Flip Flopper and Proud

We have arrived at Reason #2 for Flip-Flopping.

I’m what you might call a “Renaissance Woman.”

Also known in some circles as multi-passionate or a multipotentialite.

And, in less forgiving circles–flaky.

I can’t help it…I’m into a bunch of different things.  The world is interesting and I’m curious.

So I suppose choosing to do a Flip Flop really is in keeping with Who I Am.

Every couple of days I’m posting another reason why Flip Flopping is The Bomb.

We have arrived at Reason #2.  Out of nine.

(Here’s Reason #1, just in case you missed it.)

Reason #2 for Flip Flopping:  Loving the Trail to Death

We love the Trail, right?

Every part (except maybe that superfund site in Pennsylvania…that might freak me out a bit).

We love it enough to follow the Leave No Trace principles (and pack out our wipeys instead of leaving them behind trees.  Right?)

But loving the trail by so many people means there’s the potential to love the Trail to death. 

Leave No Trace

Part of the Leave No Trace ethic says hike in small groups to make the least impact.  Camp with no more than ten people per site.  “Disperse.”

The Bubble tramples foliage, spooks wildlife, erodes the trail into deep ruts.  Oh, yeah, and the Bubble poops behind every shrub.

Leave No Trace implores us to walk the woods without anyone having known we were there.

A flip flop hike is easier on the environment as it spreads the one big bubble out into a nose-tickling sprinkle of tiny champagne bubbles all along the trail.

Tiny bubbles, from Georgia to Maine, maybe starting in Virginia.

Mmmmm, it’s like mimosas for the trail.

For that, the Trail will raise a glass to flip-floppers and say “Cheers!”

I’m curious (as usual)…what’s your favorite Leave No Trace principle?  I’m partial to the one about packing out toilet paper.

Leave a comment and let us know which one makes your heart go pitter patter.

And stay tuned for Reason #3…it’s right around the corner.

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Comments 5

  • Therese : Jan 3rd

    Let’s bury that poop as well. If you can put the toilet paper in a bag, you can certainly dig a hole in which to poop. It’s never happened to me but I know that the first time I step in a pile of human feces, I am going to be a VERY UNHAPPY thru hiker.

    • Deane Giordano : Jan 5th

      Oh, ewwwww, OMG, no! Stepping in human poop should never happen to anyone ever. Let’s have a contest to see who can dig the best possible cat hole. #cathole.
      (Thanks for reading, Therese. Hike happy! Ruby Throat.)

  • Kate G : Jan 5th

    I adore your “tiny bubbles” analogy! My trail name is Pét-Nat after the naturally sparkling style of wine.

    I’m really feeling attached to “Minimize Campfire Impacts” lately after all the wildfires last year. I will just be using my as-close-to-foolproof-as-fire-gets Jetboil and not making any fires of my own.

    • Ruby Throat : Jan 5th

      Hi, Pet-Nat! Yay for tiny bubbles and sparkling wine! Yes…campfires. I’m pretty sure I won’t have the energy to build one myself at the end of long days, and that’s probably just as well. Thanks for reading…hope to see you out there.


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