But Seriously… What Are You Afraid Of?

I’m trying to figure out why deciding on life is hard.  Why making forward-moving decisions are the scariest.  Why can’t we just look at something and go, “Yep, this is it, today my life is going to be turned 360.”  Is it because we’re afraid of what people will think? Are we scared of failure? Are we scared that it’s not going to be what we want it to be?

Maybe I should look in the mirror and ask myself these questions.

The past few months, I’ve been in a weird spot in my life where I question almost everything I do.  Only just a year ago, I’d get up and go — no questions asked.

Now, I feel a million different emotions running over me, and trying to dissect them is, mentally, the hardest thing I’ve done.

I’m a pretty spiritual person.  I believe that if you put your heart to it, trust God, and do everything for his glory, he’s always going to be in your favor.

So why am I so hesitant now? Why can’t I just take the leap?

I’m not even talking about the trail.  I’ve never been so excited and so ready to be anywhere in my life.

But you know what I think it is that’s sucking me in?  That’s making me crave the trail more than ever?

It’s the freedom.  The freedom to get away from my cluttered mind for a bit.  The freedom to not answer to anyone but myself.  I don’t have to explain why I am or why I’m not doing something.  I don’t even have to pretend that I know what I’m doing (which is 98 percent of my life, ha ha).

I have big decisions I need to make in my life and I just can’t seem to get my footing.

It’s All About Perspective

Just two days ago, I heard story after story of these freak accidents that left people as amputees, that left people jobless, that almost ended lives. And guess what? Every single person was so blessed for everything that had happened.   They had something so scary happen to them and they turned it into something so beautiful.

These people were all in situations that they mentally couldn’t leave (mostly work related).  They were scared to take that first step to happiness; they didn’t want to make the change.  All of these injuries and “close calls” made them wake up and changed their lives for the better.  They walked away from their jobs and they pushed for what they wanted life to be.

How amazing is that?

My Point

Moral of the story, why wait? Why keep pushing something off just because people are telling you to? Why keep pushing things off because you’re afraid?

Whether it’s starting a new career path, driving across the country, running a marathon, or heck,  even hiking the AT.  What’s stopping you?

I hope that what you take away from this is that you don’t keep putting off your goals.  That you don’t keep brushing aside that dream you’ve been wanting to fulfill just because someone or something is telling you otherwise.

I’m 2.5 months away from this journey of mine and I can’t wait.

Happy hiking!

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