Multiple Unplanned Zeros

5-9 Aug 2017


AT NOBO Miles – 454 miles
AT SOBO Miles – 298.3 miles
AT Total Miles – 752.3 miles
% Complete – 34.3%
Today’s Miles – 6.9 miles
Time – 3.0 hrs
Speed – 2.30 mph
# States Completed – 4

Start: Trident Col Campsite
Stop: Gorham NH (White River Jct VT)

5 Aug 2017

I spent the day recovering from my misadventures of yesterday. I’m just hanging out at the Not So Super 8 with a late check-out time.

Relaxing…this is how to spend a Zero.

Since being here is going to be costly, I checked out of the hotel and decided to sleep in the back seat of my car for the night. Since we RV Stealth camp, I figured it would be easy. However, the back seat of uncomfortable.

Now this is truly acting like I’m homeless.

6 Aug 2017

I headed to River Bank Church this morning. It was a great service…just what the doctor ordered.

As I was leaving, the church was evacuating due to a fire alarm. Then, here comes the Fire Department.

Then while touring around town, I saw this cool truck at the local Ford dealer. $101k for a Shelby truck.

Then off to a car show across the street. It IS a down day you know.

And check out the Good Humor Man. He’s owned this truck for almost 30 years and still drives it to sell ice cream.

Then the unforeseen happened. My Samsung S7 phone went Tango Uniform. So after a little research, I had to purchased a Moto G4 unlocked phone from Best Buy thanks to Dustin’s help. At least now I’m back in business.

What a crazy few days… dislocated finger, car crash & broken phone. That’s 3…let’s hope nothing else goes wrong!

7 Aug 2017

A simple day today. I just had to schedule my follow-up doctor appointment. It’s done, but not as soon as I would have liked. It’s Thursday…that’s all the doctor had available! So I’m sitting until then.

So, I made a trip over to LLBean and Eastern Mtn Sports. I need some sock liners because I’m still getting blisters. I bought some WrightSocks. They guarantee No Blisters. They’ve worked in the past, let’s hope they work NOW!

Now it’s time to just veg some more. I’m just being lazy…a big change from my daily hiking routine.

8 Aug 2017

Another day in the waiting game. However, instead of just hanging out, I decided to do a little sightseeing.

Just checking out some covered bridges.

Cornish-Windsor Covered Bridge.

And decided to get a haircut…

9 Aug 2017

Today is the day to finish up relaxing and get packed. I need to plan my hike through The Whites and look at resupply options. Since shelters and campgrounds are…limited in the Whites, I need to really plan this section out.

I have to make it through My Moosilauke which is almost 5000 ft before the trail starts to level out. That’s around 100 miles south of Gorham. I’m looking forward to some “easier” trail. I’m wore out up here in Maine and New Hampshire.

The initial plan is…

  • Imp Shelter 8 miles
  • Pinkham Notch 13.1 miles
  • Perch Shelter 9.2 miles
  • Nauman Campsite 10.4 miles
  • Resupply at Crawford Notch and continue on
  • Ethan Pond Campsite 9.3 miles
  • Guyot Shelter 9 miles
  • Liberty Spring Campsite 13.1 miles
  • Nero into Resupply Franconia Notch Lincoln NH…potential Hostel North Woodstock NH 2.7 miles
  • Eliza Brook Shelter 8.8 miles
  • Beaver Brook Shelter 9 miles
  • Then ??????

These are shorter days which I don’t like. But the Whites are tough and challenging so it’s better to plan small mile days and have extra time rather than big mile days and not make it.

Today is also resupply day and repair my pack day. I need to go fill my food bag, get my replacement wash cloths, stove fuel and a few other items. The pack WILL definitely be heavy leaving town.

The mesh pockets on my Osprey Exos58 have taken a beating on the trail. I’ve done a few repairs, but they need more. I’ve heard from other Osprey owners, it’s normal! That’s disappointing for a well know manufacturer to have a pack that doesn’t last. Only 700 miles…

So I’m sewing on a Lycra&polyester material over the mesh. I hope it works for another 1500 miles.

I’ve also contacted Hoka about my shoes falling apart starting in the first 100 miles. After a few emails, they are doing a photo evaluation. I hope they stand behind their shoes!

The toe has disintegrated. I had a similar issue with my Altra Lone Peaks where the toes we’re pulling off the shoe. Hoka says the shoe was designed to last 300-400 miles. That’s not very far!

For my last night in White River Jct, I thought Pizza sounded nice. When I went to pay, a little trail magic…FREE! Thanks Little Caesars Pizza — pizza pizza!

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