Appalachian Trail: Delaying the Real World by Hiking

Having just graduated in December of 2017 from the University of New Hampshire, I came into an interesting time in my life. Not only was it my first time without a defined end goal in sight, but it was a time for me to have to take the reigns on life. Trying to gain employment was going to be difficult as most companies were going through a transitional period and weren’t hiring till later in the year when most college students graduate. However I anticipated this in the spring of 2017 so instead of committing to becoming a fully fledged adult I instead planned on doing something few embark on, a Thru-Hike of the Appalachian Trail. This will be the first of many posts along my journey along the trail in every way shape and form.

Why Do I Hike?

When I was younger I always found solace in the outdoors as I still do now. From camping with my family to playing on the lake as a child with friends, I was happiest outside. That being said I never enjoyed hiking more than my other outdoor hobbies until a few key recent events occurred in my life. Most importantly being the beautiful dog Bella, the mountain cur. She is my outdoor companion and motivated me to get into the mountains this past summer like nothing else. It may sound overly cheesy but her never-ending energy got me up and out of what could have been utter mediocrity as we hiked 30 of the New Hampshire 48 all in one summer. But another huge factor was an internship opportunity I had with a wonderful engineering firm in southern Vermont called Turbo Solutions LLC. Their mutual passion and genuine interest in keeping me outdoors and being accommodating just pushed me that extra step to spend every second I could outside. Yet I digress, most importantly I hike because;

  • Being outdoors for 5+ months
  • Becoming completely disassociated from modern society
  • Lifelong passion
  • Finding where my breaking point is mentally and physically
  • Not tied down by education, relations or employment
  • Appreciate the nature that wont exist for much longer
  • Get in touch with my homeland
  • Inspired by the book, “A Walk in the Woods” by Bill Bryson
  • The need to go where few have gone before
  • Bella would kill me if I didn’t
  • I wanna grow a beard and smell bad

Things to Look Forward To

As I plan the daunting journey that lays ahead of me, I want to first of all thank my parents. They have supported me so much along the way and love how passionate I am about it. I’ll be uploading a equipment list detailing everything thing I’ll be bringing AND everything I won’t, so anyone else that’s interested in hiking can get a feel for it. Or instead so you know what I might need when I call in a panic I guess…Thank you for reading and I hope to keep your attention as I embark on the journey of a lifetime!

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Comments 4

  • Ted M : Jan 7th

    Where few have gone before? Isn’t that just another selfish form of territorial pissing?

  • Tammy Reed : Jan 7th

    I’ve dreamed for years of hiking the AT with my pup Charlie at my side. I look forward to reading about your trip.

    • Bobby : Jan 8th

      Thanks! I’ll be sure to update about how hiking goes

      • Sarah : Jan 12th

        Hi ..thru hiking is hard on a dog . Very very hard . When I hiked w Lulu she was the leader she just didn’t know it . My decisions were based on her welfare every single time…more hotels( they don’t sleep as well in hostels ) ,less miles ,carried her food and watched like a hawk for signs of This sucks ..where is the couch . Have a plan b . U very well may need it.


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