My New Kind of Cross Training

Holiday Who-be What-ee?

Cross training, like many of you may know, is a form of  high speed train jumping where a given passenger, disgruntled with their current train situation, for any number of reasons such as, fart smells, too many snakes on your train, crying babies, or gun fire, jumps onto a different train on another track using a plank of wood or the bad-assery of their legs. Cross training can be achieved by….

Credit to Ancientthunder

Credit to Ancientthunder

Perhaps another time folks, I think I jumped the gun. My train jumping blog shall be written after I have perfected my jumpin’ skillz.

Actual Cross Training

Let me start over. Cross training is important for not only every sport known to everyone, but the Appalachian Trail. The act of cross training can aid in injury recovery, strengthen muscles not typically used in just raw hiking… so injury prevention, and it can lighten up boredom caused by one fitness activity, you know, walking ery’ where all day ery’ day. All important characteristics when we take into account as we break down how long the AT will take each one of us. Runners, myself included, see significant benefits simply lifting weights, or even swimming in between hard work outs, and AT hikers are no different. So hang up those boots and slap on your swim cap and speedo!

What I’m doing

In my ever constant battle to save orphans from burning orphanages single highhandedly/AT prep, I, like most of

We also have to deal with these...

We also have to deal with these…

you, began to hike. Hiking is great, it’s challenging, stimulating, and good for the soul! The problem I run into is terrain. My recent relocation to Florida for a short contract with Maltz Jupiter Theatre has left me exhilarated and slightly disturbed. For those of unaware, Florida is PHLAT and home to many Florida men. Like, I’m talking the highest elevation gain you see is a highway over pass, and that’s being generous.Although perfect hiking weather in the Winter, I fear I won’t get the proper training needed for my start in Georgia.  Instead of hiking up and down stairs of high rise buildings without permission and running form security guards, I’m doing this.


The Apoxee Trail is a sweet ass wetland in the West Palm Beach area that tends to flood frequently… making it.. YOU

Pronounced, AH-Pox-knee

Pronounced, AH-Pox-knee

GUESSED IT, PERFECT CROSS TRAINING: BOOM. Most trails have water levels that range from 1 inch to 1.5 feet which makes walking on the trail with chacos  a superb way to beat the heat. Chilly water on your toes spiced up with a lil’ adventure and perhaps the occasional gator mishap is a perfect way to spend a day off work. Walking through natures original waste water treatment plant taught me something. Water sucks to move through. As any aqua aerobic crazed elderly woman will tell you, water adds resistance to your movements, strengthening your muscles in different ways than land moving would. Now, taking advantage of this strategy, I plan to use this giant water purifier to my advantage and take my full pack weight hiking at least once a week. This, I hope, coupled with dicking around at the gym will make me ready for my first few weeks on the trail. Cross training in this wetland should help strenghten some muscels, and if not, I REALLY like walking through water in the hot sun in February. I did a trial run today for about 4 miles and it seemed quite challenging when the water got up to my knees, so we’ll give it a try.

There's a gatur in those there waters somewheres

There’s a gatur in those there waters somewheres

Tune in next time

Tune in next time for updates on me falling in the water and or getting chased by gators. I hope to head out sometime next week!

No shoes, respect bro, respect

No shoes. Respect bro, respect.

Jobs and stuff

The next two months, ending April 3rd, I will be the Assistant Master Electrician for the Maltz Jupiter Theatre in Jupiter, Florida. For non-theatre folk, this means I’ll be hanging and maintaining lights for shows on stage. I’m super excited for this job, I started four days ago! Their season runs September to April every year, leaving the summers open to outside as much as I want. My only problem? Right again,  money, but who doesn’t have that issue? I hope to be invited back in September or even October after my thru hike to start another exciting season!


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