I woke up to Toto coughing. There was an odd sound after coughing, like a bubbling sound, followed by more coughing. This back and forth of bubbling and coughing, bubbling and coughing proceeded for several minutes. Then he left early to start hiking (I hope he’s ok). I went back to sleep.

I got up around 7 or 8 as people started to stir. It was still very cold out, but I didn’t want to move. The cold, yet warmer immediate surrounding inside my sleeping bag was a safe zone. Shortly however, I was overtook by hunger and I sat up, still inside my sleeping bag, and made breakfast. The sun rose over the ridgeline and made being outside tolerable. We packed up and set off up the mountain.

It was only a half mile up to the top of Mount Garfield. Up top we found a concrete foundation for what looked like an old building at the peak. We joked saying we could have camped inside of it.

Before summiting South Twin Mountain we made a stop at Galehead Hut. We took another snack break and enjoyed the view of the mountains around us. A butterfly colored moth liked my shirt and kept landing on it.

The hike up South Twin mountain was straight up. It was our 3rd 4k mountain of the day, and the 8th of the last 3 days. The climbs in the Whites have been no joke. Serious elevation gains and steep grades. Another break at the top, and more snacks, and views.

The last part of the day was cruise-y. We had another 11.6 miles but it was mostly downhill and fairly flat for the last stretch of the day. I got into camp before dark for once. We step up in another stealth tent site. The group was large but not as big as the previous night. Neo, Hot Feet, Corndog, Backed Up, and Food Truck and I all ate dinner together. After eating we made room so everyone could fit their tents in the small area.

I was impressed at the 16 miles we were able to cover in these mountains. It sets us up for an uphill 15 miles to Mt Washington, the tallest peak in Whites, New Hampshire, and the second tallest on the AT. It should be very busy there given it’s a Saturday on Memorial Day Weekend, with expected good weather.

Stow away in my pack for Day 140 on the Appalachian Trail.

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  • CB : Sep 3rd

    “This back and forth of bubbling and coughing, bubbling and coughing proceeded for several minutes. Then he left early to start hiking (I hope he’s ok). I went back to sleep.”
    Dang, Doc!
    Incidentally, it’s Labor Day weekend.

    • Chris : Sep 4th

      Good catch! I was going to point out the Labor Day thing too.

      • CB : Sep 4th

        What about the several-minute-long Toto bubbling cough? Hahaha! Is the good doctor growing weary of the whole thing, or has waiting until a bubbling cougher hikes away before returning to the land of nod always been AT standard operating medical procedure? I’ve seen Toto mentioned in a subsequent post with no mention of the bubbling cough, so all’s well that ends well, I guess.


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