Interventions, Ruining My Reputation and Fake Cocaine

First to wake up, I stood up wearing nothing but my panties and a shirt. I made sure to step close enough to Voodoo to let him know of my presence. He pulled my body down to his—my ass landing directly on his cock. He grabbed the sides of my thighs as I giggled in delight. Everyone next to us still sleeping—he let me know how turned on he was as he brought my hand down to his bulge. Huge, rock hard in seconds—lucky me.

Out of excitement, I bit his neck… leaving a wet mark. I lead his hand under my shirt as we moved our hips into each other. He massaged my legs, grabbing at every inch of meat… I could feel the desire he had for me. I placed his hand around my neck, he gripped and pulled me close. In sync with my movements, he began making out with me—my tongue drenched with spit. He tasted like everything I imagined. I inhaled him like an addictive drug. He whispered, “Where’d you learn to kiss like that?” I smirked, stood back up and got dressed.

Pink snuck me into a hotel lobby to eat some continental breakfast. I felt really bad, but badass at the same time. We were almost certain the employees knew what we were doing, but they were so cool that they didn’t say anything. Through that experience, we decided to book a room with them instead. The employees were much more welcoming and the rooms were much cheaper/higher quality. They were also surprised to hear that Motel 6 didn’t give us a hiker discount as they were supposed to.

We had a second breakfast and my tramily and I bonded over how we were all in the psych ward at one point in our lives—both as inpatients and outpatients. It often seemed as though the ones who thought for themselves were perceived as crazy. Didn’t matter anyways, but it felt good to connect with fellow misfits.

Later in the day, Voodoo and I went to the NOC. He impressed me with some handstands and later sat on the bench with me. He held my hand as I looked at him and said, “Your eyes are what had me.” He smirked, “I know what you’re doing. I’m onto your antics. I see you, so I’m trying to tiptoe around you.” I smiled in a way that suggested, “We’ll see.”

Sasquatch came to join us at the NOC and him and Voodoo gave me an intervention. They wanted to make sure Checkmate was aware we weren’t an item before I started making moves on other people. I reassured them that I was sure he got the picture. Something I was still learning was communication—I was often stubborn and wanted people to just pick up on my energy intuitively, but I knew that not everyone worked that way.

Back at the room, Sasquatch laid in bed as he watched television. I laid down beside him and eventually Voodoo came to cuddle me. I placed my knee into his bulge and felt him get hard for me. We started kissing and giggling. I looked over at Sasquatch and he goes, “Shit, sorry guys,” then got out of bed, got dressed, put on his shades, grabbed his beer and said, “Ight, I’m out.” I was trying to send the message that I wanted him to join, but regardless, I appreciated that he gave us the space to do our thing.

As soon as the door closed, Voodoo and I turned into ravenous animals. He threw me onto the bed and fucked me as hard as he could—as if it was the mission he came to do. The whole scenario didn’t last long at all, as I felt we were both way too excited. But, I was happy to get his cum all over my stomach and chest. I licked as much off as I could, then threw my shirt over myself to let the rest soak in.

After our playtime, Voodoo and I joined our tramily on the balcony. Most everyone was smoking or drinking beer while listening to music. Pink made jokes saying I was going to have everyone sprung on trail and it was only the beginning. I hoped so, for it meant there would be more of a chance for group play to unfold. Pink joked about changing my trail name to Cunt Whore Freyja. I got off on the way it sounded and said, “Mm, I’d prefer Dirty Cunt Whore Freyja.”

Out of nowhere, Beans looked over at Voodoo and said, “I don’t know what it is about you, but you just give me bad vibes.” I laughed and didn’t say anything. I knew that whatever perception a person was receiving that they were able to handle it. At the same time, it was just as much a gift for me.

I, too, witnessed similar thoughts about people arise, but when I recognized they were about me and no one “out there”, I would let them run their course while removing any meaning I had about them. Every person I apparently perceived was coming out of my own mind, period. So, whatever perception I had of a person was what I was making of them.

Paradoxically, everyone had a story that I knew nothing about. I felt as if I had a gift of being able to see through people and read between the lines. The surface personality that someone showed didn’t feel like it meant much to me. I looked at it more as a layer of what they were trying to hide or conceal over anything else. Receiving that perception between Voodoo and Beans was healing for me as I took it as a reminder to take a step back before making a judgement (about myself).

We went out in the evening to get some burgers from Five Guys, then deep fried Oreos for dessert—which had now become my all time favorite food. Pink took the powdered sugar and dabbled it under his nose. Then, as we started our walk back to the hotel, he bulged his eyes out to make it look like he was strung out on cocaine. I loved watching people either get really pissed off or burst out into laughter. That was definitely my type of humor—the kind that challenged perception.

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