Day 64 – Cracker Barrel Puh-leese

Sleep came easy and the mild slope of the grass I slept on had me “hammocked” into one side of my tent all night. I got up around 8 and ate the customary instant coffee with breakfast essentials (now deemed “coffee essentials) with pop-tarts.

Camp was packed up quickly and we were on the trail by 9. The motivator for the day was to make it 10 miles into Daleville for Cracker Barrel. It was a super cruisey day and the miles flew by. There were some good viewpoints of Carvins Cove Reservoir and fun rock formations.

I had a phone call with my buddy T-bone for his Birthday (also I’m sure none of his other friends mentioned him on their blogs for his birthday 😉

We made it to Daleville by 1. While waiting for our Uber to Cracker Barrel, we were gifted some trail magic by a gentleman at a gas station. Apparently, he’s raising money for his daughter’s softball team to go to their World Series by selling desserts. He saw us and wanted to give us a plate (they were much better than the gas station candy I had just eaten).

I had the chicken fried chicken, okra, and bacon macaroni and cheese at Cracker Barrel. We all lost at the peg game.

After a mild Rabbit panic attack, we were off to Kroger for a resupply. Packing out 2 cans of 16oz Monster energy drinks will probably not be done in the future (but we’re value shoppers, and 3 for $6 deals cannot be passed up).

We had a little over 5 miles left to our shelter for the night Fullhardt Knob (who makes these up, and where can I get that job?). It was a moderate climb up to the shelter. Along the way, I finished listening to Uncle Tom’s Cabin.

I had a lot of lessons I took away from the book. The book encourages intellectual and moral cultivation via Christianity and education. Moreover, its lessons about slavery and racism extend to all injustices and acts of cruelty. Marginalized groups of all colors, sexes, shapes, and forms deserve to be approached with the same morality, kindness, and fairness to all. The book definitely makes you want to be a better and more righteous person (and when I say “righteous,” I mean someone who does not judge but stands up for others).

When I arrived at the shelter, Rabbit apologized for being persnickety in a desperate attempt that I wouldn’t write about it in this blog. He was forgiven, but my duty to the readers is to report what happens (and to shame my friends, jk).

I made a fire and we had dinner and talked about our favorite rap songs. Also why Pandora keeps suggesting Katy Perry for Rabbit to listen to (he secretly loves her). It was close to midnight when we all fell asleep.

There is no plan yet for tomorrow (it’s the weekend, after all). But the odds are good that we’ll probably be hiking. Find out where to and…

Stow away in my pack for day 65 on the Appalachian Trail.

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  • Charlotte : Jun 18th

    I sure hope and pray I’m blessed with a tramily like you’ve found! You, Rabbit and Sip give me lots of inspiration I won’t be soloing the whole time. Your blog and friendships are great!

  • CB : Jun 18th

    Dude, you’re fuc…g killin me with the knob jokes. Your “Fullhardt Knob (who makes these up, and where can I get that job?)” quote made me snort laugh and qualifies as the quote of the week! And I still totally disagree with chick who thinks your sense of humor disqualifies you as a doctor. On the contrary! Walk on.


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