Pinhoti Trail: Rocks and Leaves

Day: 7

Random Thought of The Day:

I swear they are putting these rocks here on purpose! I should have brought a leave blower. Hey, I’m at the 50-mile marker!

Yesterday’sYesterday’s Goals:

To walk another 15 miles to a lake. It appears there are hardly any water points between here and there. Hopefully, there will be some cache at one of the road crossings.


Activities of The Day:

The day started with a beautiful sunrise.

 This morning sunrise

A hiker at the campsite hiking southbound stated there was some water cached a few miles ahead at a road crossing. That is excellent news because I am out of water! A few miles down the trail, I found a water point with a note that stated this was the last water for the next 15 miles! I knew about this when I left yesterday, so I had gotten an extra bottle of water. I now have three liters of water on me.
Yesterday and today, I have been walking past these incredible rock formations. Yesterday, I told myself walking on top of those would be cool.

There are a lot of these rock formations

UM NO! After today, those rock formations can stay away from me. I am positive that there are hundreds in between here and Canada. I can tell you right now I don’t like them. Some are easy to get across, and others are just tripping hazards for this guy. I cannot tell you how often I twisted my ankles or tripped today. These rocks are out to kill me, I swear! If that weren’t bad enough on the trail, leaves would cover these rocks. I’m lucky to be alive, I tell you! As I was walking, I saw this mountain sticking up above the treeline. I hoped that was on tomorrow’s list, but knowing I had several miles to go, I knew it was the next mountain to climb.

What is that?

After climbing said mountain, I came across some power lines. The view was incredible!

Sorry the treking pole strap is in the way

What felt like miles and miles, I came to another fantastic viewpoint. While sitting there, I looked at FarOut to see how many more miles I had to go. Well, it turns out that I was looking at my reward for walking 50 miles!

50 mile mark view

I sat at the 50-mile marker for a long while. I shared the pictures with my sons. My family discovered I was on this walkabout the other day, so I shared the occasion with them. Once I started walking, I kept telling myself six more miles, six more miles, and then I could rest. Well, I made it 3 miles; 430 is my quitting time. Once I set up my tent and started cooking my dinner, I saw the sunset. I raced to call my youngest to Facetime with him. He enjoys sunrises and sets. I am happy that we got to share this moment.

The sunset my son and I shared

I have one and a half litters of water and about three miles to the lake. It is now seven, and I am all tuckered out.


What’s what’s Ahead:

In the morning, I will have a short climb and then a decent down onto the lake, where I will resupply on water and then head down the trail through Porter’s Gap, about 8 miles down the trail. From there, I will either hitch or call a local hostel, Green Hippies, for a ride to town to resupply food. Of course, while in Talladega, I’ll eat something good from somewhere. I will go there if it is required to spend the night at the hostel for a shuttle. If not, then I will be coming back out to the trail to hike some more.


Get water! Go to town and resupply, eat some good food, and then take the rest of the day off or hike some more.


Weather: 65F
Mileage of the day: 13
Mileage on Trail: 53/330
Days on Trail: 7
Number of Zero’s: 2
Number of Nero’sNero’s:
States: Alabama
Trails completed:
The good: Hit the 50-mile marker!
The Bad: The Bad: Rocks! Leaves!





Thank you for following along!



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  • Chris : Feb 12th

    Congrats on the first 50 miles completed. Nice view to be rewarded with as well.

    • None Given : Feb 29th

      Yes it was! Thank you for the comment!


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