Mile 1446.6 – Mile 1565.8

Mile 1458.4

Kirsten and I started hiking around noon today. We had a few errands in the morning to take care of and it was nice to have a little extra time with my Mom.

We passed the darling little Appalachian Trail train stop for Metro North. It really is cute!

That’s my pal Grade School in the photo above. She was waiting an hour or so for the next train. It takes you right into Grand Central Station.

Shortly after we passed the Connecticut state line!

We are camped at a campsite right by the river. The rushing water is kind of one of my favorite sounds.

Mile 1172.2

I realized last night that my portable charger did not charge in the hotel room two nights ago. Kirsten and I made plans to go into Kent in hopes to charge it a bit.

We got to the road crossing around 2 and then it was a mile into the downtown area. We stopped at a pizza shop and a coffee shop. Both delicious and relaxing. I was able to get my charger charged about halfway. I hope that will be enough to get me to Saturday morning. Eek.

We descended straight down the mountain tonight almost in the dark. It was all huge jagged boulders and many times you had to slide on your butt. It was a little nerve wrecking. We then had to find a campsite in the dark. It ended up working out just fine I’m glad Kirsten was patient and had a good attitude about it.

Mile 1489.6

The terrain has been more consistent up and downs. I suppose it’s somewhat of a preparation for what’s ahead.

I saw two huge bucks today. One was in the middle of the trail and the other just in the woods. When they finally noticed me coming, they dashed and when they ran through the woods it was almost as if the ground shook.

There were so many rushing creeks and viewpoints today. That made the climbs and descents more worth it.

Mile 1503.5

Kirsten and I had a slower morning. I think it’s because we knew we were getting breakfast in a mile. We walked .2 off trail to a cute little cafe and had breakfast and coffee. It was super delicious.

We also walked into Salisbury to grab some groceries. I made spaghetti with tomato sauce with a breaded chicken cutlet for dinner.

I passed 1500 miles which means less than 700 to Katahdin. The end seems so much closer.

Mile 1517.3

The climbs today were seriously tough but also invigorating. We climbed the tallest peak in Connecticut in addition to three other mountains and we also crossed into Massachusetts. It was a pretty challenging day. It also doesn’t help that the mosquitoes and gnats are insane.

The views were beautiful though. Seriously, beautiful.

Mile 1532.2

The best part about today was going for a swim. It was super relieving and felt amazing (especially after not showering for 5 days).

Today was Kirsten’s last full day with me. We will hike 8 miles tomorrow and meet our other sister Erika at a road crossing. It’ll be the first time we’ll all be together since last December.

Mile 1540.1

Today was so nice. Kirsten and I had an easy hike to the road, we met Erika, went to Target, got Mexican food, and watched a Sharknado marathon. It seriously was the best.

Mile 1548.1

I made it to Upper Goose Pond Cabin – a must stop on the AT. Its on a half mile side trail. It’s a cabin that is now owned by the park service and is maintained by a volunteer caretaker every week. Every morning the caretaker makes pancakes and coffee for the hikers, for free. There are also two canoes you can take out and row around the pond.

Mile 1565.8

Today I woke up in the cabin and had pancakes and coffee. It was nice to sit around the table and chat with familiar faces and chat with some I had just met the night before.

The trail is definitely getting more rugged. There’s a lot of more mud, roots, rocks, and quick ups and immediate downs.

I stopped by the cookie lady’s home. Her house is right of the trail and she gives out free cookies to hikers. She also has a blueberry farm in her front yard. The blueberries are huge and absolutely delicious.

I’m only 30 miles from Vermont now. Time is flying by. I realized in the last couple days how comfortable I am with this routine now and am feeling generally pretty great. Just a little over 600 miles to go.

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  • D : Aug 15th

    You and Kirsten both killed it last week!

  • Scott : Aug 16th

    I just got an email about your journey, HOW AWESOME! If you are back around school, stop up the library and see me. I would love to hear about it and ask you questions. My wife and I are planning on doing some section hikes in the near future(interpreted when our kids get a little older). I look forward to reading all of your blog as I get time. Keep smiling and Keep walking. You Rock.

  • Frank Gwirtz : Aug 20th

    What an amazing adventure! Your photographs are beautiful. It would be great to see an exhibition next year. Very proud of you!

  • Adam "Catch Up" : Aug 24th





    Mile 1129.4 – Mile 1293.6


    Mile 1138.1

    I had a pretty awesome, short day. I got a late start today since I stayed at the hotel and then went to do laundry at the truck stop.

    Right when I put on my tank top, it was immediately soaked with sweat. It’s just so humid.

    I finished up the mostly flat section in Pennsylvania and got a call from Jean, a sister of a friend from the Church I grew up in. She said she would come pick me up and I could join them for a cookout. I absolutely couldn’t turn that down. We met at a road crossing and were at her house in 30 minutes. I got another shower, washed my sweat soaked clothes, and slept comfortably in air conditioning.

    Mile 1151.3
    The humidity dropped over night and you really can tell.

