Ouch – THAT Hurts

Wowza.  Who ever thought “training” could be so painful.

Just yesterday, I decided to take a little run (it’s been a little while) and get myself into better shape.  So, why not take off on a 6 miler just for the fun of it?

So off I went after making a brief “ops check” for equipment.
Sunglasses – ✔, iPod – ✔, Water – ✔, MapMyRun APP running – ✔, Route – ✔

After starting off, I ran into a little road construction along the route. Decisions, Decisions…but I decided to keep on my original path through the little construction zone. This was the WRONG thing to do.

As I sidestepped a piece of lumber, I came crashing to the ground when my left ankle gave way! I fell like a sack of potatoes with my right knee taking the brunt of the blow. But I quickly, as quick as you can from a daze, picked myself up.

I then gave the ankle a look…it looked okay, but it felt broken! I’d had my ankle give way like this in the past, but this felt different…more PAIN!

Then it knew I needed to survey my knee — it was BLOODY! I’d taken a lot of gravel into the skin and was bleeding a good little bit. At about 1 1/2 miles from home, I figured I just needed to make it back home and get cleaned up.

However, that was a little more difficult than I thought. It was a hilly 1.5 miles home and I didn’t have anyone to call…you see my wife was out for her morning bike ride while I was off on a run.

As I finally stumbled into the yard dragging my pride behind me, I asked my wife for some peroxide and a bandage. Her only response was “What did you do now!”

Yes, I’d done it AGAIN…hurt an tired old body! But I better get used to it…life on the trail will have it’s own scrapes, bruises and pain!

So I did the RICE and will have to see if I’ve done any real damage in a few days.


RICE — Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation

For you AT2017 hikers, don’t forget to take it easy in the prep work for the Thru Hike.  You’ll need those legs and feet for 5 million more steps once on trail.

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  • Gail Barrett : Aug 8th

    I’m so sorry to hear about your injury. I can totally relate to your post, though. When my husband and I decided to do the thru-hike, we both began increasing our workouts. I’ve been really cautious, adding distances to my treadmill workouts in tiny increments because I’m worried about injuries. (I’m 62 and he is 63.) My husband, though, recalling the “glory years” of our 20’s when we trained for half-marathons, etc., decided to add a thousand one-legged jump ropes to his workout. Of course, he instantly blew out his knee! Fortunately, he seems to have recovered (I’m not sure he learned his lesson, though!). It’s discouraging to have to be so careful, but I guess we have to accept the fact that we are older now. I hope you recover fully and can complete your thru-hike next year!

    • LarryBoy : Aug 10th

      Gail, Agree…smal increments to get ready. Slow and steady wins the race. As for adding 1000 one-legged jumps..your hubby must be a one awesome fitness example! Best wishes on your journey ahead. LarryBoy


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