Appalachian Adventure; A Chance to Walk Free, Soothe My Soul

I am just over two weeks away from beginning the biggest adventure of my life.

When I explain to friends and family how I intend to hike all 2,190 miles of the Appalachian Trail, I am frequently met with one of three reactions: they inform me of their lifelong desire to take a similar trip; they tell me about how someone they know also did some long-distance hiking; or they ask me why in the world I would want to do something so crazy. For those who have a wanderers soul, those who experience true peace and calm in nature, and those who are revitalized by the energy of the wild, I need not explain myself. For those who may not understand this passion, I will do my best to paint a word picture of my motivations.

Adventure Drives My Soul

I believe that without a little adventure, life is dull and monotonous. This is why most people will spend months, years even, planning weeklong vacations. Thousands of dollars are spent doing touristy, adventurous activities for a few days each year in order to escape from one’s daily routine. I believe we all possess a drive for adventure; some are simply stronger than others. I love seeing new places and meeting new people, and the idea of living in a constantly changing environment seems like an experience I am meant to have.


I understand that the drive for such an adventure is not the only thing required to take off into the woods for six months. For me, the opportunity is present now. My current responsibilities are being taken care of while I am gone through the help of my wonderful family, friends, coworkers, and employers. Without you guys, this trip would not be possible for me. At this rate, I anticipate my responsibilities to only increase with age. Therefore, now is my time.

Dubito, Ergo Cogito, Ergo Sum

“I doubt, therefore I think, therefore I am” – René Descartes

In the end, I am taking on this adventure for myself. I have a deep-seeded desire to experience life in its most simplistic form. Walking with every intention of appreciating nature, and my own company, is my main goal. I am removing myself from our modern society in order to decrease my exposure to many negative influences. Sleeping in nature will reset my internal clock and help to clear my mind of clutter. I plan to summit Katahdin with a refreshed perspective of the world and myself. Achieving this momentous goal will leave me with a better sense of confidence and an even more resilient mind and body. Six months of walking, and thinking, and existing. For me.

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  • SOLACE : Feb 9th

    Heck Yea Kat!! going to be the Adventure of a lifetime!! see you out there! Hike fun,, hike strong 🙂 Let your soul breathe ~


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