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14 June 2017


Another ZERO day for R&R


I went to see myDoctor today after getting back home in Missouri.  The report is…

It looks like cellulitus may be the issue.  While I have no new Rx, we are doing some additional testing with blood work including a test for Lyme Disease.


However, the swelling has decreased over the past few days…that’s good!

But…it still has a long way to go.

While I found on DrGoogle that I could have one of many ailments based on my symptoms, the antibiotic should help no matter what it us.  So we are staying the course while we wait for the lab results.


My key instructions are:

  • Rest
  • Elevate
  • Warm moist heat
  • Time

The last one is what I don’t have a lot of…time!


While I wait, I’m trying to determine the BEST course of action for the rest of my hike.  Yesterday, I thought heading to Maine and heading South Bound (SOBO) would be best.  Now…I’m not sure.


theWife mentioned this afternoon that doing Virginia and THEN Flip Flopping to Maine might be better.  I kind of like this because my trail legs may be lacking and weak after this break AND Maine is TOUGH!


As for today’s activities…I just layed around and took an afternoon nap.  How different THAT was compared to the last month+ on the AT.  I mean…WOW!

If I was hiking, I would have had another 5-10 miles to hike in the day when I laid down.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m worn out from the last week’s events with leg pain, doctor visits and the long drive back home.


And it looks like I won’t be slowing down except to rest the leg.  Tomorrow, it’s off to REI in KC for some new hiking gear (shoes and smaller pack) and then on to Nebraska to see the kiddos (and grand daughter).

I’m giddy with excitement to see ?  since she is growing up so fast.  I hope she remembers her LaLa because I’ve changed with long(er) hair and a beard.  Even though we did do some video telephone calls…I hope she likes the REAL LaLa better than the virtual LaLa.


Finally, I surprised my doctor with my weight loss.  It’s been 30 lbs lost since starting my hike.  That’s about a pound a day.  It’s amazing how transforming a hike can be when you’re moving big miles each day and not filling your pie hole!

If I can keep this weight loss average…I’ll be mighty skinny when I get done with another 1,600 miles.


It’s because of this weight loss that I’m in need of a new pack.  The Osprey Exos 58 has a waist belt that’s not replaceable.  So now I can’t cynch it any tighter and my pack is falling off my hips.  I guess that’s a good problem, but packs aren’t cheap.  I’m looking at the Zpacks for now because of their “lack of” weight!


The new shoes are because I think the Altra Lone Peak zero drops may not be the best solution for my hiking.  I think they may be part of my foot and leg pain.  I’m going to look at/try on the Hoka One One Tor Tech Mid WP Hiking Shoe.


I’ve worn Hoka’s before and like them, but not this particular model.  We’ll see if I like them tomorrow.





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