Dirt Nap’s Journey: Days 1-7 on the AT

I will be trying to update each week on my march north to Maine in my Crocs, which I’ve been asked 37 times so far if I’m really doing it in them. Yes I am.

Mountainsquid and I Springer

Day 1: MountainSquid and Springer

The adventure began with a mix of excitement and a classic Teagan-style directional mishap. My friend dropped me at the trailhead, and instantly, I veered off in the wrong direction. But the trail community is never far away, and Mountain Squid, an experienced hiker, set me in the right direction and with some trail magic, a much-appreciated juice pack. The day was picturesque, a “bluebird day,” with nature showing off her hawks,  flowers, and trees.

Hiking along, I met Two-turn and his family. Settling down for the night, I enjoyed some vegan-friendly Shin Ramen and exchanged Finnish pleasantries with a traveler, proving once again that the Finns are everywhere! The day ended under the stars, with stats tallying up to 26 miles/ 26 kilometers, and crossed waters 22 times.

Shadow and I atop Blood Mt

Day 2: Trail Names and naps

My trail name, Dirt Nap, was coined amusingly as I was found snoozing trailside, sparking a passerby’s curiosity about my earthy bed choice.

I also started hiking with Shadow, I dubbed her as she was always right behind me.

We camped out that night and a funny move guy remarked on my uniqueness of hiking in crocs and said “world needs more people like you”.

I covered 17 miles and nothing of note.

Rupert my blister, he's gone now all good.

Day 3: Birds, Blisters, and New friends

A striking stripey blue bird was a small but significant morale booster amidst growing physical challenges, including ominous blister (named Rupert) and a scare with my anterior tibialis tendon (my shin). Thankfully, I think it is just a sprained ankle.

Another day crushed 18 miles. Stopped off at Neels Gap’s for overpriced provisions and a tummy upset from Fanta and powerade. Got into camp was a bit distraught about shin and leg and was quite scared my old injury flared up.

Mt of Georgia

Day 4: Comradery

The leg pain lingered, but so did the trail magic, easing the journey.  I felt better in AM and headed off after exchanging pleasantries with people in camp.

I sped out and was picking Rhoderhododendron leaves for a poo later and trail name Rooster caught up to me. He is also a Trek blogger which we found out two days later. He was the first one to catch up to me and we crushed it.

We got into came after 18 miles and  I met a humorous trio—OJ, Smokey, and Numbers, the latter of whom I had the pleasure of naming, adding to the trail’s tapestry of tales and ties.


Day 5: Rest and Reflection

A necessary slow day led me to a hostel where Smokie  Numbers, and I shared stories, laughter, food, and beverages. However, the experience was good, but lackluster hospitality and price I’d avoid Around the Bed Hostel and  recommend the Green Dragon hostel instead. Only went 3 miles,  a Nero.

Day 6: New State, New Stories

A short yet significant 13-mile trek took us from Georgia into North Carolina. The day was marked by camaraderie, chilly winds, and a snow-dusted evening, encapsulating the trail’s unpredictable nature and the warmth of newfound friendships. Wasn’t much here got to properly meet Ranger, Bug bite, Dan, Caster and Few others. Slept like a champ.


Day 7: Milestone and Memories

Achieving my first 21-mile day and surpassing the 100-mile mark, the journey with Rooster was both a physical and mental triumph. We just crushed it and got to camp and met a chap from Southern Jersey, it brought a wave of nostalgia, the trail’s power to connect the past with the present in the most unexpected places.

Rooster and I at NC/GA border.

Dirt Nap out.

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