With Nerves Building and the Anticipation Rising, the Countdown is Soon to be Over

I’ve been away for a while…

So with only 1 month and 25 days till I arrive in Amicalola Falls State Park, I’ve been busting my ass getting prepped, shaving off as much weight as possible from my pack, of course working and making sure I’m set to walk 2,200 miles. With the holidays over and 2016 finally here, i’m now actually starting to use this blog (I apologize for being away). Over the pass couple months a lot of exciting things have happened since I last wrote. So here we go with an update of my life before I head out…

Hiking on the A.T. in the Smokies last month. A. Ibey photo.

Hiking on the A.T. in the Smokies last month. A. Ibey photo.

2016 Thru-Hiker Syndicate Sponsorship

Just about a month ago I was sitting at work when all of a sudden I received an email from the wonderful people over at Vasque Footwear informing me that I was chosen for the 2016 Thru-hiker Syndicate Sponsorship and to be an Ambassador of their brand. As an ambassador, I am an organic extension of Vasque Footwear – using their gear, posting photos to social media of my experiences along the trail, and sharing information with others if they ask about my gear, more specifically my footwear. In exchange they will supply me with up to 3 pairs of hiking shoes while on trail. Which I’m super stoked about, so huge thank you to Vasque Footwear ! So keep an eye out on my Facebook ,Instagram and Twitter

2016 Thru-Hiker Syndicate Sponsorship

2016 Thru-Hiker Syndicate Sponsorship

My Big Project…

With hours of brain storming and researching for days about cameras and how to lighten up my camera load. I’m proud to announce I will be photographing and documenting my experience as well as others on the trail. The reason be is to create and publish a coffee table photo/ short story book about the A.T.  Yes i’m bringing a camera, which means MORE WEIGHT… Luckily all my photo gear weights 2 pounds. The camera I’m bringing is a Fuji-film x100s. You can read all the specs here I won’t get into all of that. I have stayed up countless nights trying to fine the perfect camera for my trip with everything I need (please note these are my opinions and what I wanted in a camera, I understand not everyone will agree). I can’t wait to get out there a photograph what I am so very passionate about. be sure to check out my website here for more of my photography!

Photo from Fujifilm.com

Photo courtesy  from Fujifilm.com

Getting ready to leave everything I know to live in the woods for half a year…

I’m going to keep this relativity short and sweet. With just graduating high school in spring of 2015, I haven’t had much time living on my own, sure I’ve watched my house for 3 months while my parents were traveling out west. But living in the woods for 6 months is entirely different. Luckily I work for my dad, so getting time off was no biggie and he as well as my sister, mom, and girlfriend will be my support team. I will be leaving my family and friends behind, I’m so blessed to have a group of people that are so proud and excited about my hike as I am. This experience will be absolutely life changing and I can not wait to see what comes of it. I guess there is only one way to find out. T-minus 1 month 25 days and 29 minuets… See you out on the trail.

Charlies Bunion. 2015. A.Ibey Photo

Charlies Bunion. 2015. A.Ibey Photo


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  • Pete Buak : Jan 5th

    Aaron Ibey – I am a member of Ga Appalachian Trail Club and provide advice to people hiking in Georgia and I am an experienced long distance hiker. I think you need to think about your sleep system, In March, in Georgia, it is not uncommon to have snow, ice and very cold weather. I have experienced 15 below wind chills and snow to clear to get a tent down. When you leave GA, you quickly go from 4000 ft mountains to 5000 – 6000 ft mountains.
    I have given lots of hikers rides to Springer and only question what looks to be dangerous. For example, I have picked up folks at the airport who were dressed for Florida. First stop REI!
    My own preference is a good 0 to 10 degree bag. I plan a swap to lighter bags etc in Atkins or Daleville VA

    • Aaron Ibey : Jan 5th

      Hi Pete – thanks for the advice I have taken that into consideration. I have a 30 degree quilt I will be carrying the entire way with a very warm liner. I’ve used this system at 9,000 foot peaks at 10 degrees with 20 mph winds and stayed very warm. I understand that the cold is a major factor and I believe that my sleeping system is suitable for my personal needs. Thanks for the heads up, very much appreciated!

  • Dave Michel : Jan 5th

    I’m a 62 yr old NOBO from Fort Wayne. Not starting until March 21. Doubt I’ll catch you, so leave good notes in Shelter joirnals, and this Hoosier will follow you.

    Dave Michel

    • Aaron Ibey : Jan 7th

      That’s awesome I’ll keep an eye out for you! I’ll definitely leave some good notes for my fellow Hoosiers! Have a great hike and good luck!

  • Terry McCollough : Jan 10th

    Hello Aaron,

    I am in the throws of camera decisions for my hiking needs. I would be interested in the decision process that led you to your choice of camera. I myself am currently going back and forth between the Ricoh GR II and Lumix DMC LX-100. Good luck and all the best.


    • Aaron Ibey : Jan 13th

      Hey Terry
      My reasons are I believe rangefinder cameras are ment to photograph people with. They look less entimadating for peol getting there photo taken. And my main reason of taking a camera is to photograph people.


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