Appalachian Trail and Trials, Here I Come!

The Trail

It seems hard to believe that after months of acquiring gear, saving my pennies, reading trail journals and blogs, and generally being addicted to the idea of hiking the trail, that we are finally on our way. I’ve left my job, my friends, my fur babies, and my family to take off on this new adventure. I do have the benefit of having my wonderful boyfriend to accompany me on this journey, so at least I know I have company that is as invested (and perhaps crazy) as I am.

Loading up my backpack has taken on a new sense of importance. In it, I have my lodging, clothing, the (seemingly) necessary items that I will need for the next half year of my life. Looking at food in the grocery store has become a mathematical juggling act- How many calories do I get per dollar? Is it worth the weight? Can I budget for those? How many squares of toilet paper do I REALLY need…. I find myself trying to memorize and savor every hot shower, delicious meal, humorous moment with friends or family, or gorgeous view. As excited as I am to embark on this long-awaited hike, I have had some feelings of nostalgia to be leaving such a great life behind. I think that is going to be part of the experience, maybe it sometimes takes leaving things you love to be reminded not to take them for granted.

Knowing we are setting foot on the trail within the next few hours and seeing our first white blaze gives me the feeling that someone freed a cloud of butterflies within my abdomen. It is going to be difficult, and breath-taking, and painful, and exhilarating- and I am so thrilled it is about to begin.

The Trials

We are beginning the trail in Central Virginia and traveling north for the first leg of our flip-flop journey. It looks like the first few miles of the trail will be uphill, which should be a new experience coming from the very flat state of Florida. Weather report calls for some good chances of rain our first few days, but as of now, it looks gorgeous! I know that my pack is way heavier than it ought to be, but I think that is something that I am bound and determined to learn the hard way. After a few years in Florida, my tolerance for cold is… well, non-existent. With any luck I will be able to unload unnecessary weight when I see a college friend next week! I am certain that my Appalachian Trials are just beginning, but I have my lists to reflect on when things get rough, and I know that it all will be worth it in the end.

Colby and I in Colorado, Trail Names TBD!

Colby and I in Colorado, Trail Names TBD!

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  • Nichole : May 18th

    Woo vegan hikers represent! Looking forward to hearing more about what you eat 🙂


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