An Incomplete List of Appalachian Trail Hostels

Hostels on the Appalachian Trail are part of what makes a thru-hike such a unique experience. We’ve listed 120+ places to stay between Georgia and Maine, including a few lodgings that aren’t technically hostels but are popular enough with thru-hikers to warrant a listing.

Most hostels (including mileage data) are referenced from AWOL’s 2022 Northbound AT Guide, though you’ll find a few listings here that aren’t included in the guidebook. Many of these hostels are also listed in FarOut (previously Guthook). Rates and services were found online/through other listings and are subject to change. Note that the density of hostels decreases as you move north. Once you hit Pennsylvania, you’re likely to wind up in a motel more than once. We know that the hostel landscape is constantly changing on the AT; if we missed a favorite spot, or if the information here is not accurate, feel free to reach out here.

Appalachian trail hostels

Appalachian Trail hostels: Kincora Hiking Hostel.

About the Appalachian Trail Hostels 2022 Update

Appalachian Trail hostels are part of a constantly changing landscape, and listings can vary dramatically year-to-year. The following list is current as of spring 2022. Be sure to check out each hostel’s COVID precautions before planning your stay.

Many of the below Appalachian Trail hostels have options for private rooms, so if you’re able to spend the extra cash, then consider staying in one of those. Overall, use your best judgment when planning your stays this season and be courteous to hostel owners and other guests in light of this year’s extra safety concerns. Check out CDC recommendations when planning your trip.

Appalachian Trail Hostels by State


A Complete List of Appalachian Trail Hostels: 2021 Edition


Barefoot Hills Hotel

Address: 7693 US-19, Dahlonega GA, 30533
Phone: 770-312-7342
Mile: 20.6, 6.6 miles east of Woody Gap
Price Range: standard guest room $111
Notes: The legendary Hiker Hostel was acquired by a “luxury destination boutique hotel.” Higher-end rooms are now available, and there is still a bunkhouse with four beds for $19 to $35.


Above the Clouds Hostel

Address: 1487 State Highway 60, Suches, GA 30572
Phone: 706-747-1022 or 678-983-0954
Mile: 20.6, 1.5 miles west of Woody Gap
Price Range: Bunks for $75
Notes: New hostel opened in 2020, bunks include laundry, loaner clothes, and 2 meals, free pick up and drop off at Woody Gap or Gooch Gap.


Hidden Pond Hostel

Address: 191 Holly Hill Rd., Suches, GA 30572
Phone: 706-747-3736
Mile: 22.8
Price Range: $20 tents, $50 bunk, $150 private suite with balcony
Notes: Resupply and Appalachian Threadz merchandise available on site. Home of the unlimited soda package option!


Mountain Crossings

Address: 12471 Gainesville Hwy, Blairsville GA, 30512
Phone: 706-745-6095
Mile: 31.3, on-trail at Neel Gap
Price Range: Bunk $20 includes shower and a towel
Notes: Home of the infamous pack shakedown. Tenting, bunkhouse, friendly cat on site. Very good resupply, fully stocked outfitter with knowledgeable staff. Mail held for 2 weeks with $1 donation optional at pick up. Bunk includes shower and a towel. No pets. Shuttles available.


Blood Mountain Cabins

Address: 12829 Gainesville Highway, Blairsville, GA 30512
Phone: 706-745-9454
Mile: 31.3, 0.3 miles east of Neel Gap
Price Range: Thru-hiker/first-come-first-serve rate $80, reservation rate $128.80
Notes: Cabin with kitchen, holds up to 6 people, free laundry, 2 pet-friendly cabins.

Lost on Purpose Hiker Haven

Address: 1061 Konahetah Road Hiawassee, GA 30546
Phone: 706-970-8423
Mile: 52.5, 12 miles west of trail
Price Range: Donation per night
Notes: Donation includes shower, laundry, breakfast, and dinner. Shuttles available. Call for reservation.


Hostel Around the Bend

Address: 7675 Hwy 76 E, Hiawassee, GA 30546
Phone: 706-389-9668
Mile: 69.2, 0.5 miles west of Dick’s Creek Gap
Price Range: Bunks in bunkhouse for $42. Private room (sleeps 2) $90. Private room (sleeps 4) $134. Tax not included
Notes: Formally known as Top of Georgia Hostel and Hiking Center. Bunks are walk-in only. Includes laundry, shuttle to town, shared bathrooms and kitchen. Holds resupply boxes for up to 21 days: free for guests, $5 fee for non-guests.

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North Carolina

Gooder Grove AT and Adventure Hostel

Address: 130 Hayes Circle, Franklin NC, 28734
Phone: 828-332-0228
Mile: 109.5, 11.9 miles east of Winding Stair Gap
Price Range: Bunk $25, private room $55, tenting $15, laundry $5, shower without stay $10
Notes: Focus on the local ecosystem, serves as a resource for information and issues involving the natural habitat of western North Carolina. Serves boaters, cyclists, and backpackers. Pet friendly.


Chica and Sunsets Hostel

Address: 103 Spring Rd, Franklin, NC 28734
Phone: 715-315-0876
Mile: 109.4, 12.9 miles east of Winding Stair Gap
Price Range: $50 per bed
Notes: Run by former AT thru-hikers, Chica and Sunsets. Accomodates 4 hikers total. Includes laundry, loaner clothes, shuttle to and from trail, kitchen, and breakfast. Text 1-2 days in advance to reserve. No pets.


Nantahala Mountain Lodge

Address: 63 Britannia Dr, Aquone, NC 28781
Phone: 828-321-2340; Shuttle: 828-321 -605
Mile: 128.8, 4.5 miles west of Tellico Gap
Price Range: Bunk beds for $35, private rooms starting at $80
Notes: 3 bunk beds total, call in advance. Cabins for rent, no pets. Board games, free phone calls to US numbers. Shuttles and slackpacking available. Reservations recommended. Laundry $5.


Base Camp Bunkhouse / Nantahala Outdoor Center

appalachian trail hostels

Appalachian Trail hostels: Nantahala Outdoor Center.

Address: 13077 Hwy 19 W, Bryson City NC, 28713
Phone: 888-905-7238
Mile: 136.9, on-trail at US 19 & 74
Price Range: Double rooms starting at $40
Notes: Large outdoors complex with bunkhouse, cabins, small resupply, large-scale outfitter. Reservations recommended.
UPDATE 2022: Due to COVID-19, Basecamp is not currently renting out hostel-style bunks. There are private bunk rooms with 20 beds starting at $40 a night.


Stecoah Wolfcreek Hostel

Address: 1689 Hwy 28 Robbinsville, NC 28771
Phone: 828-735-0768
Mile: 150.5, 3.4 miles east of trail. call Lonnie for pick up from Stecoah Gap
Price Range: $30 per person
Notes: Shower and laundry included. Shuttles available from Stecoah Gap, and for resupply after 5 pm. Contact [email protected] for information.


The Cabin in the Woods

Address: 386 W Stecoah Hts, Robbinsville NC 28771
Phone: 980-406-6446, 224-420-0273
Mile: 150.5, 3.2 miles east of Stecoah Gap
Price Range: $25 bunks, private cabins available
Notes: Cash preferred, mail drops available for guests. Includes pick up from Stecoah Gap, laundry for $5-10. Resupply shuttle for $15.


Creekside Paradise B&B

Address: 259 Upper Cove Rd, Robbinsville, NC 28771
Phone: 828-346-1076
Mile: 158.4, 2.2 miles west of trail crossing at Yellow Creek Rd.
Price Range: $60 private room, $10 tenting, $10 breakfast, $15 dinner per person
Notes: Pick up and drop off to Yellow Creek Gap crossing with stay. Laundry, hot tub, shower, and free slackpack, pets welcome.


The Discerning Hiker Hostel

Adress: 4319 Groundhog Rd, Cosby, TN  37722
Phone: 423-721-5278
Mile: 237.5, 13 miles west of trail crossing Highway 40
Price Range: Starting at $65 per person per night
Notes: Includes laundry, pickup from trail, ride to resupply, and breakfast. Space for 4 hikers. Opens March 16 2022.


