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Well, I am Bruce Green from north middle Tennesse.  I am originally from Montana until I joined the Army in 1999. After traveling the World during my 20 years of service I’ve stayed at the city near my last duty station.  I have chosen my own trail name “None Given” I don’t normally hand (F’s) out.  Quite fitting for me, I think.  The trail will see if it sticks or if they rename me.  Either way I don’t give a     !


I have chosen the Appalachian Trail as my first thru hike.  The location, time, and cost to get there works out.  Springer Moutain is where all the fun will start! Along with all points between Springer and Katahdin


Hiking from Springer Mountain in Georgia to Katahdin in Maine on a trail called the Appalachian Trail.  The trail is approximately 2200 miles long through 14 different States.  Some find the trail to be a place to find themselves.  Others just want to bond with nature.  I will get into my “why” further down the post.  Overall, the Appalachian Trail is challenging taking up to seven months to complete and little as five for those fast folks.  I am aiming for somewhere in the middle.  I am in no rush to finish.  Finishing is the goal and is obtainable.


This is still being debated within my head.  Originally, I planned to go after my youngest son’s birthday.  Which is at the end of February.  I am starting to rethink that with the date of January 1st.  My thinking is: It’s going to be cold in February but it’s also going to be cold in January so why not start in January.  I am anxious to get onto the trail and out of the situation that I am currently in.  What this all comes down to is: can I get the rest of the gear needed in December? If I can then I am most definitely leaving at the end of December.  This is also obtainable.


2023 has been a crazy year for me.  Several events have happened where I need some time to myself, to find myself, to challenge myself.  To GET AWAY, start fresh, rebuild, obtain a lifelong goal and grow from that experience.  So what happened that I am taking such a drastic action?  WELL LET ME TELL YOU!  Wouldn’t it be nice if I spent the next few hours sitting here telling you all about my little problems in the world!  That is not going to happen.  The trail might be somewhat of a therapist, and I will share with the trail what is on my mind. That is WHY I am doing this long walk.

What is being left behind?

I have two sons that are teenagers and can manage on their own with their mother.  A puppy named Oreo who is 3 years old and I will miss very much.  He and I have gotten quite attached in his three years.  I own my house (or the bank does and I pay rent to them) so technically I won’t be homeless.  We recently (about 5 months ago) got a kitten.  I call him Rat, he is gray and runs around like a rat would.  He visits me every night around 3 a.m. he is very persistent is an understatement when he wants attention.  I cover my head and he sends his little paw in to find me.  The Rat has grown on me and I will miss him.  We have another dog named Chole she is older (13 years) she is my precious girl.  Then two more cats Cosmo loves being outside she comes and goes as she wants.  She is very quick when the door opens to escape this prison!  Then there is Grandma, she is the oldest of the three cats that’s why she gets that name.  I believe she is 7 or 8 years old.  She doesn’t have much to do with me.  I do say hi to her when I see her.  That is about everything that is being left behind.

I hope that you subscribe and follow me through this journey!

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  • Wanda Hale : Nov 16th

    Good luck getting the rest of your gear. Maybe Christmas givers will be extra good to you with gear. Looking forward to following along on your trek.

    • None Given : Nov 16th

      Thank you!


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