My No Good Very Bad Night

Well, one of the things about a beautiful 70° day is you don’t realize how hard you’re pushing your body.

You drink a couple of water bottles and tell yourself you are doing a good job of hydrating yourself. You may not realize that your shirt is soaked in sweat. You may also gloss over the fact that you haven’t gone to the little boy’s room in a while.

After 10 miles of hiking, I felt like I was cruising in the slow lane, loving life. Then boom! I hit a big ugly wall, and I was screwed. The last mile of the day killed me. I hit the last water stop before the shelter. I limped on into the camp. I dropped my bag and proceeded to spew all the water I had drank back out. After repeating this two or three more times, I set up camp.

Every time I would try to drink something, just a little sip. I would be back outside the tent, praying that the dry heaving would stop sooner than later. I wasn’t even able to rinse my mouth out without puking. Needless to say, that made for a rough few hours of the night.

During one of the frequent trips out of my tent that night, apparently, I did not secure my zipper all the way. I heard a couple of little thumping sounds that woke me up. I sat up and tried to decide if it was rain, I was starting to hear. After a few minutes of sitting there, I decided it wasn’t, and I laid back down. I then heard it again. At this point, I grabbed my headlamp and started looking around. That’s when I saw Stuart Little in the corner of my tent, staring me in the face.

Now a bunch of things happened at this point. The first thing was our freaked-out thinking that this very little fucker just ruined my ridiculously expensive tent. The second thing was Stewart took off. Then I tossed everything in my tent around and around, trying to catch this little furry trespasser. Stewart was having none of this.

The mouse ran up my body and jumped off of my head onto the center pole of my tent. He climbed up it doing an excellent Spider-Man impersonation.

I was able to grab one of my tent bags and grab the little joker. This is where a Peta should look away. Because I opened my tent door and got my Aaron Rodgers on, and launched him into the woods.

On the plus side, I noticed I didn’t get super nauseous again while chasing Stewart around. I then started sipping on the water and headed in today away more cautiously.


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Comments 3

  • Chris : Mar 2nd

    I’m sure you weren’t laughing that night, but I was laughing at your description of the mouse antics.

    • Nick Clark : Mar 2nd

      The next morning it was pretty funny, especially once. The guy that was tenting next to me told me what he was hearing.. there were a lot more expletives that’s for sure

  • Josh : Mar 7th

    That was great. I burst out laughing in my office when I read about “Stuart”. Thanks for that!! Keep on keepin on!!


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