Elmer’s Sunnybank Inn and Hostel

Appalachian trail hostels

Appalachian Trail hostels: Elmer’s Sunnybank Inn.

Address: 26 Walnut St, Hot Springs, NC 28743
Mail Address: PO Box 233, Hot Springs, NC, 28743
Phone: 828-622-7206
Mile: 274.9, located along trail
Price Range: $25 for semi-private room
Notes: Staffed by former AT thru-hikers. Stay includes linens, towel, and shower. Home-cooked vegetarian breakfast and dinner for purchase. Work-for-stay available. Reservation required. No pets.


Hostel at Laughing Heart Lodge

***Named one of the top hostels on the Appalachian Trail in 2016***

Address: 289 NW Highway US 25/70, Hot Springs, North Carolina 28743
Phone: 828-206-8487
Mile: 274.9, located along trail
Price Range: Bunks for $30, semi-private rooms for $35, private single for $40, private double $55, tenting for $15, plus $5 each additional person
Notes: $5 to shower without stay. Laundry for $6.


The Cabins at Sandy Mush Bald

Address: 19001 NC 209, Hot Springs, NC
Phone: 917-710-5835
Mile: 274.49; 30-minute shuttle ride south of Hot Springs
Price Range: $55 per person
Notes: Breakfast included, hot shower, linens provided, shuttle service available from Hot Springs. Off-grid cabins located on the highest point in Madison County. Reservations required.


Happy Gnomad Hiker House

Address: 6130 NC 209 NWY, Hot Springs, NC 28743
Phone: 865-256-2654, 828-206-2074
Mile: 268.3, 1.8 miles East of trail.
Price Range: $20 bunk, $50 private room.
Notes: Includes  shower and towel, kitchen use, laundry, WiFi, free pickup/dropoff from Garenflo gap/Hot Springs. Dog Friendly. Slackpacking options available.


The Trail Head Lodge

Address: 101 Sarvis Lane, Mars Hill, NC 28754
Phone: 912-665-4820
Mile: 326.5, 3.5 miles east of trail crossing at Big Bald Road
Price Range: $65-125
Notes: 2 pvt; 1 semi pvt 1 daybed. Innkeeper hosted lodge with resort amenities.


Greasy Creek Friendly

Address: 1827 Greasy Creek Road, Bakersville NC, 28705
Phone: 828-688-9948
Mile: 368.6, 0.6 miles east of Greasy Creek Gap
Price Range: $20 bunk, $25 indoor beds, $10 tenting for unvaccinated hikers (masks required indoors)
Notes: Sabbath observed Friday sundown to Saturday sundown. Small resupply with fuel, accepts credit cards. Coffee included. Proof of vaccination required. 10 hikers max. Reservation required.


Wild Hearts Lodge

Address: 2199 US 19E Hwy, Newland, North Carolina 28657
Phone: 828-737-7223
Mile: 368.6, 7.7 miles east of Greasy Creek Gap
Price Range: $10 tenting, house (sleeps 4) for $125 plus $60 cleaning fee
Notes: Resupply shuttles available.
Update 2022: Wild Hearts is currently closed for renovation. It may reopen sometime in fall 2022.

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Standing Bear Farm

Address: 4255 Green Corner Rd, Hartford TN, 37753
Phone: 423-487-0014 (call), 423-608-0149 (call or text)
Mile: 241.8, 0.2 miles west of trail crossing at Green Corner Road
Price Range: $20 tenting, $35 bunks, $40 Treehouse or Creekhouse
Notes: Dogs allowed, will also kennel and shuttle dogs for hikers in the Smokies. Resupply and shuttles available. $3 Laundry for non-guests. Work-for-stay available.


Laurel Hostel

Address: 105 Iva Lane, Flag Pond TN, 37657
Phone: 423-270-1320
Mile: 311.5, 0.2 Miles east of trail
Price Range: $20 bunk
Notes: Includes laundry, and shower, $5 for shower without stay. Pet-friendly.


Nature’s Inn Hostel & Cabins

Address: 4871 Old Asheville Highway, Flag Pond, TN 37657
Phone: 828-216-1611
Mile: 319.7, 2.5 miles west of Sams Gap
Price Range: Call for rates
Notes: Four bunkhouses and private rooms available. Free shuttle to and from Sams Gap, pet-friendly, laundry, accepts credit cards.


Uncle Johnny’s Nolichucky Hostel

Address: 151 River Road, Erwin TN, 37650
Phone: 423-735-0548
Mile: 344.2, located along trail
Price Range: $15 tenting, $22.50 bunk, cabin starting at $45
Notes: Shower and towel included with stay, $5 without stay. Laundry $5. Dog-friendly, no charge for mail drops for guests. Free town shuttle for guests ($5 non-guests), outfitter has solid selection of items.


Nolichucky Gorge Campground and Cabins

Address: 101 Jones Branch Road, Erwin, TN 37650
Phone: 423-743-8876
Mile: 345.5, 0.1 miles from Side Trail East
Price Range: Cabins starting at $60 December-March, $75 April-November, tenting $20, group-price $18 per person for 10+ people
Notes: Showers included, leashed pets allowed.


The Station at 19E

Address: 9367 Highway 19E, Roan Mountain, TN 37687
Phone: 423-250-3700
Mile: 395.3, 0.4 miles east of trail crossing at US 19E
Price Range: $30 bunk, Private rooms starting at $40.
Notes: Town shuttle, boot dryer, shower, laundry, linens, soaps, and kitchen all included with stay. Slackpacking and shuttle options, free mail drop.


Mountain Harbor B&B and Hiker Hostel

***Named one of the top hostels on the Appalachian Trail***

Address: 9151 Hwy 19 E, Roan Mountain, TN 37687
Phone: 866-772-9494
Mile: 395.3, 0.4 miles west of trail crossing at US 19E
Price Range: $10 tenting, $30 single bunk, $60 semi-private king bed, $75 treehouse
Notes: Mail free with stay, $5 for non-guests. Coin-op laundry. $13 breakfast. Well-behaved pets allowed.


Highlander BBQ

Address: 8315 Highway 19 E, Roan Mountain, Tennessee
Phone: 423-895-3013
Mile: 395.3, 3.4 miles west of trail crossing at US 19E
Notes: Shuttle to/from trail, lodging for restaurant patrons, ask about bunks and showers only.


Scotty’s Budget Solar Hostel

Address: Side trail (0.25W) along utility line from 406 miles sign just north of bench view spot
Phone: 423-772-3450
Mile: 407.9, 0.25 miles west of trail
Price Range: $5 bunk without heat, $10 bunk with heat, $25 private room (single), $35 private room (double)
Notes: Piano, guitar, violin, hot tub, ping-pong, and pool available. Slackpacking, potential WFS, PayPal accepted, no credit cards. Mail drop-offs free if done in advance.

Update 2022: Hostel will not be running with full services in 2022. It may be open as a donation-based emergency shelter.


Kincora Hiking Hostel

Address: 1278 Dennis Cove Road, Hampton TN, 37658
Phone: 423-725-4409
Mile: 420.0, 0.3 miles west of trail crossing at Dennis Cove Road
Price Range: Suggested $5 donation
Notes: Owned by Bob Peoples, be sure to ask about trail crew opportunities. No pets, three-night maximum stay. Will hold mail, $5 fee for non-guests.


Black Bear Resort

Address: 1511 Dennis Cove Road, Hampton, TN 37658
Phone: Call 423-725-5988 or text 321-271-5188
Mile: 420.0, 0.6 miles east of trail crossing at Dennis Cove Road
Price Range: $25 bunk, $10 hammock, $15 tenting
Notes: Bunkhouse for AT hikers in a mountain resort setting. Laundry $5. Stay includes shower and laundry. Towel with an extra fee. Will hold mail for hikers, $5 fee for non-guests.


Boots Off Hostel and Campground

Appalachian trail hostels

Appalachian Trail hostels: Boots Off.

Address: 142 Shook Branch Rd, Hampton, Tennessee 37658
Phone: 239-218-3904
Mile: 428.5, 0.1 mile west of trail crossing at Shook Branch Road.
Price Range: $12 tenting, $25 bunk, $60 private room +$10 EAP
Notes: Breakfast, linens, towels, and shuttle included with stay. Full-service laundry for $5. Mail drops free with stay, $5 fee for non-guests. Call ahead with pets. Located in an old-growth forest, new in 2016.


