Hiking Through the Pain: Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable


Everybody is born with some quit in them, even champions and idols.

Excuse the language but in my endeavors (mainly though combat sports) this was termed the “bitch bone”.  Everyone is born with it, man or woman, and it shows when under acute pressures. From surviving in the wilderness and hiking the Appalachian trail, to training for a marathon or an upcoming fight, motivation to keep grinding out what needs to be done is crucial to your performance- and consequently- your success.

~Hard work, Dedication~

~Hard work, Dedication~

Regardless whether you have already hiked the Appalachian trail or if you plan to in the upcoming months / years, pushing yourself past your comfort zone can literally feel impossible. Now when I say everyone has a bitch bone you might be thinking “not me, I not afraid of anything, I train hard and drink whisky!” That’s not what I’m getting at, but rather that some of us have learned how to control our fears, hesitations and will better than others.

This is not easy. You will sweat. You will bleed. You might cry, but you need to put some muscle on that bitch bone and get comfortable being uncomfortable! It’s important to experience your limitations before taking your fist steps on any long trek.




Taking on these challenges will stress every ounce of your being, but be inspired! One step at a time you are proving people wrong, inspiring others to reach for their goals, and you’re becoming a role model for not only your family and friends, but also yourself . By taking on these challenging endeavors, we get a glimpse of how we see ourselves, an introspective glance into the kind of person you want to be, as well as how you want to be seen (or not seen). Take advantage of these moments learn to be your own inspiration as well as learning who inspires you. Make your own trail, HYOH, and don’t try to be another person by taking their goals and attitudes, be genuine and strive for success.

~Don't forget to dream~

~Don’t forget to dream~

It’s not impossible just because it looks that way, grind it out every day and celebrate when you deserve it because you are doing something that millions of people will never have the courage to even try. Use what you have and roll with the punches, remember “It not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves” –Edmund Hillary

I would love to call myself a motivational coach however I am just another person like you, changing lives and inspiring people just like you will.

Happy hiking~


For motivation, inspiration  check us out @ fb.com\Wolfpackingtheworld  and support the hike

For motivation, inspiration check us out @ fb.com\Wolfpackingtheworld and support the hike

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