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Ok. I meant to write this post a long time ago.

To be totally honest, I’ve been on the fence about blogging. Paul and I are not the best at social media. We started our blog “Dirtbag Duo” four years ago when we set out on a 6 month trip to New Zealand. While I’m proud of the handful of entries I did write, they definitely don’t amount to the 6 months of adventure we experienced. I still get some flack from family and friends for not blogging more on that trip.

I think that the pressure of not wanting to disappoint others in my own blogging is what’s holding me back from it. I’d be lying if that same nagging fear of disappointment isn’t also holding me back from the trail itself. I thought by chance, it might be holding others back too. So, I’m here to set the record straight for myself and for any others that might be feeling iffy about blogging. 

I applied to The Trek for a handful of reasons. For my own motivation and yours, I think it’s important to remember why we wanted to blog in the first place. Here are those reasons for my husband Paul and I.

1.  We want to document our hike. If there’s one regret I have about travelling, it’s that while sometimes my record keeping of each day is a masterpiece, other times I lag so hard that entire days are missing from my trip log. While I know that the AT will likely be the longest “trip” of our lives, I want to do my very best to log each day’s events.

2.  We want to keep our people updated. We’re lucky to have a slew of folks who will want to check on us. I’m an eighth grade teacher and I want my students to be able to follow our hike!

3.  Writing has always been a powerful tool for my own mental health. When I need to process something, I grab a pen. I know there will be times on the trail when I might not want to write but I will need to write. 

Whew! Honestly, it feels good to get it off my chest. I’ve been reading everyone’s blogs so far and have been feeling intimidated, guilty, all around weird about not being entirely stoked about blogging. While you are likely much smarter than me, and may have figured this out ages ago, I want to invite other bloggers and thru hikers to think about this too.

We are about to embark on quite possibly the coolest journey of our lives. If there’s ever going to be a time in your life that you allow yourself to be free from the expectations of others or fear of their disappointment, let it be now

When it comes to bloggin’, let these words sink into your noggin.

If you blog consistently from Springer to Katahdin, you rock.

If you blog twice and then quit, you still rock. 

If you are blogging on your own schedule, for yourself only, that’s awesome.

If you are blogging on a strict timeline, scouting for sponsorships or followers, that’s awesome too.

If you finish the whole trail and write about it, cool.

If you have to stop the trail for whatever reason, and write about it… It’s. still. cool. 

The people who read your blog have lives, obligations, adventures of their own. They are not going not judge you for making your own decisions concerning YOUR hike or YOUR blog. Sometimes we all need a reality check. I needed this one. 

The most common saying in regards to thru hiking is “Hike your own hike.” Well, I think it’s a pretty universal statement. You don’t need permission to do things your own way. BYOB! (Blog your own blog) (and bring your own beer too)


Happy Trails!


of Dirtbag Duo

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    pearwood : Feb 23rd

    Thanks, Marie.
    I do my best to keep that in mind as my blog here has morphed from “Pearwood on the AT” to “Pearwood in the meantime”.

  • Avatar
    Rick / Quiet Man : Feb 25th

    Absolutely agree! My main blog site is titled “D Day Minus Some Integer” Don’t know when I will start and don’t know what might happen before I do, so don’t want to forget anything. 😉 The journey begins long before the first white blaze and every step is an adventure. Written, photographed, or not.


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