Braemar Castle Hostel and Brown’s Grocery

Address: 613 Highway 321, Hampton, Tennessee 37658
Phone: 423-725-2262
Mile: 428.8, 2.4 miles west of trail crossing at Shook Branch Road
Notes: Check-in at Brown’s Grocery, closed Sunday, cash/checks only, pets ok, WiFi available.


The Rabbit Hole

Address: 391 Hopper Road, Shady Valley, TN 37688
Phone: 423-739-3391
Mile: 449.1, 2 miles east of trail crossing at TN 91
Price Range: $10 tenting, $25 bunk, $60 cabin
Notes: Stay includes shower and coffee. Breakfast for $5, $4 laundry per load. Pets allowed with $5 fee.


Switchback Creek Campground

Address: 570 Wallace Road, Shady Valley, TN 37688
Phone: 407-484-3388
Mile: 449.1. 2.6 miles east of trail crossing at TN 91
Price Range: $10 tenting, $40 cabin for two, $50 for three
Notes: Shower included with stay, laundry for $5. Pets allowed for tenting, not allowed in cabins. Call for ride from trail.


Appalachian Folk School

Address: 3142 Divide Road, Mountain City, TN 37683
Phone: 423-341-1843
Mile: 471.1, 11.1 miles east of trail, near Damascus, VA
Price Range: work for stay
Notes: Non-profit run by Warren Doyle, Sunday-Thursdays, select weeks only. Kitchen, shower, WiFi, laundry, rides to/from AT.

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Crazy Larry’s B&B

Address: 209 Douglas Drive, Damascus, VA 24236
Phone: 276-475-7130
Mile: 471.8, located along trail
Price Range: $40 without amenities, $50 with AC and heat
Notes: Reservations suggested. Stay includes shower, laundry, and breakfast. $3 mail fee for non-guests.


SongPeddlar Rest & Woodchuck Hostel

***Named one of the top hostels on the Appalachian Trail***

Appalachian Trail hostels: Woodchuck Hostel.

Address: 533 Docie St, Damascus, VA 24236
Phone: 276-739-8863
Mile: 471.8, located along the trail
Price Range: $50 + bed, $15 tipi, $15 tenting
Notes: Has bunks, private rooms, a tipi, tents already set up. No drugs, no alcohol. Small fee for credit cards, has a small resupply with fuel. $8 laundry. Known for their blueberry waffles.


Sufi Lodge Halal B&B

Address: 67 High Country Lane, Troutdale Virginia 24378
Phone: 276-781-6345 (cell), 276-677-0195 (land)
Price Range: $60 single, $75-$100 for a double.
Notes: Reservations only. NOBOs call from Hurricane Shelter for a free Dickey Gap pickup. No alcohol, drugs, or tobacco. Laundry, hot breakfast, and family style dinner included. Vegetarians should give advanced notice.


The Broken Fiddle Hostel

Address: 104 Damascus Drive, Damascus VA, 24236
Phone: 276-608-1055
Mile: 471.8, located alongside trail
Price Range: $40 bunk, $10 tenting, $75 private room (up to 2 people), +$10 each additional person
Notes: Indoor stay includes laundry, shower, and full kitchen use. For non-guests, laundry and shower are each $5. Pets allowed in private rooms


The Place Hostel

Address: 203 E Creepers Way, Damascus VA, 24236
Phone: 504-343-3734
Mile: 471.8, located alongside trail
Price Range: Suggested $10 donation
Notes: Methodist Church-run, check-in from 3-9pm. Donation-based, tenting and bunks available. Showers for guests with towels and soap. No pets. No alcohol or tobacco. 2 night max stay.


Troutdale Church Hostel

Address: 62 Sapphire Lane, Troutdale, VA 24378
Phone: 276-677-4092; 276-677-4278
Mile: 520.2, 2.6 miles east of trail crossing at Dickey Gap (VA 650)
Price Range: Donation-based
Notes: Hostel housed in a church with microwave and shower. Tenting available. No mail drops. No pets.


Long Neck Lair

Address: 7530 Lee Hwy, Rural Retreat, VA 24368
Phone: 276-698 2079
Mile: 545.7, 0.4 miles east of trail crossing at VA 683
Price Range: $35 bunk, $90 private room, $25 tenting
Notes: AT bunkhouse on an alpaca farm. Can meet alpacas. Call ahead. Private and semi-private rooms available, breakfast included with stay.


Relax Inn

Address: 7253 Lee Highway, Rural Retreat, VA 24368
Phone: 276-783-5811; 276-783-1855
Mile: 545.7, just west of trail crossing at VA 683, US 11
Price Range: $50 room, extra $5 for each additional person
Notes: Will hold mail for up to 1 month. Government-issued ID required for check-in.


Quarter Way Inn

Address: 4083 Old Rich Valley Rd, Ceres VA, 24318
Phone: 276-522-4603
Mile: 555.8, 0.3 miles west of trail crossing at VA 610
Price Range: $33 bunk, $18 tenting
Notes: $12 breakfast. Stay includes shower, laundry, loaner clothes, towel, and coffee. Resupply, shuttle to store, and slackpacking available.


Bear Garden Hiker Hostel

Address: 306 West Blue Grass Trail, Ceres, Virginia 24318
Phone: 248-249-1951
Mile: 558.2, 100 yards east of trail crossing at VA 42
Price Range: $20 bunk, $100 small house (can sleep up to 6)
Notes: Stay includes cold breakfast, shower, WiFi, microwave, fridge, and privy. $5 laundry.


Appalachian Dreamer Hiker Hostel

Appalachian trail hostels

Appalachian Trail hostels: Appalachian Dreamer Hiker Hostel.

Address: 502 Dotson Ridge Rd (Hwy 619), Ceres, VA 24318
Phone: 276-970-2834
Mile: 558.2, 2.8 miles west of trail crossing at VA 42
Price Range: $25 donation requested
Notes: Reservation required, call in advance. 2 night max stay. Donation-based hostel on a working farm with farm animals! No drugs/alcohol. No hikers under 18 (unless with parent). Photo ID required for stay. Breakfast and laundry included with stay.


Mountain Garden Hostel

Address: 1404 Banks Ridge Rd, Tazewell, VA 24651
Phone: 423-762-2853; 603-455-5160
Mile: 576, 5.2 miles west of trail crossing at VA 623
Pricing: $15-$30 tenting and bunks, $50 private room
Notes: Hard to find- call for shuttle: $3 one-way/$5-$7.50 round-trip. Kitchen use and fuel available.


Lickskillet Hostel

Address: 35 Price Ridge Road, Bland, VA 24315
Phone: 276-779-5447
Mile: 604.9, 0.6 miles east of trail crossing at Lickskillet Hollow
Price Range: Donation-based
Notes: Church-owned hostel, shuttle runs to Bland. Mail drops available for guests.


Weary Feet Hostel

Address: 13152 E Bluegrass Trail, Bland, VA 24315
Phone: 276-617-8434 (call/text), 276-688-0364 (call only)
Mile: 610.2, 0.5 miles east of trail crossing at VA 606
Price Range: $15 outdoor bunkhouse, $25 indoor bunkhouse, $10 tenting
Notes: Shower included with stay. Laundry $5. Laundry and shower $8 for non-guests. Dinner available for $12, breakfast for $8.


Wood’s Hole Hostel and B&B

***Named one of the top hostels on the Appalachian Trail***

Appalachian Trail hostels: Woods Hole Hostel and B&B.

Address: 3696 Sugar Run Road, Pearisburg, VA 24134
Phone: 540-921-3444
Mile: 625.4, 0.5 miles east of trail crossing at Sugar Run Gap
Price Range: $22 heated bunkhouse, $65-85 private room, $30-70 shared room, $15 camping
Notes: Set on an organic farm, many snacks for sale, and yoga available. Tenting, bunk, and private rooms available. Dinner and breakfast available with donation.


