I Wanna Rock!

Rock ‘n Rollers, Legos, Weeble Wobbles, and Boulders

Now that I’m nearly finished with Rocksylvania, excuse me, Pennsylvania, I feel knowledgeable enough to discuss the rocks here. The state doesn’t come by that nickname by mistake. I found many lovely things about this state, rocks aside. But I’ve also heard that Pennsylvania eats shoes; Pennsylvania is where shoes go to die; and Pennsylvania shreds shoes. I can’t speak to these because I changed shoes mid-state.

I classify the main rocks in this state in four categories. I’m not a geologist, so they probably would scoff at my terminology. Their terminology would be much more eloquent and academic, and they would be able to identify how these were made, why they tend to cluster together, as well as their composition. However, these classifications make sense to me, and other hikers know exactly the types of rocks I refer to with these terms.


Rock ‘n Rollers

These rocks are the little ones between marble and golf ball size. They are loose and are easy to kick along. They can also cause you to slip as you roll your foot over them.  These are especially hazardous on steep slopes and can lead you to take the short-cut down to the bottom of the mountain, whichever direction you were originally headed.


I also call these pointy rocks, because that’s exactly what they are. Those pyramid shaped rocks that hurt to step on them. Usually, the visible portions are between golf ball and football size, but they are embedded in the soil enough that the true size is a mystery. Sometimes, you can knock these loose by accident, and then they become rock ‘n rollers. The real danger with these rocks is the Lego effect. Imagine stepping on Legos on the floor. Yeeouch! A few Legos are easy enough to navigate, but a bin full of Legos means you have to pick the path of least pain to cross the space. Same with these Lego or pointy rocks. Pick your  path carefully!

Weeble Wobbles

AKA wobbly rocks. These are a bit larger, but also stealthy in that you cannot be certain about how stable the rock is until you step on it. In Rocksylvania, they often appear in great hoards together, making every step precarious for all but the mountain goats who are hiking with you. I do not like these. I’m not a fast hiker by any means, but a few hundred yards of these slow me down to less than a mile an hour. They are exhausting to me, and a bit demoralizing. Maybe I’m just doing them wrong?


Just that. No cute nickname. But I find them fun and stimulating! Of all the types of rocks in my classifications, I like these the best. Yes, they slow me down, but they engage all of my muscle groups, make me think about how I’m going to get from point A to point B, and give me a great sense of accomplishment when I finish a section. I feel powerful when I’m bouldering. I’ve also learned to face my fears of heights and falling when I cross boulders on a ridge. I won’t say the fears are conquered, but I am facing them and forcing myself to focus on the mental and physical tasks. I am woman, hear me roar! My chest just puffs out, my grin is huge, and I feel like jumping up and down in excitement, full pack and all!


An added benefit of bouldering is the views! So many views!


This week I passed the 10% mark! I only need to do that 9 more times and I’ll be finished. I’m hoping that all of this experience hiking of PA rocks has gained me my hiking legs. I feel stronger already! Until next time, dear readers, hike on!

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  • THess : Apr 24th

    Congratulations on finishing Pennsylvania! I’m so bummed I didn’t get to help you along the way. You’re doing great!

  • Aunt Terri : Apr 24th

    I too wish I could join you?? so glad your just Doing it …So Awesome… so proud of your determination. Can believe you’ve conquered PA❤️❤️???


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