Flip-Flop Flat Pickin’

The Adventure Begins….

“Got out of town, headed north to Pennsylvania…”  Take a listen to the Steven Stills tune of Southern Cross, and here’s the first song I’ll probably be singing in the middle of May as I leave Harpers Ferry on my flip-flop.  My two extra pounds of backpacking guitar will provide the music and here we go for my 2200 mile music practice.

Singing in the Backyard

At home I play lots of guitar and sing a bunch.  I sing great in the shower, but as soon as you put me in front of people, well…….I see their faces trying to be nice.  One day while playing my guitar in my backyard, somebody walked by on the street.  I heard “hey why don’t you go play that thing in the woods”.  What a great idea.  So now I have added about 20 pounds of other gear besides my backpacker guitar, and I am ready for my 2200 musical walk in the woods.

Oh, Kill that Guitar Already

Many posts mention that some folks want peace and quiet out on the trail.  I will be respectful.  My hike is a flip-flop, staying away from the bubble.  The flip-flop is not only for the noise considerations of others but also my trying to tread a little easier.  A flip-flop seems to spread the load on the trail.  The camp fire sing-a-longs are always a possibility as long as the folks around are OK with it.  I do look forward to being very social on the trail.  I was well trained in my social skills having graduated from one of the most social universities in the USA.  But, I also like finding a nice spot with a great view, or some spot deep in the woods that has a little soul to it.  You might find me playing my guitar on some rock at the top of a climb.  You might find me playing my guitar very close to running water.  I like rippling water.  Makes me think of a great song by that name.

Trail Jams and Musical Camaraderie

Now the good part about 2200 miles worth of music practice is that at some point I might actually become pretty good on a couple of songs.  Maybe at that point folks want to join me.  Maybe we start having “thru hiker trail jams” as we head to Maine in the summer or back down to Springer in the fall.  Maybe we start to sound really good.  Maybe somebody records us.  Maybe it gets uploaded to the internet somewhere.  Maybe it goes viral.  Maybe folks all over the trail come to join us from time to time.  Maybe we become one of the closest, friendliest and fun-loving classes to ever have hiked the trail.  You never know, pickin’ and grinin’ out on the trail might add some nice color and spice to our adventures.  If nothing else think of the friends we’ll make, the good times we’ll have and the stories we’ll be able to tell.  “One day I was just walking down the trail and I heard this sound”.  That ear worm you have stuck from the last trail jam just might get you up a steep climb, or through a rough day.  “Got out of town, headed north to Pennsylvania…….Hiking on the trail, footloose and free”……stay tuned, more to come.

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  • Wendy Harrington : May 28th

    I’m excited to hear about your trek. Your writing is amazing. I can’t wait for your daily updates. I’m very proud to call you my brother.


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