Angel’s Rest Hiker’s Haven

Address: 204 Douglas Lane, Pearisburg, VA 24134
Phone: 540-787-4076 (call); 540-599-5717 (call or text)
Mile: 636.1, 1.6 miles east of trail crossing at Cross Ave, VA 793
Price Range: $25 bunk, $35+ private room, $12 tenting
Notes: Day pass for $7 includes pick up and drop off at trailhead, laundry, shower, and full kitchen access. ID required for check-in.


Holy Family Hostel

Address: 516 Mason Court Drive, Pearisburg, VA 24134
Phone: 540-626-3337 (call only); 850-346-8523 (call/text)
Mile: 636.1, 2.6 miles east of trail crossing at Cross Ave, VA 793
Price Range: Suggested $10 donation
Notes: Two-night max stay. Do not call for ride. Stay includes shower, laundry, refrigerator, and grill. Well-behaved pets allowed. No drugs/alcohol.


MacArthur Inn

Address: 117 MacArthur Lane, Narrows, VA 24124
Phone: 540-726-7510
Mile: 637.2, 3.7 miles west of trail crossing at Narrows Road Parking
Price Range: Hiker rate rooms starting at $45
Notes: $5 roundtrip for pick up and drop off at trailhead. Stay includes shower, long-distance phone, and use of kitchen. $8 shower for non-guests. Historic inn, hiker rooms available that sleep 4.


Four Pines Hostel

***Named one of the top hostels on the Appalachian Trail***

Address: 6164 Newport Road, Catawba, Virginia 24070
Phone: 540-309-8615 (call/text); 540-765-0060 (call/text)
Mile: 704.6, 0.4 miles east of trail crossing at VA 624
Price Range: Donation-based
Notes: 3-bay garage, shower included with stay. Washing machine available, $1 laundry pods. Donation-based hostel based out of a retrofitted garage. Pets allowed.


Duck ‘n Hut Hikers Hostel

Address: 11597 Stewartsville Road, Stewartsville, Virginia 24179
Phone: 540-819-2164
Mile: 730.3, 18.3 miles east of trail crossing at US 220
Price Range: Donation-based
Notes: Free roundtrip shuttle pick up and drop off from trail. Dogs allowed.


Stanimal’s 328 Hostel

Address: 1131 Rockbridge Road, Glasgow, VA 24555
Phone: 540-480-8325
Mile: 787.3, 6.5 miles west of trail crossing at US 501
Price Range: $30 bunk
Notes: Stay includes pick up and return to trail, laundry, shower, linens, and full kitchen use. Mail drops available for guests, $5 for non-guests. Call ahead for stay.


Rusty’s Hard Time Hollow

Address: 16903 Blue Ridge Pkwy, Lyndhurst, VA 22952
Phone: 540-377-9742
Mile: 843.5, 2.4 miles west of trail crossing at Maupin Field Shelter
Price Range: Donation-based
Notes: Stay includes bunkhouse, outhouse, snacks, and drinks. Offers rides back to trail. No pets or mail drops. Located 0.9 miles down Fire Road from Maupin Shelter then 1 mile down Blue Ridge Parkway.


Grace Hiker Hostel

Address: 500 S Wayne Ave, Waynesboro, VA 22980
Phone: 540-949-6171
Mile: 864.4, 4.7 miles west of trail crossing at Rockfish Gap
Price Range: Donation-based
Notes: Hostel run out of a Lutheran church. 2-night limit, closed Sunday nights. Stay includes shower, towel, beverages, snacks, breakfast, and kitchen use. Congregation cooks dinner on Thursday nights followed by optional Vespers service. No drugs/alcohol.
Note February 2022: The hostel has been closed for the past 2 years due to COVID-19, and hasn’t yet decided whether or not to run in 2022. Call for updated information.


Stanimal’s 328 Hostel

Address: 1333 West Main Street, Waynesboro, VA 22980
Phone: 540-290-4002
Mile: 864.4, 4.9 miles west of trail crossing at Rockfish Gap
Price Range: $30 bunk
Notes: Stay includes pick up and return to trail, laundry, shower, soap, loaner clothes, linens, and full kitchen use. Mail drops available for guests, $5 for non-guests. Call ahead for stay.


Open Arms Hostel & Inn

Address: 1260 E Main St, Luray, VA 22835
Phone: 540-244-5652
Mile: 944.3, 7.7 miles west of trail crossing at Thornton Gap
Price Range: $35 bunk, $20 tenting
Notes: Call in advance for stay, pick up and drop off for Thornton Gap available. Stay includes shower and use of kitchen. $5 laundry. Maildrops free for guests, $2 for non-guests.

Stumble Inn

Address: 990 Hillandale Rd. Front Royal, Virginia 22630
Phone: 703-470-1654
Mile: 972.1 NOBO
Rates: $35 bunk $70 private queen
Notes: $8 breakfast. Stay includes pu/do at 522 trailhead, town run, laundry, shower w/ towel, linens, loaner clothes, kitchen, grill, boot dryers, and fire pit use. Hot breakfast $8. Free 8.4 mile slackpack w/ second nights stay between route 522 and route 55.

Mountain Home

Address: 3471 Remount Road, Front Royal, VA 22630
Phone: 540-692-6198
Mile: 972, 120 steps east of the trail crossing at US 522 (Remount Road)
Price Range: $35 for bed in “The Cabbin,” $3 laundry
Notes: Stay includes linens, shower, hiker clothes, boot dryers, hiker box, breakfast, town shuttle, lemonade, cookies, and water. $5 laundry. Dogs allowed, limited to 1 dog per day, for $5 fee. Advance reservations are recommended.


Wonderland Hiker Refuge

Address: 39 Parkside Road, Linden, VA 22642
Phone: 571-722-4842, 540-341-9102
Mile: 982.7, 1 mile west of trail crossing at Manassas Gap Shelter
Price Range: Donation-based
Notes: Campsites and indoor bunks available. Showers, laundry, breakfast, and shuttles available.


Bears Den Hostel

Address: 18393 Blue Ridge Mountain Rd, Bluemont, VA 20135
Phone: 540-554-8708
Mile: 1005.5, 150 yards east of trail crossing at Bears Den Rocks
Price Range: $15 tenting, $25 bunk, $60 private room
Notes: Owned by the ATC, operated by the PATC. Open year-round. $35 hiker special includes bunk, shower, laundry, pizza, and pint of Ben and Jerry’s for $35. Accepts credit cards. No drugs or alcohol. Pets welcome to stay outside.


Blackburn AT Center

Appalachian trail hostels

Appalachian trail hostels: Blackburn AT Center.

Address: 34899 Appalachian Trail Rd, Round Hill, Virginia 20141
Phone: 540-338-9028
Mile: 1013.5, 0.2 miles east of trail
Price Range: Donation-based
Notes: Operated by the PATC and run by volunteers. Bunks in a log cabin and tenting on lawn.


Stoney Brook Organic Farm and Hostel

Address: 15255 Ashbury Church Rd, Hillsboro, VA 20132
Phone: 540-668-9067, 540-668-7123 (Matt or Nathan)
Mile: 1019.7, 5.5 miles east of trail crossing at Keys Gap
Price Range: Work for stay
Notes: Run by the Twelve Tribes spiritual community, pick up and return from Bears Den, Blackburn Trail Center, Keys Gap, and Harpers Ferry.

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West Virginia

The Town’s Inn

Address: 179 High Street, Harper’s Ferry, WV 25425
Phone: 304-932-0677 (call only), 304-702-1872 (call/text)
Mile: 1025.5, located alongside the trail
Price Range: $30-40 bunk, private rooms $70-180 (2-6 people)
Notes: Private rooms available, one pet per room. $5 laundry, no mail drops. Bunks are first come first serve.

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The Treehouse Camp at Maple Tree

Address: 20716 Townsend Road, Rohrersville, Maryland 21779
Phone: 301-432-5585
Mileage: 1036, 0.5 miles west of trail crossing at Gapland Road
Pricing: tenting $30 up to 3 people, cottages and tree houses also available (call for pricing)
Notes: 30% discount on Wednesday. Small camp store available.


