“One day your life is going to flash before your eyes, make sure yours is worth watching”


I’ve been blasting Avicii’s song The Nights on repeat all week. I just love when a song has the ability to give you all the good feels.

(If you haven’t heard it, I encourage you to click this link and give it a listen)




Why in the world do I want to hike the Appalachian Trail?

This is a question I have been asked on more occasions then I can count……why? I wish it was simple to answer, but I have trouble trying to summarize it to one statement. As I was driving down the highway conversing with myself, it finally came to me…………Avicii’s song perfectly answers that question. Here’s a glimpse at part of the lyrics.


When you get older
Your wild heart will live for younger days
Think of me if ever you're afraid."

He said, "One day you'll leave this world behind
So live a life you will remember."
My father told me when I was just a child
These are the nights that never die
My father told me

When thunder clouds start pouring down
Light a fire they can't put out
Carve your name into those shining stars
He said, "Go venture far beyond these shores.
Don't forsake this life of yours.
I'll guide you home no matter where you are."

So thank you Avicci, you are quite fabulous.


I often spend numerous hours a day trying to picture how in a few short months my life will be completely different. I think as young adults we often feel this unnecessary pressure  that at 23 we should be cruising down the one way highway to the rest of our lives. We should be married, established in our “dream job”, in our “forever city”, with a ten year plan of how our future family will excel through life. I can hardly choose what toppings I want on my subway sandwich, how in the world could I be settled down already. Sure, some people are destined for that life………..not me. Stepping outside your comfort zone and into the land of unknown is scary, but damn is it worth it.


I stumbled across this article a couple years ago and I’ll never forget it.  People were asked their biggest regrets on their deathbed………….the number one regret was this

1. I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.” 

You can check out the entire article below……….. it’s a great read.  It certainly has the ability to make you reevaluate aspects of the life you’re currently living.



If you have ever discussed people’s dreams or goals, the term “someday” is almost always part of the conversation. “Someday I’m going to travel the world, someday I’m going to skydive, someday, someday, someday” I urge you to turn the “someday” to today and follow your heart’s wild desire……….. After all, time waits for no one. You have the rest of your life to establish yourself or start a family. Don’t become one that regrets the chances you didn’t take or adventures you put off  for too long. Go live for one person, YOU!


Until next time!

Aundrea J.

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  • MorningLori : Jan 11th

    What wonderful insight from someone so young <3 I am heading out in early March- I hope to meet you on the trail.

    • Aundrea J : Jan 11th

      Thank you so much @MorningLori, I appreciate your feedback. If I can just inspire one person, then it’s worth it. I hope to meet you too!
      -Aundrea J.

  • TicTac : Jan 11th

    A nice music video, but the one image I cannot get out of my mind – and which colored every second of the video that followed it – is the singer tagging a rock (in nature) with black spray paint. I’m sorry but there is no way to justify that or to excuse it. Anyone who believes they have a right to tag a scene in nature with paint is a schmuck (schmuck ‎(plural schmucks)

    (vulgar) The penis.
    (pejorative) A useless item or person.
    (pejorative, US) A jerk; an unpleasant or detestable person.

    So while I understand that the sentiment of the song inspires you, how can you justify the imagery of the video?


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