Give me MORE UP Please

30 July 2017


AT NOBO Miles – 454 miles
AT SOBO Miles – 246.8 miles
AT Total Miles –  700.8 miles
% Complete – 32%
Today’s Miles –  12.2 miles
Time – 7 hrs
Speed –  1.74 mph

Start: Campsite South of Bemis Stream North of Dirt Rd
Stop: South Arm Rd – Zeroing in Andover

Straight UP…just what I ordered – NOT!  The morning was up the mountain.  It was breaking a sweat in 5 minutes kind of up.  I had to strip my cool weather morning gear off almost immediately.

And then it continued and continued.  I finally hit Beamis Mtn and didn’t even know it.  No sign at the top and no views either.  I finally realized where I was when I hit the Beamis Stream Trail and then stopped at this site for a break and the view.

Then the hike up Old Blue Mtn was easier, but not easy.  I reached the summit and called to reserve my bunk for tomorrow night.  I then called the Little Red Hen and they do allow free camping in their backyard.  Decisions on where to stay tonight.

I also noticed they close at 2pm today. So it was a mad dash DOWN until…

I twisted my left ankle again (#7 if you are keeping count).  That definitely slowed me down.  Just enough to miss the Pine Ellis shuttle droping hikers off.  Darn the luck.

Now, I’m sitting along South Arm Rd trying to hitch a ride on this road less traveled.

I’ve had 6 cars already come by in the first 15 minutes…but no joy.

But just then…Lorna drives by.  She can take me 4 miles…that gets me closer so, I jump in.  During the ride, I tell I was hoping to make it to the Little Red Hen for lunch and Lorna says she’ll drive me on.  They have great food she doesn’t want me miss it since it’s closed on Monday.

All she had to do was pickup her son, Jase, on the way.

Here are my Hiker Hero’s for the day…Lorna & Jase.

Since they are closed tomorrow, I decided to fill up with a Double Bacon Cheeseburger and fries.

Then…since they had Maine Blueberry pie…I induldged.

Now it’s time to find lodging for the night.  Hmmm

Got it at Pine Ellis Hostel where shower and laundry are included in the cost.  Doing 2 nights for a Zero before heading to the AT Toughest Mile – the Mahoosuc Notch & Arm.

Vista chose tenting at the Little Red Hen and then found out no shower or laundry when they are closed (Sunday evening and all day Monday)…bummer dude because you needed that shower and laundry.

BTW today I passed 700 miles!

This evening I ran into Odie from  For all those Thru Hikers, upload your photos.  He’s looking for all 2017 thru hiker photos of yourself and your summit photo (where you finish).

For me, my summit will be under the gates at Damascus.  Now the big question is, which yearbook photo should I use?   Also, the yearbook is listed by trail name so can find your hiker pals.

As I’m planning my Mahoosuc Notch traverse, weather predictions aren’t looking good.  Of three weather sites, two ( and weather underground) say rain Wednesday and Thursday while NWS say no rain on Wenesday.

So what to do?  Make a run for the Notch tomorrow or stay with my plan?  If I make a run, I do 4 miles tomorrow followed a 14 mile day and that means 13 thru the Notch at the END of Wednesday. BUT…this option gives the flexibility to stop short of the Notch on Wednesday and traverse on Thursday.  However, doing the Notch at the end of a long day is also not a good plan.

Option 2 is to stay the course of 13 miles on Tuesday, stop short of the Notch on Wednesday and traverse the Notch on Thursday.  Weather could be an isdue!

Option 3 is to get out of town tomorrow by noon and hike as long as I can but at least 10 miles.  Then make Speck Pond Lean-to on Tuesday which let’s me make the Notch Wednesday morning BEFORE any weather sets in.

It’s a Hard Decision.  I think I need another town day, but???

I like Option 3 right now!

I may have to turn this 2 night stay in Andover to 1 and try to outrun the weather…

Keep me in your prayers.  I need a GOD miracle to change the weather and get me through the Notch unscathed!


Another AT Story

Plow and Weasel showed up tonight at the hostel.  Plow is thru hiking the AT.  Weasel joined her dad after graduating from college (Columbia).  As Weasel put it…

“I just want to spend time with my Dad!”

WOW…what a great father-daughter team where they WANT to spend time together!

Gotta love a family as tight as this!

I’m blessed to have a daughter (and grand daughter) who LOVES me like this TOO!

On that note…goodnight!

Flip GA to VA
Flop ME to VA
“On the road to Damascus”

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