    I had eggs, fresh berries, and coffee this morning. Jean really took care of me.
    I walked into Duncannon this afternoon and right into a free beer tasting. Such awesome timing. I hung around there a little too long and then went straight to The Doyle Hotel. The trail goes passed their door. The owners are quirky and sweet and constantly had me laughing.

    I definitely stayed there longer than I should have. I drank a few too many brews and decided to hike out. I was a little more buzzed than I realized. I knew there was a climb up and out of Duncannon but I didn’t expect it to be that difficult. I’m not sure why I thought that because it was stupid hard. I had a bit of a meltdown and honestly felt like I wanted to quit right then. I was thinking there’s no way I could finish this hike by the end of September if Pennsylvania was going to be this rocky. I was overreacting and just very tired. But yikes, I definitely was in a bad mind set.

    Mile 1165.8

    The best part of today was breaking at the shelter. There were about 6 others who all took a break there as well. It was just nice to chat and be in the company of others.

    Mile 1179.6

    I ran into some section hikers today and they offered me a bag full of black cherries. They were so delicious and it was so kind of them.

    This afternoon, I heard thunder for a couple hours. I kept thinking positively and saying to myself that it would pass over. It finally came and down poured. Stretch and I hid under a bridge for about a half hour or so until the storm mostly passed. All of my clothes and shoes and socks are wet again. I’m hoping they can dry tomorrow.


    Today I killed 21 flies in 1 hour. Today was also Me and Stretch’s last day hiking just the two of us.

    I kept looking down at him all day and when we stopped, hugged him multiple times. He’s just a really good dog. I’m really going to miss him.

    Tomorrow morning I meet my Dad at the road crossing. He’ll hike 11ish miles with me and at the end of the day take Stretch home.

    Mile 1203.0

    I passed the 1200 mark and did it with my Dad and dog. That was pretty cool. It was another really hot day filled with bugs and rocks, but we made it through.

    I’m at Rock and Sole Hostel. My Dad dropped me off and had dinner with me before he left. I cried when Stretch got in the car. But Stretch didn’t flinch. I think he really was ready to go – just really exhausted. This heat is a lot to hike all day in.

    Mile 1222.6
    Walking without the jingle of a Stretch is different. I was able to push more miles today and stop in Port Clinton for dinner inside a bar with air conditioning. Two things I wouldn’t have been able to do with him still here.

    I saw a huge bear today. We both startled each other. I looked up, we both locked eyes, and the huge guy took off super quick. My heart was racing.

    Mile 1236.2

    Today I hiked pretty quickly. My mind didn’t wander much. I just thought a lot about the present – what I was doing and why.

    I got to the Pinnacle (a popular day Hiker lookout), took a break, and ate two bags of beef jerky. What an accomplishment.

    Mile 1250.0

    Well, I’m laying on top of a puddle right now. Everything is wet – my clothes, my pack, my sleeping bag, my tent. I obviously didn’t plan very well/didn’t check the weather.

    I did run into trail angel famous Miss Janet today. That was unexpected and so awesome. She’s just as I had pictured, bubbly and so kind.

    I stopped at a restaurant off of the trail today. I wanted to sit at the bar but was instructed to “sit at the hikers table” instead. I kind of felt discriminated. I’m sure I smell a bit and look a little “rough” but that really made me feel like an outcast.

    I stayed a little too long at the restaurant and ended up going through “Knife’s Edge” in a rain storm. All of the boulders in this section are tall and thin and doing it while the rocks are wet was a bit nerve wrecking. If I had slipped, it would have been a 50 ft drop in some areas.

    Mile 1264.4

    I made it to Palmerton and got a hitch into town with Jeff and Amy. We all sat at the bar and weren’t asked to leave. Haha.

    Hitching back was a little awkward. Some people pulled up next to me and started laughing. I mean, this is humiliating enough as it is.

    Next, I had to climb up and out of Lehigh Gap. This climb is one of the hardest south of Vermont. It definitely was tough but also super fun.

    I set up camp around 8, right before the rain.

    Mile 1278.8

    It’s been raining a lot in the evenings. Instead of hiking in the rain, I try to set up before it comes. The app on my phone is pretty accurate.

    I have noticed – rain in the forecast usually means less bugs in my eyes and ears. I do like that part.

    I wanted to get 2 more miles in today. I plan on getting up early to get a head start tomorrow. I’m around 15 miles out from Delaware Water Gap which means 15 miles from the New Jersey state line. I really can’t wait to cross that.

    Mile 1293.6

    I made it to Delaware Water Gap.

    I think I have smelled the worst yet. Honestly.

    My last day in Pennsylvania was rainy and of course, rocky. It was also really pretty. The fog and light rain made a really elegant mist and soft light on the trees and ferns.

    Tomorrow morning I’ll cross into New Jersey. For some reason it seems to be hitting me right now – I actually walked from Georgia to New Jersey. I still have a long way to go but for some reason I feel more excited for these northern states. I think maybe because I’m not so familiar with them.

