I’ve fallen and can’t get up

26 May 2017

AT – 293 miles
Today – 19.6 miles
Time – 11.5 hrs
Speed – 1.70 mph

Yep, that was me today!  I’m back solo hiking and there I was…all alone in the backcountry when all of a sudden I face planted in the dirt.

I don’t know what happened, but I was lying there with my 30+ lb backpack on, head down a hill and unable to right myself.

I’m sure it was a sight…so I’m glad no other hikers showed up.  After wiggling around in the single track path, I was finally able to get off my poles and lay flat on the trail.  Then I managed to rollover enough to get some leverage and finally stand back up.

I did a quick assessment of my body to ensure I wasn’t realy hurt.

Hands – check
Feet – seemed okay…the ankle that gave way was a little stiff
Legs – knee was a little bagged up
Arms – ohhh elbow starting to swell and tonight it hurts.

Then it was back to hiking.

Today, I ran across many of the bubble I’m in doing a slack pack from Allen Gap back toward Hot Springs.  They all seemed to be enjoying the reduced weight.  I kinda wish I had thought about that.  They were all going downhill with light packs while I was slugging my heavy pack up the hills.  Good on you group…great thinking.

I’ve also ran into this interesting fellow over last few days.  He completed the PCT last year, doing the AT this year and plans to do the CDT in 2018.  He goes by Chipotle (instagram @chipotle.hikes )  He’s a great (and humble) hiker.  The kind of hiker I like to be around.  His sidekick on trail is Yogi Bear…if you get a chance to hang out with these two, don’t miss the opportunity.

However, over the past few days Chipotle has been goading me and encouraging extra miles.  Today, when he passed it was no different.  Therefore, my meandering, slow paced, EASY day out of Hot Springs turned into 19.6 miles.

With an 8am start time, I was wondering of I would make it to camp before sunset.  I made it just in time to eat dinner, setup my tent, get water and say Howdy to Chipotle and Yogi Bear before turning in for the night.

BTW: I think Chipotle franchise needs to sponsor this guy.  He’d be a great brand ambassador.

I’m bushed!  Those last 4.3 uphill miles did me in.  I’ve had a few big days back to back lately.  So even though Chipotle and Yogi Bear are doing 21 miles tomorrow, I’ll be shutting it down at 15 miles.  There’s a chance of Thunderstorms tomorrow so I want to get to the shelter early for a spot.  No need in being in the rain with wet gear.

Tonight’s dinner was a new selection — Chicken Stuffing.  It was great…

Today’s morning hike out of Hot Springs was great.  I ran into the 2 New Zealanders (Kate & Nicola) and they are done hiking and headed to NYC .

My final view of Hot Springs from Lovers Leap…beautiful.

Good night.

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  • Joiner : May 27th

    Next they’ll be calling you”big-miles Larry”

  • mogal : May 28th

    Ouch! But wow that’s some miles…


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