I don’t like Fords!

18 July 2017


AT NOBO Miles – 454 miles
AT SOBO Miles –   111.5 miles
AT Total Miles –   565.6 miles
Today’s – 12.1 miles
Time –  8 hrs
Speed – 1.51 mph

Tonight’s Location: Leeman Brook Lean-to

I knew I didn’t like Fords, but Maine’s backcountry hiking in the 100 Mile Wilderness solidified this feeling.  I really don’t like FORDS!

Today was the day of multiple (supposedly 4) water crossings that I was required to ford.  However, by my count there were 5.  After reaching each ford, I surveyed the situation and realized I could rock hop vs ford on 4 of the 5….well 3 of the 5.

The first 3 rivers I reached were raging with rushing water.  I remember what myWife said “Be smart”.  So I looked for rocks to hop.  It was pretty easy and the rushing river wasn’t too wide.  It was like hopscotching.  Just pick the path and the water or unstable rocks were the areas you couldn’t step.

One was no kidding a river that I had to ford.  No rocks anywhere and it was wide.  They even had a rope strung across the river for High Water crossings.  I pulled out the Crocs and waded in.  At aboit half way acrosss, my trekking pole decided to collapse on me and I almost went for a swim.  But luckily I said it, resecured the lower section of the pole, readjusted my Croc and waded on across.  Easy peazy one two threesee.

The last ford did me in.  I “thought” I saw rick hop route, but one stone had a little uncertainty about it.  However, it looked doable, so I gave it a go.  I stepped on that ONE rock and BOOM, it shifted on me and I stuck my foot with shoe on in the river current.  So much for keeping my feet dry.  I guess I should have changed into my Crocs, but oh well.  It was only 5 more miles until I made camp and it was only a “little” wet.

The view of the day was at Upper Wilson Falls.  I decided to have a early lunch there and take in the scenery.

This made up for the rainy morning.

This makes pop #5!  I’m still walking, but…

If this keeps happening, I’ll need to see a Doctor…sooner rather than later.  Today’s episode was trying to “jump” to a bog bridge.  The mud was black and ozzed…so I didn’t want to step in it.  I hit the log and it rolled on my landing…then the ankle rolled too…pop it went.

Let’s hope this trend stops!

Since I arrived at the Lean-to around 1:45pm, I considered hiking on to the highway and getting to town today.  Those endless blueberry pancakes at Shaw’s keep calling me to come and eat up.  It was hard to resist, but I don’t need 3 nights in town.  Being in town has a way of emptying your wallet.  It easy to drop a few C notes if you aren’t careful.  So I pulled into the Lean-to and prepared for my last night in the 100 Mile Wilderness.  Since there aren’t any tent sites, I’ll be sleeping in the shelter again.  Let’s hope I get some sleep…I don’t sleep well in shelters.

BTW My new slogan is:

On the road to Damascus

Tomorrow is a short 3 miles to the highway for our pickup in to Monson.  I’ve heard there’s a great BBQ Joint, Shaw’s breakfast is to die for and Pete’s Place is worth checking out.

I’ll also need to resupply and see about some additional gear items.  The water sources up here are…questionable.  I see a lot of Moose Poo around and if it’s in the water I should be treating vs filtering.  No need in getting a stomach bug up here.  So, I looking for the AquaMira drops.  Also, I had another two Swayer Squeeze bags break on me.  I’m using them as the directions require, so why are they breaking?  I’m not a happy Sawyer customer and don’t recommend the bags, but love the filter.  I will be looking at gaiters too.  Even with hightops, I’m getting a lot of debris in my shoes and gaiters will help.  I’d like a cool pair of DirtyGirl Gaiterz, but I’ll settle for OR (Outdoor Reasearch) or any other lightweight ones.  Finally, I need some good sock liners to help with my blisters.  I’ll be looking for Wright Socks cause I know they work.

Until tomorrow in Monson.

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