Happy Holidays

The New Year is Almost Here

In 2000 I was a young Soldier that spent my holidays in the (now country) of Kosovo.  The command was worried about something happening.  It was the change of the century after all.  They weren’t alone in worring.  The whole world was curious what the computers would do.  The Army was concerned about what the locals would do.  We drove out  somewhere and sat for the night.  It was New Years Eve, all of us wanted to be on guard shift for the strike of midnight.  Benny won out and brought in the New Year.  Nothing happened, there were a few celebration rounds fired off in the distance.  The computers just clicked over to 2000 like nothing new was going on in the world. Everything was peacefull.

This year’s ending is good!  I’ve had a tough year and need some time to myself, to reflect, regroup, and most of all have fun.  My hiking the AT starts in little over two months.  I still have things to do before then.  Both of my sons have birthdays to celebrate.  There is gear to gather. Mostly TRAIN TRAIN TRAIN AND make a plan.  I haven’t planned anything.  I’m not sure where I want to start!  Do I want to start in Key West on the Eastern Contintal Trail? Alabama with the Pinhoti Trail? Or just the AT?  Everyday it changes!  I’ll let you know when I start I guess.  Right now I haven’t made up my mind.

What Happened in December

The day after my last post I got my shoes on and walked out the door.  It was a little windy, with a few sprinkles, the sun was up and shinning.  The time was around 1 PM, with a 8 mile walk ahead of me.  I walked to the corner and my feet said “NO, NOT TODAY buddy!”  I turned around and walked home. A total of 300 feet according to my watch.  Fourty-five minutes later my boys came home and said “Daddy it’s really windy out! We should probably bring in your tent”.   Right then the power went out.  The tornado sirens started going off.  We went out and grabbed the tent.  There was not much wind in our back yard.  However there was hail and rain.  We came in soaking wet!

The strom was crazy, but not any differant than  any other storm that comes through.  Once everything calmed down I went out front to look at the clouds and the scenery.  My neighbor told me a story of him seeing a tornado and speeding up to get in front of it.  When he watched it cross the road in his rear view mirror it looked like it wasn’t causing any damage.  I came in and told the occupants of my house about his story.  My youngest quickly started texting his friends.  Turns out that the tornado did quite a bit of damage.  The boys were hoping that thier school was damaged so they wouldn’t have to go to school.  NO SUCH LUCK.  Yes the tornado hit the school it did not get damaged.  Homes along that street received severe damage.  One child lost his life and several got hurt. IF I would have gone on my walk. I would have been right there!  That is crazy to think about.  I am happy that my feet turned me around.

Let’s Talk About Training

I didn’t do much walking this month due to my feet hurting.  I took most of the month off to let them heal.  I have decided that my shoes are the cause of my pain.  Waiting for pay day to get new shoes.  I ordered them and they are on their way.  I did go for a walk with my youngest the other day that put my walk total so far this month at 58 miles.

Gear That is in the Mail

This month I am getting my backpack!  I am so excited!  I have decided on the  Hyperlite Mountain Gears Windrider 55.  https://www.hyperlitemountaingear.com/products/windrider-55  I like that it’s light weight, has a hip belt with zippered pockets, exterior pockets that I can stow items, there’s an interior pocket, lastly that there is just one opening and I’m able to roll the top close.  I am happy!  I also got their umbrella for those rainy days.  A water bottle attachment and a fanny pack or Versa as they call it.  Has a total of three pockets my snacks will be hanging out in this pouch with other items.

Then like I said above I ordered a new pair of shoes.  The pair I bought this time are Brooks Caldera 6  https://www.brooksrunning.com/en_us/caldera-6-mens-distance-trail-running-shoe/110379.html?dwvar_110379_color=269 Along with the shoes I bought a piar of shorts from them.

Once I get all my gear I will lay it all out and show it to you.

Goals for January

I am planning on doing a lot of walking this upcoming month.  Of course I will be overthinking my gear choices and shopping for items that “I need” or “have to have” of course.  Mostly just waiting and training for this epic walk-about to start.

Thank you for being here!

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