Day 43: Best Breakfast on Trail and Nipple Tattoos

Taking a Zero

I woke up knowing that I was taking a zero. Since it was predicted to thunderstorm most of the day, I had no desire to get soaked with rain and dodge lightning bolts. I was slow to wake and had more than thirty minutes before I needed to be down for breakfast. I just had no idea if there was any availability for tonight. I knew the house was full for the night, which was fine by me. I had no desire to pay $140 for another night. I needed it yesterday, but I was in a better mental state today.

I texted Fine Young Buck and Sweeper that I was taking a zero and headed downstairs for breakfast. All-In and Rogey were already there sipping coffee. I sat down and All-In said, “There’s coffee if you want some.” “Thanks, but I don’t drink coffee.” “Probably smart,” he said back. “Yeah, that’s an addiction I don’t want.”

Breakfast Elite

As 8:00 neared, more and more people showed up. Since I stayed in the house, I was considered an elite and had a reserved seating area and got to eat first. It was an interesting feeling to say the least. One of the workers heard me saying that I hoped to stay another night and they informed me that there was one bunk available. I took it. Once it was 8:00, we got the breakdown of everything on the counter. We then got the go ahead and the feasting began.

There was so much. Too much. I wanted to try a little bit of everything, but didn’t have enough room on my plate. I tried too. It was all so good. How they do this every morning is beyond me. I conversed with All-In and two other women who stayed in the house. We talked about plans for the day and I was the only one staying behind.

Moving Out

After feeling uncomfortably full, I got up and staggered to my room. I had until 10:00 to get out. I laid around for a few minutes before addressing my pack situation. It exploded all over the floor and now I needed to clean it up.

Tramily Reunion 

As I was working on that monumental project, I got a text from Hawaii saying that Fine Young Buck and Sweeper were in the general store by the hostel. I then got a text from Fine Young Buck saying that they were staying the night. I rushed to pick everything up and hurried outside to the hostel. 

Fine Young Buck said that they were going to tent camp for the night. On their way down to the highway, it started pouring and the thunder was booming. They decided to take a nero. He headed off to set up camp and I waited around for my bed to be ready in the hostel.

Kea walked by and I said “I didn’t know you were here!” He stuck around with Fine Young Buck and Sweeper. I wasn’t sure since he left camp the day previously so early. The whole gang was here. He left to take a shower and I conversed with the others once they finished setting up.

The Afternoon 

Time passed by and when 1:30 came around, I finally went to my bed with the intention to take a nap. I’ve been saying since hiking, “I want to take a nap” or “a nap sounds great.” I never have, until now. It was great.

I got up two hours later. The food truck was about to open up, so I headed down. Fine Young Buck and Kea were well into their beers. Sweeper was sipping on a Mountain Dew. I listened to them chat as I edited some blogs. It’s a very time consuming endeavor. When one of the workers flipped the sign to ‘open’, we rushed inside. I got a hatch chile smash burger with fries. I also got a drink. 

Drunken Conversation 

We took our food outside and had a tipsy discussion on how the world is changing. Our main focus was on gender and sexuality. My specialty.  Opinions differed, but at least it was an honest discussion and everyone was respectful. Kea bought me another drink and we kept going. I was really wishing for some water. The alcoholic beverage wasn’t strong, but I am a lightweight. With two drinks in me, I got real chatty real quick. Real opinionated too.

One of the workers dogs that hung out with us for a few hours.

We moved tables due to some locals having a birthday party and our conversation dissolved into chaos. Kea asked me about my tattoos since he knew I got one of them when I was suicidal. I told the story and Fine Young Buck asked, “Want to know where mine is?” Kea was firm on not knowing, but Fine Young Buck kept teasing him. I knew Fine Young Buck had none due to his time in the navy, but I could feel the conversation build up. I told Kea, “You want to know where it is? It’s around his nipple and it says ‘lick me here.’ Kea’s face dropped and, in his New Zealand accent, asked in complete surprise, “Really?” Fine Young Buck and I died laughing. What can I say? It’s the alcohol talking. We kept wheezing in laughter and Kea goes, “I would have believed you.” I come back and say, “You may be a master in sarcasm, but you are gullible as shit.” Fine Young Buck started laughing again, which set me off.

Fine Young Buck and Kea got another round of beers, but I was done. I left the conversation by saying, “I need to pee something fierce and take a shower. See you guys tomorrow.” I left and did exactly that. There weren’t any towels left in the bathroom, so I first dried off with paper towels before grabbing a dirty towel. I know, I know. That’s absolutely disgusting. I completely agree. I sniffed first if that makes it better. Probably not. Definitely not. I have no way to justify my actions besides the desire to be dry. Anywho…

I headed to my bed and read. People came and went, but I was done for the night. Most were out doing karaoke at a nearby hostel. I wanted to read before sleeping. 

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  • Dennis Hemelt : May 12th

    Good morning Morgan. I enjoy your story telling. I had read that the hike was more than a physical challenge. Mentally it can be equally difficult. Thanks for letting myself and others to follow along.


    • Morgan Schmidt : May 16th

      I’m glad you enjoy it! Fiction writing is my favorite, so I try to incorporate that aspect into the posts. And I find that the mental battle is more difficult than the physical. Especially with the AT. You don’t have constant views to look at. You tend to get stuck in your head.

  • Nature Boy : May 13th

    OMG, Morgan – this is hilarious! Thank you again for taking the time to craft these posts! I really look forward to reading about your progress through the trail (particularly as you get up to my area – I live near the south end of Shenandoah NP).
    Hike on!

    • Morgan Schmidt : May 16th

      Shenandoah is getting close! I can’t wait to get there. And I’m glad you enjoy the humor. I think I’m funny, so I tend to be laughing as I write. I have definitely gotten a few looks because of it.


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