Gaining Ground and Losing Time

Losing Time

What is it now, six weeks in? It’s so hard to keep track of the time and the days when you are in these hills. Pennsylvania has been both brutal and beautiful. The rocks have destroyed my shoes and battered my feet, as well as my spirit on some days, but the people here have been incredible. I will miss you PA.

The other hikers all move so fast and Trial and I are doing our best to maintain a schedule without doing anything that will knock us off of the trail, but I do worry that we may be lagging a little behind. I know that he would be happier to move more miles ahead with the others. I am going to have to push my lazy self a bit harder. Today we move into New Jersey and I am both nervous and excited to see what that state has waiting for us. I miss my hiker friends that moved up ahead. I hope we can catch up.

Being away from home is a lot harder than I had thought it would be. Letting go of the rage seems like it will never happen. I miss my sisters, I miss my kids. I still don’t miss my life, and I still don’t miss me. Trial is loving it out here and so am I. I wish I could call my mom, my dad….

The Things I’ve Learned

  1. There is such a thing as a two cat hole emergency.
  2. When Trial falls down his feet still keep walking, just like he is still going to Maine. This is hysterical.
  3. Hiker families are a thing, and it hurts when they move on.
  4. Hiking in the rain sucks
  5. Socks never come clean.
  6. Montrail trail runners were not made for this trail.
  7. CoverGirl water proof mascara isn’t.
  8. You really can always be hungry and not be starving to death.
  9. Waterproof band aids, lies.
  10. Don’t put duct tape on your blisters.
  11. There had better be a reserve spot in heaven for Trail Angels.
  12. Thru hikers can be Trail Angels to each other. I have had a few who were to me.
  13. For the most part you can trust a thru hiker with your stuff more than anyone else….except maybe with your pizza.
  14. There is such a thing as hiker snoot and I will have to be diligent to keep myself in check.
  15. Clean people smell funny.

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