out of a Harry Potter movie. No more blisters for me; I got my leukotape!

Tonight I expect the anxiety fairy to drop off a whole new batch of worries. For today, I’m good!


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Comments 8

  • pearwood : Feb 9th

    Yay, Leslie!
    If you run out of worries you can borrow some of mine.
    At home I have a package of Belvita or instant oatmeal with my coffee or tea and some protein later on. I think that’s going to be my plan when I restart my NOBO.
    I love my wool pants that I got on closeout from the REI Outlet. And the heavy boiled wool shirt, also on Outlet closeout that I live in when the Rochester, NY weather starts getting chilly.
    Steve / pearwood, the retired computer and network geek with an MDiv from Calvin Theological Seminary (it’s a long story)

    • Leslie Woodward : Feb 11th

      Hi Steve,
      I saw that you had a false start on the trail. Do you think you’ll get back out any time soon? We’re setting off on March 7th. Maybe we’ll see you?
      We can talk theology. 🙂

  • Meghan : Feb 9th

    Leslie! You’re not alone 🙂 I’m having the same kind of daily anxieties with my upcoming start date too. Good luck!!

    • Leslie Woodward : Feb 11th

      The struggle is real, LOL. When do you start?

  • Bruce Hall : Feb 10th

    Always size up your shoes a 1/2 or full size. Your feet will swell and seem to get larger after many miles. Also, you do not want to be crushing your toes into the ends of your shoes on the steep downhills. If the toe socks liners (a lifesaver for me) make your shoes too small, they were already too small.
    I made breakfasts mixing instant coffee, powdered chocolate milk & instant pudding. Tried some at home before the hike and loved it. 4 days into the backpack I couldn’t choke it down. Variety worked better for me. Sometimes eat dinner food for breakfast, breakfast food for dinner. It helps the appetite and there are no rules.

  • Trishadee Newlin : Feb 11th

    Yeah, I felt this one in my soul!

    My dreams are of being on the train to Georgia and realizing my trekking poles are still beside my shoe rack at home. Or that I’ve completely forgotten my clothes bag. Or that for some reason people just dont want to accept my resupply packages and send them back. That roller coaster is grade A stuff!

    But then I remember what it’s like to watch the seasons unfold right in front of my eyes. The beauty of the light just before the sunrise. The way last night’s spider webs shine like diamond necklaces with morning dew.

    Yeah, the anxiety fairy is simply no match.

    Happy hiking!

    • Leslie Woodward : Feb 11th

      What new worries has the anxiety fairy delivered to your dreams lately? I’m obsessing over my choice of hiking pants this week, LOL. Your posts are cool, btw. Leslie

      p.s. love your trail name and how Dandelion is because of your hair. (do I have that right?) My son thinks my trail name should be Rev. Ducky. That would be a family inside joke though I do have a hiking cap with rubber duckies on it. What do you think?

  • Beth : Feb 11th

    I feel the same thing type of anxiety happens when I head off onto the trail and I then end up packing too much…I did shrink my wool socks – they somehow mixed in with the whites and into the dryer. I am wondering if they could be repurposed as a pot holder or maybe a cute purse?

    I read recently from an older hiker who was on the AT last year… we have an advantage to see the views and not robo hike through. Maybe hike not as many miles to spend a day on top of a summit, heat up water for tea and enjoy the view and the place. I have been passing this breathing technique around my workplace. It is from PAVE – trauma work…. BOX breathing – breath in for 4 hold for 4 breath out for 4 and hold for 4.


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