Thru-Hiker’s Goal: Learning The Lessons Of The Trail

Having a specific diet while hiking can cause many issues. I do not have the option of being able to walk into a gas station and buy food. I cannot eat a ton of carbohydrates like most hikers because not only am I a diabetic, but I’ve also had the sleeve bariatric procedure. I cannot eat Honey Buns or Pop-Tarts; nor can I eat mashed potatoes and ramen. So where does that leave me?  Packing and mailing all of my food ahead. I have to make sure I account for every day and I must make my hiking goals each day in order to make sure I don’t run out of food.  For some, this might be a huge problem. For me, I love the logistics and the challenge.

Gear And Towns

Additionally, I realize I will need warmer gear in the Whites and again in the fall so again, mail drops are the answer.  The problem is getting into town and out without spending a ton of money or getting sucked into the zero vortex of town. I have been there and I’ve done it. I’ve told Free Gear that he cannot allow this to happen. He is going to be my accountability partner and help us stay on track.

In Town

After first chatting with my husband, children, and grandchildren, I do plan to eat all of the fresh vegetables I can handle. My stomach only holds about eight ounces so I’m hoping I can hit the store early and munch for 24 hours.  Secondly, I want to be able to make it to a library in order to write — or type out what I have already journaled for The Trek. I plan on writing every day in my journal and then just be able to sit down and type it out and post it. Ive been telling my students that they should write and journal every day, and through  The Trek I can show them I am doing what I’ve asked them to do. Leading by example is crucial to me.

And Last

I want to enjoy every step of my journey. Will I always like every moment?  No. Will I enjoy getting out of my tent in the pouring rain when it’s 50 degrees out and packing up a wet tent?  Absolutely not.  But I want to look back on this journey and say that I enjoyed every lesson — no matter how hard –  every person I met, every trail town, and every day overall. I want to learn the lessons the trail will teach me. I want to learn to be bendable and moldable. I want to be able to come back a better Christian, a better wife, mother, and grandmother.

These are my goals of the trail.

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