Sunflower Cottage

Address: Near Pen Mar Park at the MD/PA border
Phone: 240-469-7609
Mileage: 1066.1, 1.6 miles east of trail
Pricing: bunk $25 pp, $10 tenting available
Notes: Masks required during COVID. Rooms available March 31-October 31. Can pick up and drop off at trail, breakfast, shower, and laundry included with stay. Send packages to Cascade Post Office and they will pick up package for you.

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Trail of Hope Hostel

Address: 7798 Lincoln Way East, Fayetteville, PA 17222
Phone: 410-984-0105; 717-263-6396
Mile: 1084.0, 0.8 miles west of trail crossing at US 30
Price Range: $22 bunk, $12 tenting
Notes: Kitchen and coin laundry, free hiker dinner on Wednesdays. Small resupply including gas. Mail drop accepted.


Ironmaster’s Mansion Hostel

Address: 1212 Pine Grove Rd, Gardners, PA 17324
Phone: 717-486-4108
Mile: 1104.6, located alongside trail
Price Range: $25 bunk without meal, $35 bunk with breakfast and dinner
Notes: Reservations required. Hostel housed in a historical mansion in the state park near the halfway point of the AT. 5 pm check-in, 9 am check-out. Laundry for $3.


Lisa’s Hostel

Address: Mountain Rd, Boiling Springs, PA 17007
Phone: 717-226-8390
Mile: 1123.9, 1.8 miles west of trail crossing at PA 174
Notes: Reservations required, call or text Lisa. Offers pick up and drop off at trail. Light meals, full bathrooms, linens, and towels included.


The Doyle

Appalachian trail hostels

Appalachian Trail hostels: The Doyle.

Address: 7 N Market St, Duncannon, PA 17020
Phone: 717-574-3211
Mile: 1149.5, located alongside the trail
Price Range: Rooms starting at $49.
Notes: Classic hiker hangout, sit at the bar or stay the night. Sells fuel for camp stoves. A working hotel that also caters to thru-hikers.


Kind of Outdoorsy

Address: 9 S. Market St., Duncannon, PA 17020
Phone: 717-596-0016
Mile: 1149.5, located alongside the trail
Price Range: $25 bunk
Notes: Hostel with store with resupply and shower. Call ahead for reservation, accept mail drops.


John and Linda Stempa’s Home

Address: Unlisted, it is the first road after the Stempa Spring side trail. West 1 mile to a water spigot at the rear of the house
Phone: 610-381-4606 (call only), 610-428-1165 (call/text)
Mile: 1271.8, 1 mile west. Follow blue blazes on telephone poles
Price Range: $10 tenting the first night, $5 each additional night
Notes: Tenting available on the lawn or inside the garage, hot shower, and shuttle to/from trailhead and for resupply included. Outdoor shower for free during daylight hours for non-guests. Shuttles for non-guests $1 per mile.


Presbyterian Church of the Mountain

Address: 110 Church Ln, Delaware Water Gap, PA 18327
Phone: 570-992-3934 (call only), 862-268-1120 (call/text)
Mile: 1296.1, 0.1 miles west of trail in Delaware Water Gap
Price Range: Donation-based
Notes: Hostel operated out of a church. Bunks and tenting available, hiker common area, and large lawn. No mail drops, but there is a post office next door. Two-night max stay.

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New York/ New Jersey

AMC Mohican Outdoor Center

Address: 50 Camp Mohican Road, Blairstown, NJ 07825
Phone: 908-362-5670
Mile: 1308.2, 0.3 miles west of trail
Price Range: $30 bunk, $10 tenting
Notes: Full outdoor recreation facility operated by the AMC. Bunkroom includes kitchen and electric. Stay includes shower, $5 showers for non-guests, towels, and linens available to rent. Resupply, including fuel, available.


Mosey’s Place

Address: Port Jervis, NY
Phone: 845-239-3028
Mile: 1338.1, 5.7 miles west of trail crossing at NJ 23
Price Range: $35 bunk
Notes: Open May 1- October 31. Call or text for reservation and pick up/drop off at trail. Laundry included with stay.

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Bearded Woods B&D

Address: Sharon, Connecticut
Phone: 860-480-2966
Mile: 1486.1, 5.3 miles west of trail crossing at West Cornwall Road
Price Range: $50 bunk
Notes: Reservation and ID required. Bunk includes shuttle to and from trail and town resupply, shower, laundry, loaner clothes, and breakfast. Free slackpack with 2-night stay. No mail drops.
UPDATE FOR 2022: Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Bearded Woods will not be hosting hikers this season. Shuttles are still available.


Maria McCabe

Address: 4 Grove Street, Salisbury, CT 06068
Phone: 860-435-0593
Mile: 1502.9, 0.5 miles west of trail crossing at Undermountain Road
Price Range: $40 bunk
Notes: Reservation required, call ahead. Stay includes shower, use of living room, shuttle, and coin-operated laundry. Cash only.


Vanessa Breton

Address: 7 The Lock Up Road, Salisbury, CT 06068
Mailing Address: PO Box 131, Salisbury, CT 06068
Phone: 860-435-9577; 860-733-9024
Mile: 1502.9, 0.8 miles west of trail crossing sat Undermountain road
Price Range: $40
Notes: Shuttles available. $10 laundry. Send mail to PO Box, $5 fee for non-guests.

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Bascom Lodge

Address: Mt. Greylock, go to website for directions to lodge
Phone: 413-743-1591
Mile: 1589.2
Price Range: $40 bunk, $125+ private room
Notes: Located on summit of Mt. Greylock. Stay includes shower, without stay shower and towel for $5. Open May-October, Wednesdays-Sundays. Weekends in May require reservations. Pets allowed in private rooms.

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Green Mountain House

Address: 2480 Richville Rd, Manchester Center, VT 05255
1654, 6.6 miles west of trail crossing at VT 11 & 30
Price Range: $40 bunk. Private rooms available.
Reservation required. Stay includes linens, shower, laundry, and full use of kitchen with breakfast supplies. No alcohol. Free morning shuttle back to the trail. Open June 5 – September 15.


Hikers Hostel at the Yellow Deli

***Named one of the top hostels on the Appalachian Trail***

Address: 23 Center Street, Rutland, VT 05701
802-683-9378, 802-775-9800
1704.1, 8.5 miles west of trail crossing at US 4
Price Range:
Financial or work donations accepted
Run by a Twelve Tribes spiritual community, can help on their organic farm. No alcohol, free showers with or without stay. 10:30 pm curfew.


Hanover Adventure Tours and Hostel

Address: 713 US Route 5, Norwich, Vermont 05055
1749.5, 3.2 miles west of trail crossing at Main St and Elm St
Price Range:
$47 bunk. Private and semi-private rooms starting at $60. Tenting available $30.
Formerly Norwich Hiker Hostel. Stay includes linens, laundry, full kitchen with breakfast supplies, pick up and drop off at trail. $10 mail drop for non-guests. Pets allowed with a fee.

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New Hampshire

Tigger’s Tree House

Address: Call from trailhead at Etna-Hanover Center Road for pick up
1756.8, 3.3 miles west of trail
Price Range:
Donations accepted, can also work for stay
Call from trailhead for pick up, reservations required. No partying. Pets allowed. No maildrops.


Hikers Welcome Hostel

Appalachian Trail hostels: Hikers Welcome.

Address: 1396 Route 25, Glencliff, NH 03238
Phone: 603-989-0040
Mile: 1794.4, 0.3 miles east of trail crossing at NH 25
Price Range: $35 bunk, $20 tenting. Work for stay available.
Notes: Shower and towel included with stay, $4 without stay. $8 laundry with wash and dry. Snacks and soda for sale, popular slackpack location. Non-guests welcome to hang out and have a snack and watch DVDs. Pets welcome. Reservations not required.


The Notch Hostel

***Named one of the top hostels on the Appalachian Trail**

Address: 324 Lost River Rd, North Woodstock, NH 03262
Phone: 603-348-1483 (call/text)
Mile: 1803.7, 5 miles east of trail crossing at Kinsman Notch
Price Range: $37-45 bunk
Notes: Stay includes linens, towel, shower, group laundry, guest kitchen with pancake supplies. Reserve online. Rental bikes for $5. Popular slackpack area, free shuttles at certain times of day, pizza and snacks for sale, no liquor. Proof of COVID vaccination required.


