Avoid the Never-Ending Gear Vortex and Hike Your Own Hike

I had made up my mind!

Gear selection is such a crazy thing. I have spent several years buying gear a piece at time and on sale when I could so I could avoid spending a ton of money right before my thru-hike. Taking backpacking trips to try it all out and thinking I had it all down. However, as my start date gets closer and my husband is doing research on some of his gear I find myself questioning my decisions.

Or had I?

I have a two-wall tent that I am concerned about being able to put up in the rain and thought about buying a single-wall tent instead. So what do you do if you don’t know how to do something? You ask the internet. There is a way to put up the tent without getting it full of water from the rain and I think I can make it work for my tent though it will mean making a footprint because I have not been able to find one for my tent. Then I just have to get someone to hold the hose while I test it out. I will update on that later.

The tent in question

But that was only the beginning! My stove is very small and lightweight and screws on to a standard fuel can. I was completely happy with stove, having used it several times and only once had any issue, and that was in the snow and a stiff wind but since then I have gotten a wind shield for it. Then my husband started researching the Biolite stove. I had never even thought of this as an option. Always thought it was too bulky and heavy but we have looked at and are going to get one and try it out. Although it is heavier than the stove I have now, I will not have the added weight of a fuel canister or the battery pack I was planning to carry. Now I to get one and try it out. Again updates to follow.

Avoid the vortex

Gear will never be perfect and unless you have bottomless pockets you will never be able to keep up with the newest gear. Find gear that works for you and enjoy it. One of the best things about a thru-hike is to get out of the stress of the rat race. Start by not stressing over your gear. When it no longer works for you or just no longer works then replace, it but don’t get drawn into the never-ending gear vortex.

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Comments 4

  • Bad juju : Oct 7th

    I would avoid the biolite its heavy and bulky, I’ve got a newer model and it takes a long fire to charge. I currently use a emberlit style titanium fold up wood stove, and you can burn solid fuel when wood is wet.

    • Turtle : Oct 7th

      Thank you I will look at that.

  • Mark Stanavage : Oct 7th

    Okay, this is my time to shine. Emberlite has nothing to catch embers and has an opening for feeding fire. I have the Silverfire scout for all the reasons you mention, is lighter, catches embers and is so efficient you are left with just powdery ash. It does take a while to cool down, so I only light it for evening meals. State ranger and ridge runner approved because fire is contained. I do love not carrying fuel, leaves no trace, and awesome for impromptu hiker TV. I can also ‘afford ‘ to make tea, coffee and soup in addition to meal because I can always find more fuel.

  • Turtle : Oct 7th

    Thank you I will look at this.


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