Call me a Priest! Lessons Just Keep on Coming

There’s probably multiple reason’s they call the shelter Priest… but by now I’m thinking it’s because I was going to need someone to deliver last rites… hmmmm, I’ll have to chew on that one for a while.

I’m thinking all of this while laying in the shelter at Seely-Woodworth daring not to move for fear that my muscle cramping in those adductor/abductor returning with ferocity.  So, with nobody else around and me in bad shape after my very first hike, the heck with setting up a tent… bring on the shelter!

We did collect firewood and actually get it started with relative ease after the deluge and my mind tells me that “Survivor” is not so tough… put them on the AT and see what they can do… I just don’t feel like eating or drinking anything… I’m spent.

Sleep is fitful, but I get up the next morning and my first thought is to get through the day and get picked up early.  My body is telling me I was woefully unprepared for what I just did.  We use our Khatadin water filter for the first time and eat a couple Pop-Tarts (which don’t go down easily) and we’re on our way.

Here’s where I have to make a confession of sorts… at this point in my hike preparation, I find it very unappealing to drink or eat while I hike.  Since I’m new to this business at this point, I’m pretty clueless how quickly it all catches up with you.

I feel remarkably better than I thought I would when I went to sleep the previous night and while packing up and getting on the trail SB this morning was not as difficult as I had imagined mere hours before, losing your appetite while hiking and not drinking enough water will become a problem quickly… and it HAS.

Priest and the 11.4 yesterday and today’s 14 prove too much.  We’re long walking down to Rt. 60 Buena Vista and I don’t see any reason to continue to Brown Mtn. Shelter a mere 0.2 further.  We were going to get picked up at Rt. 60 the next morning anyway and this lesson is just being learned…

Not eating and limiting my H20 intake has crushed my first hike.  I’m dehydrated and I know it… tying to rectify by sitting at the picnic table is just not getting it done and I feel it.  The call is already in… pick us up, I’m done.  I think my brother is okay with this decision, because it was just a check-out hike… but…

I’ve got to be better prepared for the next one…


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  • Alec : Aug 20th

    Great meeting you on the trail in PA with your brother and niece. – Brother Blood

    • Duke Conrad : Feb 15th

      Brother Blood,

      Sorry to take so long to get back to you…..been to your employers store in Richmond area and fine tuning my gear. March 13th will be here oh so soon….and I have another couple posts to make….the one with the picture of the chopper will make an interesting read. I look forward to passing you somewhere along the road as we travel south from Virginia and you from Georgia. Best of luck!



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