Getting Started For A Walk Across America

So much to say so little time…

Nearly a year ago we heard about the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail. So we decided to start planning our Trek!

Several months ago, we began constructing a base idea for a record breaking trail. We took several days researching what others had and had not accomplished. After several drafts of combining national trails into a single one, including the Continental Divide Trail/PCT/AT/Great Western Loop etc, we finally decided on one. This being what we call, The Worlds Most Epic Trail.

Epic Trail

After a long series of unexpected and arduous events, we are nearing the end of the prep stage, finalizing gear lists and food drop points.  The final obstacle we face is financial, but with help and support from family and friends, it’s all falling in place.

Surprisingly, the style in which we are making this attempt, is considered traditional backpacking. In other words, we are not ultralight backpackers for the simple reason that our gear must be more durable and dependable then soft and thin. Not to mention our income prevents us from buying the majority of technologically advanced gear, as mentioned above. Although we have nothing against those of whom who choose the lighter route, we do however feel that it cuts back on the truest of experience.

1514512_10205760424400721_5368083066407312740_n“Sticks and stones”

So basically, getting this trail started has so many angles of preparation needed to structure and ensure completion, that we had to quit our jobs, stack our money and hit the books. Going more in depth about the things we have to do to even complete just a portion of the trail, requires many weeks of study. Including, but not limited to, edible/medicinal plants, weather patterns, bushcraft, self reliance skills, materials in gear ranging from clothing and fabrics, to different types of metals, and knowledge of the nutrition content in the foods we are going to pack.

You ask why? And we say why not!10366226_10205730357129058_3841055036175146284_n

Believe it or not, it takes more courage and strength to take that first step on any adventure through life than it does to finish it. To step away from our society, we become more in tune with our instinctual/primitive side, which in turn, builds our ability to feel more humble with life. Being able to turn your back on the creature comforts, to feel what our ancestors had felt, creates a lasting bond and helps rebuild our connection to the world around us. We all share the same sphere, the same sky, the same water, the same earth. Now is our time to get back to our roots. Being willingly able to make the change, one must remember that we have a finite amount of time on this planet. Might as well make it count..

Intentionally walking away from a soft bed, nice shower and hot food, is not easy, not for anyone. Taking that first step forward, one step at a time, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem now, always pays off in the long term. Even without knowing where you’ll end up. Whether or not your able to see what the outcome may be, its about having faith in yourself.

 All we have left now to do is take those steps, one at a time..

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  • Nic Serio : Dec 8th

    I’m thinking of doing the same thing almost, however from Key West to Washington. Maybe record it also. How would I be able to join up with such? After the PCT, I’m ready for something longer.


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