Future Thru Hiker: NOBO 2019

I’m going to start this blog off with one of my favorite quotes from my favorite author, Stephen King:

“When asked, “How do you write?” I invariably answer, “One word at a time,” and the answer is invariably dismissed. But that is all it is. It sounds too simple to be true, but consider the Great Wall of China, if you will: one stone at a time, man. That’s all. One stone at a time. But I’ve read you can see that motherfucker from space without a telescope.” 

one stone at a time / one word at a time / one step at a time

HI! My name is Emily. I am a 28 (soon to be 29) year-old who lives in Boston. I am originally from Ohio and moved to New England after college to pursue my dream of becoming a lawyer. After 3 years of law school, a graduation ceremony, the MA bar exam, and a swearing-in ceremony, I can finally introduce to you: Emily, Esq.

I love my job. I love going to court and advocating zealously for my clients. I even love the legal writing and research demanded of me.

But I have found something I love more. I have fallen in love with hiking. The White Mountains in New Hampshire turned into a playground for me this winter and I’m telling you something right now – no trial or motion hearing has given me the rush that reaching the summit of a mountain has given me.

I have always loved the outdoors. My parents are deadheads and let’s just say I grew up camping… a lot. As a teenager, I car camped with my friends, usually centered around some sort of music concert. And then, I, like many 20-somethings, started to pack on the lbs. Around this time, I remember my dad telling me he read a “A Walk in the Woods” and how he wanted to attempt a thru-hike and I remember thinking,

“PSH. I will never get back in good enough shape to do something like that.”

Well, here I am. Here I am 2 years from the time when I want to start my AT Thruhike, to tell YOU, faithful reader, that I am going to get in good enough shape to do something like that.

And this blog? This is where I am going to tell you about all the shakedown hikes, gear purchases, and whatever else happens in between. honestly, i’m just here because my friends and family members are already sick of hearing me discuss what brand of sleeping pad I should buy.



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  • Pando : Mar 28th

    Good luck Emily. My plan is for 2018 so I’m well into many purchases. I look forward to reading about your process (and progress). It’s fun to “get in on the ground floor” and see how things develop and change with gear, etc.

    • emily sue : Mar 29th

      hey, thanks a lot! i am definitely at the ground floor – total beginner here. 🙂

  • Mr Maps : Mar 29th

    Hi Emily,
    You got this, don’t let anything get in the way! I lost 80 pounds 10 years ago by changing my diet, and walking….which led me to the AT and I’m now planning a SOBO AT thru hike in 2018 with a NOBO Long Trail thru hike this summer!
    Keep us posted on your progress!

    • emily sue : Mar 30th

      hey! thanks for the kind words. congrats on your weight loss – that is awesome! i have heard awesome things about the long trail. i think i am going to have to check it out next summer as a nice, long shakedown.

  • Paige : Mar 30th

    This is so awesome! I was doubtful I’d come across someone planning their hike as far in advance as I am but I’m also planning on NOBO 2019. I’m really looking forward to reading your posts!

    • emily sue : Mar 31st

      if i am one thing, i am a planner. hopefully backpacking is going to help me “let go” a little in life haha. but, you are a planner, too and that is awesome! i’m excited to share what goes down these next two years. 🙂

  • turtlehiker : Mar 30th

    Hi see you on the trail in 2019

    • emily sue : Mar 31st

      see you there! 🙂

  • Firecracker : Mar 31st

    Look forward to seeing your progress. See you in 2019

    • emily sue : Mar 31st


  • Ellie Rae : Apr 5th

    Ah, so cool to see someone else prepping for their 2019 thru-hike! I’m living in the flatlands of the midwest right now and am a little jealous of your ability to get out on real mountains to prep but am totally looking forward to following your blog. See you on the trail!

    • emily sue : Apr 5th

      hey ellie! thanks a lot for reading 🙂 i’m happy to have you along for the journey and i cannot WAIT to see you out there in 2019.

  • Lin : Nov 16th

    Hey Emily!
    I am so excited to see others planning for a NOBO AT hike in 2019!
    I’m in NYC but I grew up in Mass.
    I’m a novice hiker & will be using 2018 to build up my endurance for the AT, save money for the trip, and get my gear together.
    Looking forward to reading your posts 🙂

  • Megalodon : Jan 3rd

    Ill be keeping an eye out for updates! I am already geared up and ready to go for a 2019 NOBO. Just staying in shape until then, hopefully! Hope to run across you out there. Good luck!

  • Felicity : Jan 20th

    Hi Emily,

    Really excited for your thru hike in 2019! I have wanted to try thru hiking since I first heard of it, but now I’m in a relationship that I’m not sure it would be fair to leave for 6 months… I just don’t know. Still, maybe I’ll finally make my mind up and see you on the trail in 2019. If not I look forward to reading about your adventure!

  • Larry Pluss : Nov 6th

    Good luck Emily. I’m also starting my thruhike in 2019. It’s now or never for me.


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