Pre-Trail 2017 / Expectations

I wonder if others are as cranked up as I am. Have they watched every possible video on YOU TUBE dating back to the first upload about the Appalachian Trail? I feel like I have. I have watched complete Thru-Hiker videos on the trail and off the trail. I have seen just about every Gear list video for every trail. And yet, they are all the same. BUT I STILL WATCH THEM SO I DON’T MISS A THING!!!

I have to give props out there to a few of the video bloggers on the trail that have educated me, entertained me, and without a doubt touched my heart. RED BEARD, you my friend are an education on the shoe leather express brother… I have learned a lot from watching you hike the trail. Besides the wealth of knowledge about backpacking you shared, the one thing I took from you was to stop and enjoy GODS CREATION. Take in the beauty of not only the land but of the moment and I thank you for that. WANDER LUST, what courage and bravery. A spirit to conquer the world. To go into this knowing little and to come out of this as a mentor to others is simply put, incredible. What was most important to me from watching your journey was the new life long friends you have kindled. I am going to reach out and do my best to find my TRAMILY  and embrace the love and respect like you showed. Finally, TnT… This couple was entertaining while they took a leap of faith to Thru Hike the Appalachian Trail TOGETHER!!! One minuet you are belly laughing in hysterics, the next minuet you are in tears feeling the agony and pain and frustration they are living in. I took from you the most important lesson of all. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!!! I am in tears now while I write this. Not sad tears, happy tears, joyful tears. To be able to witness two people truly in love, sharing each others burdens, and relying on each other for support and strength is a gift for the heart. I am truly grateful that you shared your you tube story of the trail with the world. You gave me hope that one day, I may find true Love like you to share for each other.

In conclusion, I have come to a realization. I have gained a plethora of knowledge that can only be taught by those that have actually been out there and done it, witnessed it, experienced it, froze through it, and sweat on it, cried, bled, and rested in it. Only those who have had the nose burn because the air is so fresh and cold can truly understand it. Only those that had blisters on top of blisters can feel it. Only those that have had to continually tell themselves YOU ARE NOT GIVING UP understand the games the mind will play.

What are my expectations?


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