Old Colony Ski Club

Address: 12 Paradise Road, North Woodstock, NH 03262
Phone: 603-745-7753
Mile: 1808.8
Price Range: All Inclusive Rate: $60 with one round-trip shuttle. Second night is $10, additional nights $25. AlaCarte Rate: $40, nights one and two $10, additional nights $25.
Notes: Will pick up hikers from Kinsmans/Beaver Brook as well as from Flume Gorge/ Liberty Springs. Slackpacking available. No pets except service animals. Must have an AT Hang Tag, AMC Membership, or are known to the club.


Lakes of the Clouds Hut

Address: Amoonoosic Ravine, 234 Amc Road, Mount Washington, NH
Phone: 603-466-2727
Mile: 1858.7
Price Range: WFS available or call for rates
Notes: “The Dungeon” bunkroom for 6 available, serves as an emergency shelter when hut is closed. Open June-September.


Crag Camp Cabin and Gray Knob Cabin

Address: On Spur Trail and Lowe Path, respectively
Mile: 1865, 1.2 miles west of trail crossing at Thunderstorm JCT
Price Range: $15 bunk (member), $25 bunk (non-member)
Notes: Consult with caretaker, prohibitions not comprehensive. Camping must be at least 0.25 miles from either cabin. Cash only.


Pinkham Notch Visitor Center & Joe Dodge Lodge

Address: 361 NH-16, Jackson, NH 03846
Mail Address: AMC Visitor Center, c/o Front Desk, PO Box 298 Gorham, NH 03581
Phone: 603-466-2721
Mile: 1873.7, located alongside trail
Price Range: $97 bunk, $108 bunk with breakfast, $130 bunk with breakfast and dinner.
Notes: Private rooms available, credit cards accepted, discounts available for AMC members. Coin-operated shower, $2 towel rental.


Rattle River Lodge and Hostel

***Named one of the top hostels on the Appalachian Trail***

Appalachian Trail hostels: Rattle River Lodge.

Address: 592 State Route 2, Shelburne, NH 03581
Phone: 603-466-5049
Mile: 1894.8, located alongside trail
Price Range: $45 bunk, $120+ private room, $35 tenting 1st day and $25 each additional day
Notes: Includes AYCE pancake breakfast, full kitchen access, wifi, guest computer, shower ($5 for non-guests), laundry, and resupply and town shuttles. No alcohol or pets. Slackpacking and shuttle options available.
Update February 2022: Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, bunks and individual rooms will not be available. The entire house/cottage are still available for rent. Call for more information.


White Birches Camping Park

Address: 218 US 2, Shelburne, NH 03581
Phone: 603-466-2022
Mile: 1894.8, 1.8 miles west of trail crossing at US 2
Price Range: $15 bunk, $24-34 tenting
Notes: Guest mail only, free town shuttle with stay. Open May-October.


Libby House B&B and The Barn Hikers Hostel

Address: 55 Main Street, Gorham, NH 03581
Phone: 603-723-6129; 603-466-2271
Mile: 1894.8, 3.5 miles west of trail crossing at US 2
Price Range: $28 bed, $18 tenting
Notes: Free pick up and return to US 2 trailhead for guests, slackpacking available, $5 laundry, no pets. Credit card accepted. Stay includes linens and shower with shampoo, conditioner, and soap. Full use of kitchen available. $15 mail for non-guests, free for guests.


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Pine Ellis Lodging

Address: 20 Pine St, Andover, ME 04216
Phone: 207-392-4161
Mile: 1936.2, 7.9 miles east of trail crossing at East B Hill Road
Price Range: $30 bunk, $45+ private room
Notes: Stay includes shower, loaner clothes, kitchen use, laundry, and AM coffee and muffin. Will pick up from trailhead for a small fee, must have advance notice.
Update 2022: Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, bunks are not available, common areas are closed, and masks are required outside of private rooms.


Paul’s AT Cabin

Phone: 207-392-4161
Mile: 1936.2, 11.3 miles east of trail crossing at East B Hill Road
Price Range: $60 for cabin up to 4 people
Notes: Price includes shower and one round trip shuttle.


The Cabin

Address: 497 E Andover Rd., Andover, Maine 04216
Phone: 207-392-1333
Mile: 1936.2, 12 miles east of trail crossing at East B Hill Road
Price Range: $20 bunk, $35 private room
Notes: Call for reservation. Stay includes shower and laundry. Alumni hikers welcome, inquire for shuttles.

The Hiker Hut

Address: 2 Pine Grove Ln, Rangeley, ME 04970
Mailing Address: c/o Hiker Hut, 2 Pine rd. Sandy River Plt., Me. 04970
Phone: 207-670-8095
Mile: 1972.7, 0.3 miles west of trail crossing at ME 4
Price Range: $30 bunk/tenting, $40+ private hut
Notes: Stay includes shower, tea, coffee, breakfast, donuts. $5 laundry, maildrops free for guests. Open May 15 – September 15.


Hostel of Maine

Address: 3004 Town Line Rd, Carrabassett Valley, ME 04947
Phone: 207-237-0088
Mile: 2004.9, 3.4 miles east of trail crossing at ME 27
Price Range: $39 bunk, $110 private room
Notes: Stay includes breakfast, shower, towels, linens, mattresses, loaner clothes, trail pick up and drop-off at scheduled times. Well-behaved pets allowed in private rooms. Additional amenities & services include resupply, flat rate mail shipping, and a clean lodge with games, books, fast WiFi. Slackpacking options include Crockers, Bigelows, and more. Promo code “AT2021” when booking online.


Terrapin Hostel

Address: 65 High Street, Kingfield, ME 04947
Phone: 207-491-7786
Mile: 2004.9, 17.9 miles east of trail crossing at ME 27
Price Range: $40 bunk, $60+ private room
Notes: $10 roundtrip shuttle for AT. Stay includes shared bath and full use of kitchen.


The Maine Roadhouse

Address: 901 Rangeley Rd. Coplin Plantation, ME 04970
Mile: 2004.9, 7 miles west of trail crossing at ME 27
Price Range: $40 bunk, Private rooms $60+
Notes: Shower, laundry, and cereal included. Hot breakfast and dinner available for a donation. Small resupply. Shuttle to/from trail and to/from resupply included with stay.


The Sterling Inn

Appalachian Trail hostels: Sterling Inn.

Address: 1041 Route 201, Caratunk, ME 04925
Phone: 207-672-3333
Mile: 2041.9, 1.4 miles east of trail crossing at US 201
Price Range: $40 bunk, $50-$120 private room
Notes: Free breakfast, shower, and laundry with stay, fast wifi, multi-night discount. Pets welcome. Free shuttle to trail and local resupply, fee shuttle for other locations. Credit cards accepted. Reservations recommended.
Update February 2022: Proof of COVID-19 vaccination required to stay.


Northern Outdoors

Address: 1771 US Route 201, The Forks, Maine 04985
Phone: 207-663-4466
Mile: 2041.9, 2 miles west of trail crossing at US 201
Price Range: 20% hiker discount, call for rates
Notes: Free shuttle coincides with ferry schedule, no pets, coin laundry.


John Baptist Mission

Mail Address: (Private Home) PO Box 135, Monson, ME 04464
Phone: 207-558-1701 (call/text); 207-279-9545 (call/text)
Mile: 2078.6, 1.9 miles east of trail crossing at ME 15
Price Range: Suggested $15 donation or WFS
Notes: Private home, group shuttles available to/from trailhead and town, open year-round. Home-cooked meals available. Kitchen open for use. Tenting available.


Shaw’s Hiker Hostel

***Named one of the top hostels on the Appalachian Trail***

Address: 17 Pleasant Street, Monson, ME 04464
Phone: 207-997-3597
Mile: 2078.6, 3.7 miles east of trail crossing at ME 15
Price Range: $25 bunk, $50-60 private room, $12 tenting
Notes: Last town before the 100 Mile Wilderness. Stay includes trail pick up and drop off, and a shower. $9 breakfast, $5 laundry. Shower $5 for non-guests. Dog-friendly, open mid-May through October.


