Continuing North

Day 5

After the resupply in Fontana we got back to the trail with the same guy who we went into town with after getting some Dairy Queen. We did another five or so miles and finally got a spot in a shelter. It was a three-story shelter, which was interesting.

Day 6

Crossed into North Carolina today! I woke up early, and hiked into a new state. It was snowing and windy for the entire day, so it was cold. We were still able to make it 20 miles though, but there was no room left in the shelter.

Day 7

It was a very, very cold night. The temperatures made it down to the single digits. After a rough night I was treated with some beautiful views from some fire towers and balds. I also hit the 100-mile mark while walking along one of the ridges. Started having some blisters develop on the toes and heels.

Day 8

Had a late night, so ended up waking up late. About eight miles into the day we were treated to some amazing trail magic from Bunkhouse and Spud, who thru-hiked last year. They gave us giant sausage egg and cheese sandwiches, clementines, and cookies. Raindance and I made it to the NOC and decided to split a room for the night. When we were paying for the room, someone offered to buy our resupply. Later had a massive meal at the restaurant of a bowl of chili, fries, salad, baked catfish, rice, and a massive ice cream dessert. At the general store, I bought some Injinii toe socks to help with the blisters, and an emergency blanket for if there is anymore cold nights.

Day 9

Raindance and I woke up early to get to the big climb out of the NOC. On the way up, there was an amazing sunrise behind us. I unsuccessfully tried to hitch a ride into a town to get a cheaper resupply than at Fontana. By the time I got to the shelter it was already full, so after sitting down to eat a meal and pop blisters, I decided to push on the remaining seven miles to the Fontana Hilton. Somehow, I felt amazing and ran all the way. Once I was there, I got an entire floor to myself, which led to a great night of sleep.

Day 10

I woke up late today since I had already decided that I was going to take my first zero of the hike. The shuttle to town was very late, so Raindance and I decided to run the three miles into town. We had breakfast with six other thru-hikers. I managed to eat four eggs, eight pieces of toast, four strips of bacon, two large hash brown patties, two pancakes, a bagel with cream cheese, two biscuits with an amazingly large amount of gravy, a BBQ omelette, and a lot of coffee. After that I did my resupply down at the gas station, and am currently writing this while I am waiting for my clothes to finish at the laundromat.

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Comments 3

  • Cunningham : Mar 11th

    Very well done. Best of luck

  • Right Lane : Mar 11th

    You made me laugh! I do believe that’s the largest breakfast I’ve ever heard of someone eating! Congratulations on the excellent mileage you’re making!

  • DevilDog : Mar 14th

    You’re going to love the Smokies. Hang you’re food!


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