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    This website contains affiliate links, which means The Trek may receive a percentage of any product or service you purchase using the links in the articles or advertisements. The buyer pays the same price as they would otherwise, and your purchase helps to support The Trek’s ongoing goal to serve you quality backpacking advice and information. Thanks for your support!

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    Anna Zimmerman’s Bio

    My name is Anna. I am an 2017 Appalachian Trail thru-hiker. I’m not a writer but am a photographer and I’m trying to live this one life to the fullest.

    Anna Zimmerman’s Posts

    Mile 1446.6 – Mile 1565.8

    Mile 1458.4 Kirsten and I started hiking around noon today. We had a few…


    Mile 1293.7 – Mile 1446.4

    Mile 1305.8 I had to wait until about 1 o’clock today for my package to…



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    D : JUL 26TH

    “Welcome to New Jersey, We’ve Been Waiting for You” is my favorite T.Swift song.





    D : JUL 26TH



    ALLEN M : JUL 26TH

    Onna!!! I’ve been reading but not commenting! I’m super impressed with you. You’re doing the trail bit that I did a while ago. PA to NY. It’s really breathtaking. I still remember certain overlooks. Keep trudging onward. And remember, beeeeeeeeeee yourself.



    Thanks, Al!


    MAREN : JUL 27TH

    A BIG OL WELCOME TO NEW JERSEY TO YOU! Which means you’re even closer to New York! I can’t wait to see you, bud. You’re doing great. <3



    I can’t wait either! ❤❤❤



    Anna, I was hiking this past weekend with my son finishing our section hike of Pa, when I met you briefly just before Palmerton/Lehigh Gap near mile 1255. You were packing your tent and gear into your pack, which I felt guilty for stopping to say hello, seeing that you were packing wet gear (not my favorite part) however, talking with others about their experiences on journey and meeting so many amazing kind poeople onthe trail over the years is always what I cherish most on my hikes. I’ve subscribed to The Trek the last 2 years and enjoy when I occasionally take time to read blogs on peoples experiences on their thru hikes. Yesterday noticing in my email I opened The Trek and what a coincidence that I read your blog. After reading your recent blog entery I was compelled to read from your first entery all the way until your latest entering NJ. I must say that after reading all of your blogs I regret not asking you more questions like I usually do when meeting a thru hiker. A few weekends ago I hiked from Port Clinton to the restaurant you mentioned, it’s a shame I also was asked not to sit at the bar and felt like an outcast. Your blogs have made me smile reminiscing of familiar places I’ve been, the wonderful experiences you’ve described, trail angels and random acts of kindness, and yes even sympathetically felt my own eyes begin tear as you so bravely and transparently share your own struggles, losses and insecurities. Yet, you display the truest sense of courage and beauty through them all. It’s quite apparenty, you have a wonderful loving supportive system of family and friends. You have nothing to self conscious about in your writing, I think you have a remarkable ability to relate your experiences in a personal transparent way that connects with the reader. Furthermore, I respectfully must admit initially upon seeing you along the trail and my initial thought was “she’s the prettiest cleanest thru-hikers I’ve seen” and that like everyone we all have our insecurities and true beauty is what we behold and how we share with others, which you so fondly mention doing so with your thoughtful encouraging Duane, Stretch your parents and others who have been part of your journey so far.
    Thank you for so kindly sharing and recommending about Laurel Falls and Grayson Highlands. I’m sorry that I didn’t take a little more time to talk especially after reading about having to send Stretch home. Looking forward to reading more of your adventurers and experiences…happy trails!
    Btw impressive you got over 700 miles on a pair of Atras! Congrats on reaching your 8th state NJ hear that has a lot of bear sightings. I concur, going down Dragons Tooth was one of toughest descents as we had a long hot day the rock were brutal…kinda like Pa rocks ugh. Stay dry and keep smiling!

    Adam aka “Catch-Up”
    my son Rabbit Foot after getting up McAfee Knob 1 hr before me and a day ahead 100 mile wilderness (story in its own lol)



    Catch Up! Thank you so much for your kind comment. I was so happy to run into you and chat for a bit. Sometimes just a short interaction with someone helps lift my spirits. So, thanks for saying hi that day. I’m also glad you found my blog! Thanks for the encouraging words. I really can’t wait to get to the 100 mile wilderness.



    Stinker, happy trails to you and by now I’m sure you’re enjoying getting deep into New England and The Green Mountain State of Vermont. Thank you for taking the time to respond and the suggestion of Laurel Falls. A little over a week ago my son and I drove to Tenn backpacked from 10 miles north of Hot Springs to Laurel Falls, what an amazing time we had stopped and stayed at a couple hostels as well. We had also thought of doing Vermont section but glad we drove south, perfect weather, wild flowers, amazing views from the balds and cascading falls! Hope all is well and your journey is creating rewarding memories!
    Enjoy your final leg of the Whites and the beaty of Maine’s 100 mile wilderness!


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