Our Bags Are Packed. It’s Go Time

All my bags are packed I’m ready to go….
Wait! I still have to unpack, double check gear, do I need this, did I forget that, repack, try on, adjust, and weigh… at least six more times.

I’m standing here outside your door…
Wait! I’m not quite ready yet I have to unpack and repack one more time. I still have 12 more hours.

I hate to wake you up to say goodbye…
Oh no, I’m waking your butt up. Are you kidding me? I won’t see you for … ?

But the dawn is breaking its early morn’ the taxi is waiting he’s blowing his horn…
No, no, no. I’ll be up before the alarm goes off waiting on my ride. Who would be able to sleep the night before leaving on the adventure of a lifetime.

Already I’m so lonesome I could die…
No, not yet. But I’m sure I’ll have my moments. The first being at Amicalola Falls as as I take that first step, there’s no turning back now.
I don’t even want him there. I just can’t imagine him watching me walk away into the horizon like some old western movie, the dog crying because she wants to follow me. I would be sobbing so bad I wouldn’t be able to make it up the stairs at the falls. The whole time I would be thinking, “Don’t turn around, just don’t turn around.”

So kiss me and smile for me, tell me that you’ll wait for me, hold me like you’ll never let me go…
Oh, he’ll be around alright. Who else would cook, clean, do laundry and put up with his antics. But all that other stuff ain’t happening. Ha, ha, ha. Those who know us will understand the laughter.

Cause I’m leaving on a jet plane, don’t know when I’ll be back again, oh babe, I hate to go…
I’m leaving all right, but a jet plane? Not unless I’m a superhero named Flash and my feet have super-speed powers.
When will I be back? Who knows. I’m  gunning for five months, he says six, and my son says by July 4. We will see how it ends up. We are hoping for a full thru-hike but we may get into it and realize it’s just not our thing. I would rather it be that than injury or illness that causes us to leave the trail.

Oh babe… babe?… babe isn’t happening, not in our house. Again I have to laugh and those who know us, know. But “babe,” I’m out of here.

Seriously, I’m excited to go. My insides are all jittery. I feel like the day before a big race and I won’t settle down until I hear “go.”

Thanks for reading. I had fun writing this. The downside is I’m afraid I’ll have this song stuck in my head. So if you hear someone singing “Leaving on a Jet Plane” in the woods… it will probably be me.

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Comments 3

  • Nola Kelly : Feb 16th

    I know you will have a great adventure. Take care of yourselves and enjoy.

  • Steve : Feb 16th

    I know the both of you are facing this challenge head on, so attack from the front with tactful tenacity! Be Safe, Stay Strong! We are with both of you every step, no drama Mama, and walk it off!

  • Linda : Feb 17th

    What a great post!!! Now you’ve got it stick in MY head!!! So excited for you! Hope all is well and the weather allowed a good start. Got my map today! ?


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