Lakeshore House

Address: 9 Tenney Hill Road, Monson, ME 04464
Mailing Address: 9 Tenney Hill Road, PO 307, Monson, ME 04464
Phone: 207-997-7069
Mile: 2078.6, 3.8 miles east of trail crossing at ME 15
Price Range: $25 bunk, $75+ private room
Notes: Pub and restaurant directly downstairs. Stay includes shower, loaner clothes. Kayaks and canoe free for guests. Live music Thursdays and Sundays.


Big Moose Inn

Address: Baxter State Park Road Millinocket Lake, Maine
Phone: 207-723-8391 (call only); 1-877-666-7346 (call only)
Mile: 2177.7, 14.6 miles east of trail crossing at Golden Road
Price Range: $14.17 tenting, $17.44 lean-to, $76.30+ private rooms
Notes: On-site restaurant available for dinner and breakfast. Open Memorial Day through Columbus Day. Pets allowed at campsites. Private rooms include breakfast.


Appalachian Trail Lodge

Address: 33 Penobscot Avenue, Millinocket, ME 04462
Phone: 207-723-4321
Mile: 2177.7, 19.6 miles east of trail crossing at Golden Road
Price Range: $30 bunk, $60-70 double, $95 family-suite (up to 4)
Notes: Last town before Katahdin. Food drops available. $5 showers for non-guests. Coin Laundry. Trail pick up/drop off $20-60 per person, depending on number of people.

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Have we missed any Appalachian Trail Hostels you love? Let us know here.

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2022 update by Penina Satlow

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Comments 64

  • Kim : Mar 12th

    Missing a great place to stay.
    Braemar castle hostel in Hampton TN.

  • Juliet : Mar 13th

    Missing a few more… Notably Lakeshore House in Monson, Maine and Three Springs Hostel in Vesuvius, Virginia (under renovation).

    • Momma T : Jun 23rd

      I was also going to mention Three Springs Hostel Bunk & Breakfast. According to the interactive map, this is their info:

      Phone #
      (434) 922-7069
      612 Wiggins Spring Rd.
      Operating Season
      Apr-Jun & Sep 15 – Nov 15
      Serves Food?
      AT Passport?

  • Scott Jenkins : Mar 14th

    Hey! You missed Mountain Home in Front Royal, VA.

    • Trek Editors : Mar 14th

      Thanks Scott, we just added their listing!

      • Lisa Jenkins : Mar 15th

        Thanks for adding Mountain Home! Could I make a few suggestions?

        Let’s use Mountain Home Cabbin as the name, and put it in the same large font with space above and below the name, as the other places. It will simplify pricing to $25/bed, laundry $3.

        “Notes” could read: WiFi, shower, town shuttle, breakfast and fresh linens included. Lemonade and cookies for anyone. Fuel, snacks, pizza and ice cream to purchase. Hiker box. Resupply packages accepted. Historic home tour optional. Dog-friendly (1/night). Open year-round.

        Just FYI: We actually get awesome reviews, many people saying we are one of their top places to stay on the trail. Cozy, clean, friendly and safe. Come by sometime for lemonade or tea and cookies.

        Thanks again!!!

        • Jim Lynch : Jul 23rd

          I’ve been to Mountain Home Cabbin several times. Can’t rave about it enough! Scott and Lisa are great hosts and hikers themselves!

          • Joan m : May 16th

            I second this. Mountain home cabbin was conveniently located, comfortable, and had everything I needed as a thruhiker.

        • Magpie : Mar 4th

          I can affirm that Mountain Home is one of the best places to stay! Scott and Lisa accommodated me for a few days when VA was flooding in 2018! I stayed upstairs in the main house and it was perfect.

        • Tractor : Nov 5th

          Lisa and Scott are the reason I started the AT in 2018 with their hospitality and words of encouragement when I was trying to decide if I had what it takes to finish this great adventure. Turns out that I did have what it takes to finish I just didn’t know it. Thanks for believing in me and fellow thru hikers. Tractor from Virginia

  • At Lodge and Café Paul and Jaime Renaud : Mar 16th

    The AT Lodge and Café has been operating since the 80’s. PLEASE explain why we are not on this list. In the last 10 years we have served thousands of hikers and have become a destination for hikers. We also serve the hikers down at the Hiker Hostel with Josh & Leigh for 4 years.
    I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Ole Man

  • Jeff G : Mar 16th

    For the record, I believe Mohican Outdoor Center in NJ would be 1304.4 NOBO rather than 1204.4 NOBO. Nice article thank you.

  • Doc Peppa : Mar 19th

    The correct phone number for Angels Rest Hiker’s Haven is 540-787-4076. Prices for lodging is $10-45.00.

  • Hydro : Mar 20th

    Top of Georgia ( Dicks Creek Gap) has never offered a continental breakfast ( ad says a ‘hearty breakfast ” ) Last year it was dry rolls – This year its cereal. Better get your breakfast meal the night before at Ingle’s in Hiawassee . Other than the misrepresentation of the breakfast T.O.G. IS Ok. Very clean !! Nice shower

  • Lil' Santa : Mar 21st

    Cantarroso Farms was LIT

  • Ed England : Mar 25th

    This information is wonderful! Thank you for sharing! Ed

  • Doc Peppa : Apr 20th

    The correct number to Angels Rest Hiker’s Haven is 540 767 4076. The number listed is to the post office.

    Thanks for the listing.

  • Rebekah Anderson : Apr 26th

    Wonderful list, but why are we not on it? Lakeshore House has been serving hikers for 12 seasons! Please include us?

  • Teej : Oct 24th

    Has anyone at “The Trek” ever been to Maine? Add the AT Lodge in Millinocket.

  • Kermit : Nov 14th

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  • James McConnell : Dec 28th

    Thanks for the amazing service to the Hiker and affiliate business community.

    We just posted your service on this Facebook page:

  • Moose : Jan 7th

    Love to have this in PDF form so I could download it to a phone.

  • Adam Stanley : Jan 23rd

    Stanimal’s Hostel & Shuttle Service Waynesboro, VA has moved to 1333 West Main Street, 22980.

    Stanimal’s Hostel & Shuttle Service Glasgow, VA is located at 1131 Rockbridge Rd, 24555. 540-480-8325

  • Ben : Feb 13th

    Is there a list like this for the PCT?

  • Jim Lynch : Jul 23rd

    Are the hostels on this list chosen by any criteria? Do you vouch for them?

  • Jim Lynch : Jul 23rd

    Bearded Wood in CT has a note on their web page that they’re closed for the 2018 season.

  • Walkabout John : Aug 8th

    This is a great hostel. Friendly, good laundry, spacious, separate male/female restroom/shower area. I’m a non drinker but I enjoyed a nice meal in the pub. It is a great hostel.
    The Station at 19E
    9367 HWY 19E, Roan Mountain, Tennessee 37687, United States

    (575) 694-0734

  • Wes McGee “The Patriot” : Aug 29th

    Human Nature Hostel
    463 Horseshoe Valley Rd
    Roxbury, Me 04275
    (207) 408-8216

    I can send pictures!

  • Ozzie Guitierez : Oct 20th

    I don’t understand the dismissive tone of the first post about Barefoot Hills. The Hiker Hostel is still there, they just have upgraded the place for others.

    I have stayed at BH twice now, and it is really nice. The people who run it are very knowledgeable about the AT. Bunks are $35 and that includes breakfast and access to the rest of the property. I never stayed there before but from I heard it used to be a real dump.

    Just an FYI to other readers here.

  • ersağ üye ol : Dec 22nd

    Ersağ sitesi üzerinden ürün almak için öncelikle sponsor bulmanız gerekmektedir. Bu site sayesinde sponsorunuz olarak sizin kaydınızı yapıp üye numarası ve şifrenizi tarafınıza SMS atarak sizi üye yapmaktadır. Böylelikle 100 TL ve üzeri alışveriş yaptığıızda ömür boyunca ersağ üyesi olmuş olacaksınız.

  • Sharon Shelton : Mar 17th

    Do you know of any hostels for sale along the trail?

    • David O : Apr 6th

      I just heard from some folks active in the DC area hostel group that the national HI organization is preparing to sell the hostel in Knoxville, Maryland (just across the river from Harpers Ferry) – HI-Harpers Ferry Hostel & Campground 19123 Sandy Hook Rd., Sandy Hook, United States, MD 21758

  • Paul Curtin : Jul 11th

    Missing Standing Bear just north of Davenport Gap

  • David Magee : Jul 12th

    This is way out of date and missing a lot of information. Can we get it updated or taken down?

  • Brenda : Oct 4th

    Your missing Rock and Soul in PA

  • Squirrel : Oct 7th

    Is the Captain’s ‘open’ again? He wasn’t in 2018

  • syrianboy : Nov 6th

    Hi colleagues, fastidious post and nice urging commented here,
    I am actually enjoying by these.

  • Lawrence Edwin Tyson : Jan 18th

    will there be an updated list for 2021 A T through hikers?

  • thomas eucalitto : Mar 21st

    I would like to add my hostel to this.

    Coltsfoot Valley Farm
    Cornwall CT
    Running Dairy/Cheese Farm with Fresh Raw Milk, Eggs and Meat.
    $40 a bed
    Will pick up at trail head
    Contact via Instagram @coltsfootvalleyfarm

  • DogMa : Sep 14th

    I just wanted to mention Ruby’s Rest in Damascus, VA…nice guesthouse on homeowner’s property, he is listed on Airb&b, very reasonable rates, and the owner (Jeff) is a great dude! He is dog friendly as well.

    If you like cats and other animals there are several on the property.

  • Coolio : Sep 15th

    Your missing one of the best and most famous hostels on the AT, Woods Hole Hostel near Pearsburgh, VA

  • WD : Mar 27th

    Cantarrosa site says the following.

    Because we are trying to get into the woods and on the river more often, we are no longer providing the special services needed by AT thru hikers. However, we remain open and available for guests who prefer ‘clean and private’ lodging. We provide trailhead shuttles for guests with advance notice

  • D Dog : Mar 29th

    They are pretty expensive.

  • cyggo : Mar 29th

    this list says hiker hut operates till sept 15, but the hiker hut fb page reads: “The Hiker Hut is open from May 15th to October 15th. I am typically onsite from May 1st.”

  • cyggo : Mar 31st

    reached out to the human-nature hostel, and they said: “Sorry we are not open for hiker services this year [2021]”.

  • Jedi : Jan 26th

    Why do “Barefoot Hills Hotel” and “Barefoot Hiker Hostel” have completely different addresses but identical phone numbers and web sites?

  • thetentman : Mar 3rd

    It is spelled Port Jervis, not Port Jarvis.

    Nice article. Thx.

  • Rebekah Anderson : Mar 11th

    I am the previous owner of the Lakeshore House in Monson. Some of the information you’ve listed is wrong. Please reach out to Nick Fusco (new owner as of Feb 21) at the number listed so he can update anything as he sees fit. Thank you!

    • Penina Satlow : Mar 11th

      Just corrected! Thanks for letting us know.


    there are several hostels that aren’t on that list. Including the one my partner and i own at hot springs/Garenflo gap. Happy Gnomads Hiker House. We are in ATC, far-out, and awol(I think awol haha)!

  • Lori Ann Holliday : Mar 21st

    How do I add myself as a hostel? My brother and his wife are currently on the trail. I’ve met them a few times in PA and through conversation, became very interested in helping others as they move through my area. Is there a place to register online?
    Thank you,
    Lori Holiday

  • Lori Ann Holliday : Mar 23rd

    Sister to fellow hikers Hillbilly&Moonshine. I am a hostel for couples in my home and offer shuttle service to resupply in the area of Waynesboro and Fayetteville, PA.
    $40 pp includes round trip shuttle, stop at Walmart to resupply, restaurant stop(upon request) use of shower, kitchen, WiFi and laundry, and light breakfast including coffee/tea and pastries. Rooms are private and offer Full, Queen and King only. No bunks.
    Shuttle service only available to and from Waynesboro area through Caledonia State Park round trip to Walmart: $25 for 1 and $5 each for each additional person up to 6 ppl. Will also pick up and drop off to local hotels. Available 5:30 p.m.- 9 a.m Mon-Fri, all day Saturday & Sunday
    Text 615-938-0257 for details

  • Jim Gregory : Apr 17th

    Prices are wrong on several of these. I love the fact u guys put out article(s) of misinformation and call it “updated” or “current”? How much time really goes into these? Is there any editor that facts checks anything said in these articles? Maybe we can get at least one of them to be accurate and correct. I mean between all the guide books and apps and webpages out there, it’s really just a matter of taking time to research, call, email or text the business, and change information before posting an article stating it was “updated” or “current”. Misinformation is basically worthless information.

  • Killa joe : May 25th

    Crazy Larry is crazy for sure, as in a psychopath. He’s also a confidential informant for the Damascus police department. Not sure why everyone in the trail community has tolerated his BS for so long.

  • Killa joe : May 25th

    Crazy Larry is crazy for sure, as in a psychopath. He’s also a confidential informant for the Damascus police department. Not sure why everyone in the trail community has tolerated his BS for so long.

  • Jon Fairchild : Aug 22nd

    Thanks for the nice article!

    A note about the Town’s Inn in Harper’s Ferry: “Bunks are first come first serve” is not quite accurate. More like “Rooms not filled on a particular night will be opened for individual bunk stays.”

    Or maybe just take the Town’s Inn off this list. They seem annoyed at being listed as a hostel.

  • Comrade : Nov 15th

    Re: Woodchuck Hostel & SongPeddlar Rest / Damascus, VA :
    There’s a new owner. +12766237212.

  • C. : Dec 8th

    Dear fellow hikers,

    We all want to have a pleasant time on the trail, but things can turn ugly, unfortunately.

    I have been verbally and physically threatened, on Dec 7th 2022, by the owner of the “Gooder Grove AT and Adventure Hostel” in Franklin (NC).
    Although I never complained online about any hostel, never, I feel the responsability to share this, publicly, for our safety.


    ** What happened before the aggression ?

    We were 5 hikers staying there : 4 left earlier than they’ve initialy planned, because the hostel owner was verbally abusive and obsessive about some small details.
    I chose to stay 1 more night : my bad.


    ** Did a real aggression occur ?

    Yes, unfortunately.

    On the next morning, at 7 a.m., the owner insisted to talk about “What happened yesterday”.
    I replied “Sir, you might want to think about that some other day,… etc…”.
    He then felt “accused”, “judged”, etc. I tried to explain, I raised my voice at some point (which I shouldn’t have), and then I kept silent.
    The owner then called me an “idiot”, “asshole”, “prick”, “duchebag”.
    As I was cooking (and sharing what I cooked!), he insisted to talk : I answered nothing, I avoided eye contact.

    He entered the kitchen many times : I would then leave : he stalked me.

    He made various inapropriate comments.

    After 30min of this, he shut off the hot plate, pushed me, ordered me to “Leave [his] house”.

    He threatened several times to “F***ing hurt [me] and call the cops” (these are his exact words), with an aggresive voice, and a very dark stare.
    He followed me to my room, insisting that he was gonna “Hurt [me]”, having a “Kung Fu black belt”.

    He repeated 10 times that I “Lied to [him]”, and must now “Clean the kitchen, and make a donation for using the kitchen” (although it was included in the stay).
    PS: I paid for my entire stay.

    I locked myself in my room, waited, and left the hostel from the back door, wearing socks under the rain.


    ** Please don’t delete this post !

    I don’t blame this man for apparently having issues, or for apparently struggling in life : I’m only seriously concerned for hikers safety.
    I didn’t get hurt physically : maybe I was lucky… But who knows what could happen in this hostel in the future – God forbid ?


    I wish you all to have a fantastic day.

    Let us continue to be kind and opened towards each other : a few rotten apples should not spoil the good cider that flows in the springs, the waterfalls and the fountains of this beautiful world we live in !

    Let us cherish every moment,

    Enjoy you hike, friends,


  • Abdul Hameed : Dec 15th



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